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Sprint 4G LTE Now Live in Parts of San Francisco, New York City, and Washington D.C.

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This morning, Sprint quietly announced the official deployment of 4G LTE into a few markets including  San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York City, and some towns in Florida. While a Sprint spokesman said the coverage is somewhat spotty in these areas, this roll out is all part of a larger deployment that is to take place later down the road. 

As we have noted before, you will sometimes see 4G LTE lit up in an area that hasn’t been announced, but that’s how this process works. According to Sprint, this is to allow customers to utilize the network to its full potential, if they can find it. It’s like an LTE Easter egg hunt.

Via: The Verge

  • Favio J Urrutia Avila

    Sprints is playing with the time

  • Richard Yarrell

    Oh brother

  • yo

    30mb/s down in Tampa, St. Pete, very spottie.

  • Mr. Bhutta is getting a hard on while he reads this article on his rooted GS3 with stable CM10.1

  • M C

    still nothing in sarasota fl 🙁 so much for december go live

  • jb

    Spotty LTE? Sounds like their 3G network.

  • Tech Pro

    I love Sprint Voice coverage but data converge is another story. Hopefully they do a better job with LTE than WiMax.

  • The coverage is spotty at best, I’m just outside DC near Arlington. You can literally have 4G on one block, walk 50ft and have 3G. It sucks, would rather them just release a complete coverage map than this spotti’ness ying yang. And if I hear ‘in the coming months’ again I’m gonna vomit.

  • Joey Funk

    after having my gnex stolen, i got an evo lte, and i absolutely love it. battery life is amazing. i never even turn on wifi anymore, and i get 1.5-2 full days of use out of it. Now that LTE is almost everywhere in Indy, I can finally stream my music like i dreamed about 2 years ago. 😀

    • Dain Laguna

      Hmmmm… Really? On sprint lte you are getting that type of battery life?

      id seriously love to know how you are accomplishing this, since i have the same exact device as you. The battery is def better than the gnex, but 2 whole days? Bullocks.

      • Joe

        More like 1.5 days idle and 2 days idle in airplane mode.

      • Joey Funk

        Well on a day of super heavy use it usually makes it past midnight, but if I’m just using it to steam music and occasionally text ect, it’s definitely 2days. My battery us usually around 40-50% when I wake up in the morning. Did you activate the power saver option?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Yea…sure like the “LTE” we have in Boston… smh. I’m thinking about heading back to VZW…. Any double data promotions in the pipeline?

    • DC_Guy

      You could try to buy an unlimited data plan off of eBay.

  • DC_Guy

    Yep coverage still very spotty in the DC area. I can pick it up a few places around town, some a lot better than others, but largely still no LTE signals indoors. Ugh…patience is a virtue, I guess.

  • Jeff

    Can’t wait until I can change carriers as easy as changing the TV channel. Just go where the most value for you is.