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Verizon Introduces My InfoZone Widget – Allows Easy Access to Tips, Device Info, and Account Information

My InfoZone

In an upcoming release to the Google Play store, Verizon is only looking to help you, their valued customer. With the My InfoZone widget, users can place this helpful tool directly on their homescreen, allowing for easy access to important information such as your battery status, remaining device memory space, and important tips that will better help you utilize your smartphone.ย 

My InfoZone widget features:

  • Tips to help you get more out of your smartphone or tablet
  • Quick and easy access to your – Account information in My Verizon Mobile – Battery status and information on what’s using your battery – Amount of available storage and storage settings
  • Specific support information for your smartphone or tablet

Must you have this on your Android device? If so, download it straight from Google Play on February 18.

Enough sarcasm for one day?

  • Data Widget!! That’s all I need!!!

  • tomn1ce

    I can’t wait to get this cool widget…..Feb 18 can’t get here soon enough 0_o

  • Havoc70

    And its all “Coming Soon”

  • Tony Byatt

    Nice widget…Anyone interested in my Unlimited Data Plan…LOL…

  • Dave

    I’m camping outside the play store the night before……

    • Jared

      You, sir, win 10,000 internets for this.

  • DJyoSNOW

    Don’t rock that bloat (Don’t rock that bloat, baby)
    If it don’t fit, don’t force it
    Just chill out and let it flow

  • DanSan

    $30 upgrade fee required

  • ToddAwesome


  • Dave

    Only if I can get a 4×4 widget for my main home screen.

  • JDub

    But I want it now!

  • Jason Brown

    “Battery status and information on whatโ€™s using your battery” – with my infozone being the top culprit.

    • Tim242

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • Austin Warren

    I bet it’s going to be $2/month for it.

    • Jared

      But the real features will be unlocked for it when you subscribe to VZ Navigator as well.

      • Austin Warren

        And when you trust them with all your contacts.

        • Jared

          Backup Assistant is mandatory for this to work, of course. And the permission to make phone calls and texts allows them to charge you directly for use, just to make it easier for the user.

          • Austin Warren

            Don’t forget VZ Voicemail, because it’s not easy enough to call yourself for free.

          • Diablo81588

            Who does that anymore? Google voice all the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  • qas

    lets see wat this new widget carries with it


  • Guestapo

    And you mean we get ALL THIS for free??

    • michael arazan

      Nothing at verizon is free, probably collects all your data and gps locations throughout the day and then turn around and sell it.

  • joejoe5709

    Ummm. I’m not sure why any of us would want this. Nice fail Verizon. Should have saved this for April 1st. At least I would have gotten a chuckle out of it.

  • jbdan

    Feb 18th my sister will text me saying she has this super cool new vzw widget….:(

  • VZW: Forget this BS, let us keep unlimited data.

    • Mark Mann

      just upgraded from the razr to the razr hd, at the beginning of the year, and kept my unlimited

  • verizon apps…the modern day banzai buddy.

  • kaufkin

    don’t worry, you’ll get it on your “Nexus” devices on the next update, sometime in 2014. (SARCASM / HUMOR)

    • Big_EZ

      But in the mean time enjoy this update.

      Change log:
      -VZW My Info

  • Austin Warren

    Just what I need. Another annoyance to tell me how much data I don’t have and how I need to pay my bill.

  • OnlyNexus

    I am as likely to put this widget on my phone as I am to voluntarily give up my unlimited plan. Ain’t gonna happen.

  • trophynuts

    Yipeeee more VZW bloatware

  • Two words: Dumb Pipe

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Oh they’re dumb alright .. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Alberto Hamade

    It’s not available until February 18.

    • Tim242

      Well, what a tease : (