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AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Announce Future Carrying of HTC One

HTC One signup

Three of the Big Four US carriers announced their plans to carry the HTC One. Neither AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint gave us pricing or an official date, but HTC did say global availability will begin in early March. Each carrier listed out the One’s features, showing off the new Zoe camera/gallery software, the uni-body design, and that crazy “BoomSound” technology. 

If you want to stay up to date with when it will launch on each respective carrier, you can sign up for updates through their sites.

Does anyone intend on jumping off of Verizon for the One if it never comes to Big Red?

Via: AT&T | T-Mobile | Sprint

  • Hillary

    Just starting to consider leaving Verizon because of the lack of a selection when it comes to phones. I can’t believe how stuck up they are being as one of the big 4. Everyone told me to switch from Sprint (7 years) to Verizon because their network is so much better, their customer service is so much better. I’d still rather be able to have the phone I want. >:|

  • mike d

    HTC one in red is coming to Verizon other colors will follow.

  • DC_Guy

    I have tried service on each of the Big 4 US providers and Verizon remains the best choice for my needs. I was riddled with daily dropped calls on AT&T, Sprint’s data speeds are horrendous, and while T-Mo’s data speeds were decent, I couldn’t stream Hulu to my Nexus 4 for some reason and that was a deal breaker for me since I do a lot of streaming. So I’m sticking with Verizon as long as I can keep my unlimited data. Call quality is consistently excellent and I find that the 4G LTE coverage is outstanding.

  • 80am

    Why would I leave Verizon over a HTC phone? Really people? An HTC phone!? And what really kills me is a guy on here that left Verizon over a 35 up grade fee?? Lol he now spent more on his next phone on a sub par network, wow you really won that fight

  • tyree

    AT&T is gonna be like June I guess. They are always dead last with everything. Sometimes second..sometimes

    • Tim242

      Actually, they are getting it first.

  • Olga Peluso

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  • BroRob

    THIS is what I wanted the DNA to be when I upgraded from my Thunderbolt. I went with the S3 and have no regrets at all.

  • Hay Tim I was reading the fine print for the HTC One $100 gift card offer and it says that you need to buy the One on or before March 31st to qualify for the offer. Unless this offer is for international variants.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I would have Jumped back on VZW for this device. Now it’s time to give that At&T LTE network a run. Sprint has disappointed me, this “LTE” Is boston is Laughable… just like Wimax was. Will be tossing my S3 on Swappa when pre-orders start.

  • Drome

    This phone and sense 5 looks really nice hats off to HTC. The specs sound great besides the 4.1.2. Interested to play with one but most likely wont trade in my nexus 4 for this thing.

  • Ira Turner

    i was thinking of leaving verizon anyway. This just may give me that push. I really love my HTC phones. I am a big fan of a lot of the features on this phone. Not completely sure about the blinkfeed but i know the devs will take care of that if it is that bad.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      IF you swipe right… Poof no more blink feed.

      • Ira Turner

        i seen that in a new video. Really impressed with this phone. But i am a sense fan. I have tried tw and not a fan. Guess i am use to sense and that is what it all comes down to, what you are use to and comfortable with.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    This might not be the phone everyone has been waiting for. With the S4 and the X phone I can see how people can over look this phone. With that said, having the opportunity to choose for yourself if you want this phone or not is huge. Ive said this before, but to me Verizon=Apple. They both offer solid products and service but they are so hard to deal with they miss out on so much.

    • I’ll be leaving Verizon at the end of my contract. Not because I want this phone (or any HTC phone for that matter), but because Verizon isn’t offering this phone and many other phones everyone else carries.

      • Justin Barrett

        I thought I was going to wait until they kicked me off unlimited, but I may leave sooner. I’m a Nexus diehard and it doesn’t look like CDMA is the way to go anymore.

        • I love my Gnex and I don’t think I can buy any phone without the Nexus name.

          • Justin Barrett


  • Justin Barrett

    Seems to be where OEM’s are headed these days (launching on most carriers). Verizon is one stubborn SOB. I keep coming up with reasons to stick to Verizon and my unlimited plan, but I’m seriously considering leaving so I can have better device options.

  • ßen Murphy

    The next phone will be called HTC O

  • El Big CHRIS

    Not a bad phone but just doesn’t interest me. Maybe next time HTC. I really hope the Moto/Google team delivers something great that I can use on VZW. It better be because I’m gonna be buying full retail to keep my unlimited data. So I have high demands/expectations.

  • T-Mobile has a dead zone at my house and drops call at work, Sprint had horrible service in many parts of SB County and Orange County AT&T loses service all the time and I don’t get a stable data connection. I have personally tried these carriers as a result of my work. I am going to stay Verizon until someone who can provide better service for the price exists rather than leaving a carrier for a phone.

    • Well said

    • Dannyc

      I am in the same boat as you. Tired of Verizon but they have the best service here..

  • MatthewSimmons

    No Verizon WTF…. So much for getting excited this week. I can almost guarantee this phone is going to have terrible battery life though. It has the same size battery as the DNA and almost identical screen. My DNA lasted 6-8 hours before it would be completely dead.

