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Press for Android Receives Update, Joins the DashClock Supported Party

press android dashclock

Press, our favorite feed reader application on Android, received an update today to add extension support for the hottest app on the block right now, DashClock. This new extension will show you unread counts for articles, as long as you have it set to sync automatically in the background. Otherwise, it’ll just show a “0” until you manually refresh it.

In order to use this new extension, you’ll need Press and DashClock. With both installed, add DashClock to one of your lockscreens, press the “Add Another Extension” button, and then choose “Press.”

If you are a big feed or Google reader user, you should really check out Press even with its $2.99 price tag.

Play Link $2.99)

Cheers Michael K!

  • Lockscreen widgets are cool n all; but Jelly Bean needs to polish it further. When I press ‘power’ to light up the screen and get the lockscreen – only 20% of the screen has the widget and rest is reserved for the unlock slider. That totally defeats the purpose of having DashClock or any other widget (more than 4×2 size at least) on homescreen in my opinion. If I have to touch and slide the the widget down to make it full screen (this too is very confusing right now), I might very well unlock the screen and go to a homescreen where I have it fullscreen.

  • So, I just tried out Press.. how do I get it to show some sort of thumbnail for the feeds? Heck, I’d be more than okay with a list view (I’d actually prefer it probably), but for some reason Press shows my feeds in large tiles, all of which having the same nondescript Image (Grey outline of the press logo), which is completely useless and makes navigating more difficult than it Needs to be.

  • Rich R

    Would be awesome if DashClock was available for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus = fail

    • Steve Benson

      Go spam your crappy site somewhere else.

  • Tim Schall

    I still have not found D7 Readers equal. It could use a UI overhaul, but the mobilizing feature alone is awesome. Pocket integration is pretty sweet too.

  • JetBlue

    Now we just need some 4.1 love since Samsung hasn’t released 4.2 for the Note 2.

  • Steve Edholm

    Edit: My comment no longer applies as I figured it out myself.

  • Mike

    How is Press compared to Pulse? Literally used Pulse since the early D1 days….it hasn’t aged terribly well if I’m honest.

  • Wow, didn’t expect this widget to take of like this! First Falcon Pro and now this? Awesome! Would like to see Facebook notifications on this as well!

  • What Press is completely missing is a way to mobilize articles and a better one handed navigation. Apps like Reader HD can show me the full article, even from shortened RSS feeds, but Press can’t. Having to go to a browser view for almost every article wastes time, looks inconsistent, and eats more data and battery.

    • BubbleSort

      Thanks for the recommendation for Reader HD. I’ve been debating whether or not to get Press or not but never looked into alternatives.

    • Booyah

      Depends on the feed. Some forums show full articles, some don’t. Honestly, sometimes I just want a headline. Press has to option to load the full article within the app with a tap, and it takes about 2-3 seconds to load with a good connection. It’s fluid, fast, and is constantly updated.

  • Booyah

    Press is legit. Only time I’ve actually enjoyed reading my feed on mobile. Glad to see the addition to DashClock. That thing is taking off!