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Take Yourself Into the Weekend With the Droid Life Show Episode 15


It was another great time on The Droid Life Show this week, with Episode 15 running a little late yet again. What can we say, it’s fun to chat about this stuff. This week, we discussed the Motorola X Phone being a possible “game changer,” tried to decide if we are happy with the Galaxy S4 not changing much in terms of design compared to the Galaxy S3, why Verizon is a big meanie-face for not updating our Nexus phones, and a lot more.

Thanks to all that joined in live. For those that catch the show after hours, be sure to subscribe via all of the links below.

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  • Another day on Droid Life, another day complaining about Verizon’s update policies. If updates are that important to you, why did you get Verizon in the first place? That subject is so tired and played by now. It’s a tempest in a teapot. Talk about something useful.

    • JBartcaps

      They should complain about the policies because the policies flat out SUCK.

      • I agree the policies suck. But at the same time, understand Verizon’s point of view. They are the ones putting up money to subsidize the phones, they’re the ones paying technical support staff to support them, they are the ones putting up money to market the phones. Because of this, it’s a very reasonable demand that they be able to test and approve updates to phones they sell to make sure they don’t cause a support nightmare for their staff.

        This then brings into question the whole “should carriers and phones be divorced?” argument, which I personally believe they should be. But I’m not really in the mood to get into that. haha

    • We buy a phone and it doesn’t get updated. Sorry if that doesn’t piss you off, but I feel ripped off by Verizon who I pay a hefty monthly bill to. If no one talks about it or doesn’t complain, Verizon will never learn their lesson. No one will force you to read our VZW complaints 😛

      • And yet we all scream about it from the rooftops, and they still don’t listen. haha I agree with you that their update policy of having to test and approve everything is draconian and foolish, but it’s a reasonable demand on Verizon’s part. Let’s also not forget, Google has pushed some absolutely craptastic updates to Nexus phones in the past and then waited over a month to fix them. See 2.3.6/GRK39C for the Nexus S which broke WiFi tethering and didn’t get fixed for a month and a half until 2.3.6/GRK39F was pushed.

        Or how about 4.0.4/IMM76D for the GSM Galaxy Nexus that basically disabled all cellular radio connectivity when you shut the screen off. Screen off? No calls or texts for you! Kudos though, they got that one fixed in about 2 weeks with IMM76I. But you see my point. Google has NEVER been known for doing great quality control on any of their products, and Android updates are no exception. Google releases stuff before it’s ready all the time and then improves it over time. That’s their MO. That MO doesn’t jive, however, when they’re relying on another company (in this case Verizon) to peddle their product, market it, subsidize it, and support it.

        • So you’re saying I should get a Windows phone? lol

          People want the newest software available running on their devices whether it’s buggy or not. Yeah, Google releases half-baked ish, but having half-baked 4.2.2 on your device is better than having half-baked 4.1.1.

          • For people like us it is, sure. Is that true for most people who bought the Galaxy Nexus though? Probably not. Verizon peddled the crap out of that phone when it was released and the vast majority of US consumers who own it probably own a Verizon model, and most of those probably don’t care about a version number. They want their phone to work. Could you imagine if Google just pushed out a random update to the VZW Gnex that disabled cell connectivity when the screen went off? Who are those people going to call for support? They’re going to call Verizon. Verizon is going to have no clue what the hell is happening…it makes for a nightmare.

            People like you and I are a small majority and nobody cares how pissed off we are because we’re not where the money is. Sad as that is, it’s the reality.

      • Kevin Rees

        just put 4.2.1 on your note 2, add google now widget to your lockscreen, and smile…

  • JBartcaps

    Slow news day?

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