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Falcon Pro Update Adds DashClock Extension – Here are Some Others Too

dashclock android

Earlier in the week, we first reported on a new app from Android Engineer Roman Nurik called DashClock. Since that report, it seems to have taken the Android app world by storm, prompting all sorts of praise and a hope for future compatibility from other top apps. In case you missed the mention in that article, an API for the app is available for other developers to use to build out “extensions” from their apps that can be used in DashClock.

Today, one of the first major apps to build out such support is Falcon Pro. In today’s update to the popular Twitter app, an extension for DashClock was included. As you can see in the image above, the extension shows you an unread Tweet count that when tapped, opens up Falcon Pro. 

Play Links:  Falcon Pro ($0.99) | DashClock

If you want other extensions, here are a few on the Play store already that you may want to check out:

  • Battery Extension:  Shows your current battery percentage and whether or not you are charging.
  • AppLauncher:  Allows you to pin any app to DashClock and then launch it with a tap.
  • DashClock Tasks:  Combines with NoNonsenseNotes to show you a list of today’s tasks that need to be completed.

Be sure to let us know if you find others!

Cheers baconslayer09!

  • I am kind of disturbed by how late you Kellen schedules his haircuts.

  • Eric

    It’s funny how people using Carbon keep asking for all the same features that Falcon already has. I can’t freaking wait till Falcon does multiple account support then it’s lights out for Carbon! At 99 cents I don’t see why cheapskates don’t buy Falcon as it helps the developer for his time and believe me his updates are very frequent.

  • rslh

    How was the haircut?

  • Is it possible to expand dashclock on the lockscreen by default? Every screenshot shows the widget fully expanded, but that is not the default look when you power on your phone.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      I don’t think stock 4.2 lets you keep the expand view by default, but I know in CM 10.1 and a few other ROMs there is a setting for that.

  • Mike

    Too bad u can’t use this because Verizon refuses to update the GNex to Android 4.2 :-/

    • Justin Kos

      I have a Verizon galaxy nexus with 4.2.1, and even if they did update it..I’d still have CM

  • xformulax

    This app is incompatible with all of your devices.

  • Trooper

    Why is it when I set it up, it does not expand like its showing in your pic K?

    • Dr_Buttballs

      You have to pull down on the widget to expand unless you have a ROM that lets you keep your lockscreen widgets expanded at all times.

  • Cowboydroid

    The calendar extension doesn’t seem to be picking up events correctly…there are events in my calendar that are prior to the one it’s showing.

  • Mike

    which N4 case is that Kellen?

  • Jim McClain

    my wife just loves her SGS3, and I guess so does the trash that just stole it an hour ago

    • There are apps you can download to try and track it down

      get online and look up PlanB, you can install it from your computer to your phone, and may be able to track it

  • S2556

    I want to be able to change dashclock to a holo theme. Hoping customization features like this come soon!

    • Trey Porter

      ??? Uh….???

      • S2556

        Go on…

        • Trey Porter

          It is holo. Holo is the be new Android design standards. What do you mean by change to a holo theme?

          • S2556

            I meant change the color of the text from white to holo blue

  • I like Falcon Pro, its just its ”refresh limit’ made me uninstall

    • That’s a twitter issue. Unless you use the official app you’ll get refresh limits.

    • The refresh limit is Twitter’s fault

  • Mr. Shah

    Does Dash Clock work on Widget Locker?

    • Dr_Buttballs

      I’m guessing no seeing as Dash Clock is 4.2 only. Widget Locker on 4.2 would be a bit redundant.

  • Jared

    Lock screen widets make no sense to me if I have to swipe to go look at them. I want them right there – on my LOCK SCREEN!

    • You can set DashClock to be the default clock on the lock screen, so no swiping is required to access it.

      • trixnkix637

        +1 ^

        • Alex Krijanovski

          Press and hold on it, then you can move it in front of the default one like a page on the home screen.

      • how? not with the stock rom right?

        • MikeCiggy

          You can delete the stock clock on the lock screen by holding and removing it like an icon on a home screen. Then just put DashClock there. Only thing a custom rom lets you do better is allow for the widget to be expanded by default when you wake the screen. DashClock is great though giving you information even when it’s not expanded.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I CANNOT wait to check out DashClock!

  • Trey Porter

    Deer reader has an extension

  • There is no way Google cannot roll the desk clock widget into Android. It’s so good.

    • That’s a double negative but I know what you mean, and I agree.

    • Otto Dieffenbach

      i was hoping one appended to the gnow widget, really im ok without ill just swipe to another pane like i do my camera. too bad i cant change the cam swipe to the left side and info the the right.

    • evolutionx1

      Dashclock’s dev is a Google worker. He works for Google but this is one of his other projects 😀

  • KPunk

    im really starting to like lock screen widgets now that Dashclock has been released and many apps are starting to take advantage of it.

  • Note to self….. Never tweet Kellex. He never reads them. #2133unreadtweets

  • Brian

    Did anyone find that wallpaper yet? So simple, yet so hot.

    • Lustre icon pack from our boy Dave Kover. 🙂

  • JetBlue

    Just a couple of unread Tweets eh?