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Valentine’s Day Contest: Win 1 of 5 $10 Google Play Gift Cards! (Update: Winners Picked)


To the men and women in the building who are feeling extra pressure today to do something special for that certain someone, we have something for you. It’s Valentine’s Day after all, and for many, that means another year of stress over making this the ultimate day of love, in fear of not meeting lofty relationship expectations. It’s at times a no-win situation, or better put, a day for games that potential significant others play with each other to see how well you know their needs or if you may be the one. Did you buy the right flowers? Should you have delivered them to their office or not? Dark or milk chocolate? Is your reservation at the right restaurant? Rosé or Brut with dinner? Are those heart-filled boxers going to look flattering tonight? Do I love this person or was I forced into saying so because it’s Valentine’s Day? Ahh, the stress.

Let’s relieve some of that, right now. Or at least take your mind off of it for a second and reward you with something that you can spoil yourself with when the day comes to a close. We have a handful (5) of Google Play gift cards to give away to five heart-shaped DL readers. 


Update:  We have our winners! Go check your emails!

Prizes:  Five (5) $10 Google Play gift cards

How to enter:

1.  If you haven’t already, follow us on your favorite social network:  Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.
2.  In the comments, tell us your Valentine’s Day plans.


Tomorrow at 9AM Pacific, we’ll choose five winners randomly from the comments.

  • jmasterj

    Ah, just missed it. I played basketball last night!

  • robertlwalters

    Unfortunately going to see “Safe Haven”

  • Took my girl out to dinner

  • eddie

    Omelets, flowers, and cuddle time!

  • Paul

    Mongolian BBQ with the gf. It’s supposed to be a special dinner for her cause she loves it, but I love it too…. Shhhh, don’t tell her.

  • Stay in and watch a movie (Skyfall).

  • Mike Ranucci

    I pooped

  • pouxonu

    Made the Misses breakfast in bed, and took her out to dinner and a movie followed up with a mini Harry Potter marathon

  • nwd1911

    Dinner with the wife…anything to get away from the kids for a few hours. 🙂

  • Playing Putt-Putt

  • Sven Enterlein

    Getting dinner with wife and baby 🙂

  • Raven

    Staying home with my wife and making home made spaghetti together and drinking some good wine and watching a movie and …

  • Keyan X

    Having a weekend get-away with my girlfriend of 2 years, we’re college kids and need a break away from school 🙂

  • zmberven

    Macaroni Grill. Godiva Chocolates. Hung out in the massage chairs at Brookstone.

  • flowers. dinner. movie. sexy time.

  • jdomann

    Work 🙁 night shift sucks

  • gp126904

    Just got my wife some gifts and chilled at the house. Nothing too crazy.

  • kaufkin

    Went out hunting w/ the family for Ingress sites. Viva The Revolution!!

  • legalkill

    steak, with valentines at home.

  • RoboRobP

    I cooked dinner and played Diablo 3

  • Cyn

    A yummy home cooked meal and lots of sake.

  • Tony Byatt

    Kicked it with the fam…

  • Joshua Casey

    Quiet dinner at home with my special someone. It was great.

  • Dustin Billings

    haagen dazs

  • Brian Walker

    Got my wife some earrings, took her to dinner, but what she doesn’t know is I have the whole week off work!

  • Bear_it

    Cooked up a masterpiece dinner and her favorite wine for the girlfriend, then some fooling around

  • Corey Smith

    Going out Friday night for dinner and a movie instead of on Valentine’s Day

  • Wine tasting party

  • Captain_Doug