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Vector Brings Fast Paced Parkour Action to Your Android Device


We just got tipped from EvanTheGamer about Vector and the rule is, when Evan gives you a tip about a game, you take it. The game is a platformer where you are running away from an evil football player (that’s what he looks like at least) who tries to zap you with a cattle prod. To evade your attacker, you use parkour-style moves atop a building – jumping, sliding, and dashing towards the exit sign. 

The game runs smooth and the movements are quite fluid. It even has a sweet bass-heavy soundtrack which kind of gets you into this groove when running. Give Evan a shoutout for the good game down below.

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Cheers EvanTheGamer!

  • Austin Warren

    Damnit, too many addicting games when I should be paying attention to what my girlfriend is saying.

    • CivilDroid

      You forgot this –> /s

      • Austin Warren

        I’m being serious

  • Looks like a 2D Mirror’s Edge, which is a good thing.

    • JMonkeYJ

      it’s not nearly that good, although it is clearly inspired by mirror’s edge. it was a fun play for a little, tho

  • Game looks incredible, but better if you do real Parkour. So get out there and do some instead of playing games that make you think you can. Daniel Ilabaca style.

  • moelsen8

    i just had a moment of nostalgia when I thought this looked like “Rush ‘n Attack” for NES.

    • James Richardson

      I was thinking a side-scrolling version of Mirror’s Edge, especially if you look at the backdrop.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Thanks for posting this new game up, Tim! Just wanted to make sure people are aware of it, and that it gets the recognition it deserves!

    I’m a huge fan of Parkour and running games in general, and when I heard about Vector, I went berzerk! Incredibly addicting game!

  • Not compatible with GNex currently….

    • Dan Lopez


    • EvanTheGamer

      Yeah, it isn’t. According to some user’s comments, it was compatible(some purchased the Deluxe edition via IAP), and then a day later, the game was no longer compatible. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

      Runs buttery-smooth on the N7 though.

    • Yup. Coming up the same on my GNex. Paranoid Android 3.0, Toro.

      • Otto Dieffenbach

        you can sideload it, PA 3.0 seems to run it fine. but later levels have a bit of slowdown.

    • Otto Dieffenbach

      it was compatible but stock devices had huge lag issues. i managed to get it before the market pull. didnt have issues on many of the levels but on some the screen slowed but the game still registered touchscreen inputs. also had similar issues on the n7 but not for the first couple levels. i dont think he is pushing the gfx through hardware but software.
      also looks like it is a remake of roof riders with styling cues taken form mirrors edge. I am impressed like everyone else but, it was released a little early.

  • Keeler

    Looks like it takes quite a few hints from Canabalt.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Oh yeah, absolutely it does. Both Canabalt and Mirror’s Edge to boot. They just up the formula a bit. It’s a really fun and addicting game…download it!

      • Otto Dieffenbach

        actually add roofrunner to the equation, and you have vector.

  • strykes

    It is smooth in the earlier levels but gets very choppy and nigh unplayable in the later ones in the more complicated levels.

    • strykes

      I mean, in the later, more complicated levels. Otherwise a fun game though