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Samsung Updating International Galaxy Note to 4.1.2, Brings Nature UX and More

galaxy note

The Galaxy Note 2 may be all the rage right now, but the original Note is still out in consumer’s hands around the world. Samsung has started rolling out an update to bring the device up to Android 4.1.2 as long as you have the GT-N7000 (international) model.

While this might not be 4.2.2, the build is now JZO54K and comes with tons of features like Multi-Window and new notifications. All the S-Pen integration is still there and Samsung has ditched the old UI for the more modern Nature UX that you find on the Galaxy S3. Check Samsung KIES if you can’t wait for it to be pulled to your device.

Via: SamMobile

  • oh now!

  • I am very confident in the products of Samsung.I’m using Galaxy note 2.I really like the application installed on the machine.I love it.

  • otot temyong

    hi i am from Philipines I had a i ternational version of note. i just install d jelly bean 4.1.2 the official one. throug odin because the ota is not available yet. works well as they say. the sad thing is the video maker is missing the one o the 4.0.4 i dont want to download any third party video software im very disapointed

  • mikey

    i don’t know why they won’t update the ATT I-717 model. been waiting for an update for months.

  • OOOOOOHHHHH, ANOTHER non-Nexus device that will be an update ahead of the Verizon GNex… FACKWORS!!!!!

  • Darat532

    Not available in Kies yet I just checked

  • Jon

    I don’t have the International version, but I do have the AT&T version. I’m already running the fairly recently announced official builds of Cyanogen Mod 10.1 for the Note. It works great and is very stable, unlike some of the early unofficial builds of CM 10.1 for the Note.

    So Samsung is a little late to the party, but if you really use the S-Pen features, than this update would be great.


    Does anyone even use this phone?

    • yes

    • Umm, the people that own the Note uses it, including me? Plenty of people are using it. Head over to XDA and see for yourself.

    • More than 10 millions units sold since Oct 2011. The phone is only 16 months old and selling well in many countries. I will keep it for at least a year. Good on Samsung, the phone launched with 2.3 and had several updates.