    • dannyc

      my DNA’s battery lasts about 12 hours on moderate use

      • MatthewSimmons

        Damn really? My DNA never got close to that.

        • Chris

          Also, just a heads up. The DNA is 2020 mAh, the One is 2300.

  • picaso86

    What is the battery capacity on this bad boy?

  • Liderc

    I may not jump off Verizon for this, but if Verizon keeps pushing these carriers away I’ll definitely jump ship down the road.

  • I never understood the people who would leave one carrier for another just cause of the phone line up. I can understand because of price or how good the network, but over phones, never

    • JoshGroff

      It would have to be a mighty amazing phone for that to be the reason to switch.

      • If you read a lot of the comments on this site, you see a lot of people here wanting to leave the carrier they’re with over this or that phone

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I mean because the process is pretty easy for folks who switch phones every 6 months or so…. like myself. Sell current device to pay for ETF, and have some extra to buy new device… Some people spend a lot on shoes… I spend alot on gadgets

        • JoshGroff

          I was considering doing the same for the Padphone 2, but they are hard to get a hold of in the US and not exactly cheap.

  • Bill Slowey

    I am going to pass. Waiting for the Motorola X.

  • Hi, were Verizon. And were striving to give you the biggest pain in your ass ever!

  • I’m done with Verizon at the end of my contract.

    • sc0rch3d

      I’m leaving VZW (and unlimited data) for ATT this week. 1/3 of my day is spent at home on WIFI (b/c I’m in a “fringe area” in the middle of Houston) & 1/3 of my day my phone is on airplane mode b/c signal doesn’t penetrate the building (ATT has full bars here). I’ll pay the ETF and sell my GNEX to cover the cost.

      not that my useless rant has anything to do with the topic…i’m just rant-eriffic today.

    • Futbolrunner

      I’m leaving Verizon the day they stop unlimited data for all of us grandfathered users.

    • I just left Verizon for T-Mobile yesterday, gonna save $80 a month and still have unlimited data. I wasn’t planning on waiting until Verizon decided to cancel unlimited data.

      • michael arazan

        T-mo was awful to me, I’ll never go back, going to finish my contract unlimited with vzw until Dish/Google carrier is up and running, and then I’m off like a prom dress

    • arturo_bandini

      I left Verizon because they wouldn’t waive a $35 upgrade fee. Now I’m rocking a Nexus 4, contract free, on T-Mobile with unlimited data. I totally came out the winner.

    • sc0rch3d

      just an update…. left verizon last week without paying an ETF and hooked up to my wife’s ATT account with a used S3. no fees or activation costs. i don’t like the data share plan, but the speed / quality blowout VZW in my area. well worth the switch including losing unlimited data.

  • Dave

    Jump off Verizon for this? No. The only thing that will do that for me is if they convert this same phone into the next Nexus device (sans capacitive button layout, which would be software keys anyways on a Nexus).

  • fartbubbler

    even if Verizon got this phone, I would never consider leaving my Note 2 for it.

    • That’s not the point. The point isn’t whether you would buy a phone that runs Sense (who would?), but that Verizon just won’t carry it or many other phones.

  • Neil Ostrander

    I will not leave VZW, although my last HTC phone (Rezound) seemed great on paper but was pretty much a piece of junk.

  • Props to HTC for taking a samsung/apple approach this time around.

    • MaudnirenBerg

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  • Mark F

    Why do we keep on getting B$#ch slapped from Verizon ? I love their service but hate the availability of phones for their service !

    • MaudnirenBerg

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  • Damian

    Unfortunately I can’t leave Verizon because my family refuses to switch, but I was really hoping this would be my next phone. DNA it is I guess.

    • mustbepbs

      Just ask Mommy real nicely.

    • I know the feel, man. I can’t afford my own plan.

  • Chris

    My last HTC phone was for sure my LAST HTC phone. Samsung all the way now for me. HTC makes junk.

    • JoshGroff

      Junk software, maybe, but their radios and hardware are great, especially the cameras. Slap on some AOSP or de-bloated Sense, and we’re good to go.

      • Chris

        I like Samsung hardware better, though. I have had too many issues with HTC. Updates that fix one problem and break something else, and never get fixed. HTC blames the carrier, the carrier blames HTC and the end user loses.

        • MooleyBooleyTroll

          I’ve had nothing but issues with Samsung radios… After the GNex I swore Sammy off…

          • florious80

            I also have some tremendous problems with GNex radio. It is just so weak where I work that it constantly switches between 3G and 4G to the point the internet is almost unusable. S3 on the other hand can hold the 4G signal much better. It could be just the phone model, not the manufacture’s fault. I also noticed that Gnex is on LTE:13, where S3 is LTE:14. Not sure if that made a difference.

          • endurotech

            My Droid 4 also shows up as connected to LTE Band 14. That is the fault of ICS, Jelly Bean should fix that. It’s just a cosmetic error

          • florious80

            Not sure about that, both GNex and S3 are 4.1.1 Jelly bean…..