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DROID DNA Update to Build 2.04.605.2 is Live – Improves WiFi, Bluetooth, and Hotspot

DNA Update

As we reported just days ago, the DROID DNA was set to receive an update to build 2.04.605.2. This update includes improvements for WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, and other things such as improved audio quality over wired headsets and earpieces. Basically, it’s nothing too special.

But then again, any day Verizon updates a device should go into the record books. If you are a DNA owner, expect to see the update within the next few days rolled out to your device.

Cheers @rwking75 and @mfestinger!

  • JohnWilson

    The February Update did NOT fix the inadequate bluetooth audio quality. People can not hear me and I can not understand them, the quality is so poor. Try again, HTC and PLEASE!
    MANY of us are still waiting. This is supposed to be a hands-free capable phone, but you have to take it off off bluetooth because it does not work.

    I know that you can do it, My last phone was the HTC Incredible. Bluetooth on it was fine!

  • They need to make a new update that fixes:
    Lag on the homescreen and status bar
    Wallpaper disapearing for a second after an app closes
    Widgets dissapearing (Google Search, Google Now, etc.) when apps open.
    Other performance hiccups
    I love this phone, and these things must be fixed soon. With a quadcore processor the DNA should be able to navigate with ease. HTC and Verizon, please fix!

  • Could it add flash player at some point

  • sa

    My wifi was working perfect before and now that i upgraded it drops all the time.

  • now when i set my phone on my nokia charger/when i take it off, the screen doesn’t pop on telling me it’s charging, the notification light on the phone and the charger just comes on… i like it this way better.

  • Ravi Rao

    Yes, finally I don’t lose my wifi connection every 3 minutes! This is a big day for me!

  • cwb67goat

    The biggest (really only) issue I have with this phone is the poor bluetooth connection to my wireless headset. It is fine if I have it sitting next to me on my desk, but if I am wearing the phone on my hip, or heaven forbid carrying it in my pocket, the bluetooth connection is so bad it is almost useless. BTW, I downloaded the update last night and it has not fixed the problem at all. I assume this is hardware related (maybe a bad antenna) so I will likely have to live with this as long as I have the phone. My Droid Bonic worked beautifully with bluetooth.

    Anyone having the same problem????? Possible fix???

  • mule0331

    Thats what really pisses me off about sites like these. A really good place for info, but to hear your priorities makes me laugh at best. Audio improvements over wired headsets, wifi, bluetooth, all deemed nothing too special. Most regular users that I know do in fact use their phones as MP3 players, and use the bluetooth to connect to their cars/trucks. So these things are quite important. In fact I would be willing to bet that if you went out into the public and asked which is more important, great sounding audio, working wifi/bluetooth or an unlocked bootloader, the audio etc would be the more important

  • am i the only one who likes the menu button that pops up?

  • disastrousrainbow

    Downloaded it. Don’t notice much of anything really. Still trying to figure out exactly what this so called “enhanced recent apps” thing is.

  • Geoff Atteberry

    The update bulletin mentioned enhanced recent apps functionality. I’m curious if it opened the option in settings to use the recent apps key as a menu button like the One X. It would be nice to get rid of the three button menu poping up aol the time.

  • Amazingly fast after the update!!! It’s ridiculously fast. Everything else will show with time.


    This just increased my battery life to 2 hours!

    • Tim242

      Really? How could you possibly know that?

  • LionStone

    This update is quite the “special” treat today! The Hotspot would not work reliably with Nexus 7… I could tether to my antique HP Mini all day no problem but it would constantly drop on the N7… but the update fixed it thankfully! Life is good again!

  • AndrewScardino

    My phone storage now shows 16gb as the full amount available and it used to show like 11 or 12 something. Meaning in the storage menu it now says 5.74GB/16.00GB instead of like 1.46GB/12.xxGB

  • Checked for a update, mine popped right up! Downloading now. Stock with no root.

  • David Dudovitz

    They added back their spammy game Teeter.

  • Greg Morgan

    In case anyone was wondering, it didn’t relock the bootloader if you unlocked it by Jcase’s method.

    • zepfloyd

      that’s not entirely surprising, the curiosity is does it break the method for those that want to unlock after they take the update or buy the phone in another week and it comes with this version out of the box.

      • Greg Morgan

        That’s a good question. I’ve seen on the unlock thread where HTC has patched the method a few times but the devs keep finding a way to unlock it. So i think there’d be a good chance.

        • hkklife

          Let us know if you happen to notice any significant performance or battery life improvement. Not that there was anything wrong with thale DNA’s performance in the first place, but every little bit helps!

    • so root and everything else still works fine?

      • Greg Morgan

        I don’t know about root, i haven’t rooted mine yet. I only had the bootloader unlocked. If the bootloader stays unlocked, even if root disappears, you should still be able to flash a custom recovery and flash root.

        • hmm… well good thing i unlocked using jcase’s method. i might wait a couple days to install this, just in case it’s unrootable for some weird reason (which i doubt but you never know). need to tether (obviously for free) to play video games because of unusable college internet :p

  • droid army

    This is great and all but please lets update my 2 year old razr naow!

    • hkklife

      RAZR came out IIRC in Nov 2011.