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Google Maps Gives Us a Look Inside Indianapolis Colts Stadium

Today, you can take a VIP stroll through the halls of the Indianapolis Colts stadium. With a full 360 degree view from the 50 yard line to inside the locker room, this is a great new feature for Google’s Street View application.

Now what I want to see is this happen for every major sports team in America. Get on it, Google.

Via: Google Lat Long
Cheers Chuck!

  • I’m sorry, I’m from Baltimore. This post is all blank and stuff. Nothing to look at…it’s just all blurry and unimportant.

    • Hypocritehater

      The same way Cleveland feels about the Ravens .. hypocrite much?

      • caw

        He’s a hypocrite because he doesn’t like the colts for moving? So what. He’s a ravens fan.. he’s not suppose to like the colts. That’s the way I grew up to be also. Raven nation.

  • Warwick

    I wanna see the inside of the Cowboys stadium too

    • michael arazan

      The rams are threatening to leave St.Louis unless they get a new stadium or get a major overhaul of the current stadium, either way the want Missourians to flip the bill for 700 million+ dollars. They say this stadium, built in 94′ is falling apart. while the old Busch stadium was outdoors and stood great for over 60 years, I’d like to see the current rams stadium and see if it really is. The rams have to win gams to get a bigger stadium, right now they can’t even fill a 50 K person stadium, and they want a 100 k stadium? So they can have 50 K more empty seats? their record this year was 7-17 and sadly the best season in over 6 years

  • Steve Benson

    Did they use a Nexus 4 and photosphere for this?

  • Soo…Google BETTER be working on some sort of FPS with REAL life maps!

    Imagine playing CoD online, using Google maps, and choosing “Colts Stadium…and surrounding 3 blocks” as the map! 🙂

  • mikefromson

    So Sick….cmooooooon Staples Center!!!

    Thanks Droid-Life for always giving me things to talk about at work 😀

  • John Jenness

    Can we see where they pump in the fake crowd noise?

    • EricRees

      Sounds like someone’s a bit upset that the Colts are good at home. Texans fan maybe?

      • John Jenness

        Even worse than that…a Pat’s fan. Now let the spy-gate comments rain down on me!

      • Bobby Cornwell

        They might be good at home but they’re not so good on the road! =P

        • caw

          Or in the playoffs. And then peyton brought that choking to Denver now.

    • Br_d

      No, they tore down the RCA dome several years ago.

  • Phil Austin

    Yes i love technology

    But not as much as you, you see

    But i still love technology

    Always and Forever

  • gdubs

    They have had this at Memorial Stadium at The University of Kansas for a while now. Cool to see it at the NFL level.

  • ChuckDz3

    This is awesome, this really would be really cool for all major sports venues!

    Glad to see my tip was recognized!
    Another reason why I love Droid-Life, they listen to your tips/questions/responses!

  • Is it weird that the first thing I did (after scrolling around for a few seconds) was try to go into the bathroom? Haha…just wanted to see if they had mapped that out too (spoiler alert, it didn’t work)

  • JetBlue

    Pretty cool would be cool if they could do NBA teams also