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LG Officially Unveils Optimus G Pro, 5.5″ Curved Glass Display Gives Off “2.5D” Effect

LG Optimus G Pro

Just now, LG went ahead and announced the Optimus G Pro for markets other than Japan. Much like the Japanese variant, this device sports a full 5.5″ HD 1080p display, along with a quad-core processor. The device will come in both black and white, while incorporating a curved glass design, giving the phone a 2.5D effect. 

While taking a quick glimpse at the backside of the device, you will notice a glimmering “Digital Cube” effect. Although, overall design wise, this phone looks like a mix of the Galaxy S3’s front and the One X’s back. Looks pretty nice if you ask us.

As far as when we can expect it to hit the States, there is no word from LG. What we do know is that they are shooting for a late February release date in some markets, which should place it in prime time for bloggers to get their hands on it in Barcelona at this year’s MWC.

LG Optimus Pro G

Via: LG Facebook | LG

  • skinja99

    I like how thin the bezels are!
    Good work LG

  • Maybe I’m biased torwards LG, but I’m really unimpressed with there phones in general, inlcuding the Nexus 4. They just dont’ give me the wow that other phones have. Do you really think curved glass is a good selling point?

  • teevirus

    I gotta say this phone looks amazing. The bezel is so small I would not have believed it was an official render. Very curious about battery size/ life though.

  • Mchl496

    LG welcome to the S3 party. If Apple could sue for something similar… then Samsung can sue for an exact ripoff.

  • Adam Emshwiller

    too bad they will only be able to manufacture 3 devices per month… #nexus4fail

  • artsr2002

    HTC should take note of those minimal side bezels. That looks sweet!!!

    • jboogie1289

      Just joking here but I hope you don’t mean…”Take NOTE” as in copy the Note 2 as well. Lol, find the humor in that. 😛

  • Tech Pro

    come on. get rid of that ugly physical button. Other than that, it’s pretty good looking phone.

    • RicoDelicioso

      I know. Physical button. Yuk. And get rid of that ridiculous LG logo on the front and put it in the back. No one cares to know what brand of phone it is.

  • Yes but… its still LG…

  • Bill Mitchell

    AHHHH that bezel, I love it…………………………..

  • kane

    5.5 inch? Moving into Haweii ridiculousness. Just buy a tablet already.

  • Liderc

    Blaeh 2.5D? and a physical home button? SIGH Overall nice looking, but screen is too big, 2.5D gimmick and physical home button failure.

  • MatthewSimmons

    How will Vzw screw this up I can already see VZW logos plastered all over it.

  • Not loving the home button…

  • Jones

    Who cares I it looks like the note 2.
    It looks a lot better than the note

    • Tim242

      But not better than the Note II…

      • Jones

        Yeah it looks better than that one too.

        • jboogie1289

          Not, if you mean the same then YES.

          • Jones

            Seriously? That looks way better than anything Sammy has made. I don’t mind the copying bc …well that’s how Sammy got here and they get extra points for taking and making it better.

            My Sammy has made fanboys out of y’all.

  • Buckoman

    I love the look of this device, but that home button is kinda blatantly Samsung-y.


      But it is small enough that Verizon may not be able to put their logo on it!!!

  • yungqb7

    Cool phone. Looks just like the Galaxy Note II lol. I currently have the LG Revolution. I can’t trust myself with another LG phone for ~2 more years this time around. Looking at the Galaxy s4, I’m sure that will receive updates on Verizon in a “timely manner” compared to LG.

  • Jones

    I just got the LG Optimus G and still can return it. I don’t want to it is an awesome phone but I am worried about decent support from it from LG.if they get me to Keylime pie then I’m satisfied. But the device itself is amazing.

    I went with this over the S3.

    Still nervous about support though but This phone is quality.

    • When you buy a non nexus phone just assume your not getting the next version of android. You might but don’t get your hopes up.

      • Mark Mann

        because the word “nexus” means it’ll get updated? *cough* verizon galaxy NEXUS *cough*

    • darkknezz

      i heard its getting JB in the near future. KLP is not officially out yet so lets give it some time

  • Futbolrunner

    I wish my Note 2’s bezel was that thin. That way it wouldn’t feel as wide in my hand. Oh well, the Note 2 rocks.

  • Alix8821

    at least these Android OEMs are copying each other now… Keeping it in the family y. Haha

  • baconslayer09

    Doesn’t the Nexus 4 have the same curved glass display?

  • James

    Sucha shame how almost all the companies gotta copy designs from competitors. The HTC One looks like the BB Z10, and now the Optimus Pro looks like an S3/S4. I <3 Motorola for holding their ground and having original designs. Moto X-Phone FTW!!!

    • Tim242

      Moto X-Phone FTW? Have you seen it?

      • LionStone

        heh….he has an inside scoop on the S4 also 😉

        • Tim242

          Guess it didn’t quite live up to his expectations : ) Moto X-Phone FTMFW!

  • LG can officially go to hell… Home button and the gimmick 2.5D effect?? smh

    • TheRealKingOfAllMedia

      id 10 t

  • Can anyone say note 2?

    • Tim242

      Note II : )

  • shecalledmejay

    I just love curved glass on a phone, don’t ask why but I think it’s the future

    • Tim242


    • agreed. i LOVE anything other than 100% flat glass. even the slight curve on the Onex and Nexus 4 makes the phone look 10 awesomer (yes, i know that isn’t a real word)

  • Ernest Marvin Esteban

    Looks like a Note 2, One X and the Nexus 4’s design mixed together. :). It looks nice if you ask me.

    • Im confused where you get One X out of that. It looks Note 2 with a nexus 4 back.

      • Matthew Merrick

        i think he means the camera – and yeah, i see it too.

      • Mark Mann

        this line out of the article probably gave him that idea ” this phone looks like a mix of the Galaxy S3′s front and the One X’s back.”

  • rezzler76

    loving the thin bezel on this as well as the backside!

  • Steve_

    well, this is the MOST edge-to-edge device to date.


    CHEAP PLASTIC places South Korean tech giant LG in the chinese Huawei-ZTE league. Sad.

    Let’s hope SAMSUNG’s Galaxy SIV and Motorola’s X will sport hi-end METAL bezel-less designs and WOW features. #May

    • is it really plastic though? i haven’t kept up on the phone at all so i am not sure…but the latest devices (optimus G, Nexus 4) have been glass front and back. this looks to have similar design to the back of the optimus g….so i COULD be a glass back just like all their newer devices.

      IMO, LG has stepped up their game in the last year. i would be OK with one as long as i could unlock that bootloader :/

    • bitch_please

      It says in article the phone is made out of glass lol And samsung always used plastic, which means you’re just a troll.

  • Rodeojones000

    Physical home button? No thanks.

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      You don’t know what you’re missing.

      • Rodeojones000

        Sure I do. I’m missing physical buttons, which is the way it should be.

        • EC8CH


        • Agreed got a GS3 and hate the home button, had a nexus 4 but since on verizon sold it but it was amazing.

          • Matthew Merrick

            QFT, coming from a note 2 owner. the home button sucks >_>

        • BulletTooth_Tony

          Full screen use is how it should be, with capacative buttons and a physical home button. Put your phone on your desk… now try to unlock it with 1 finger without one. Good luck spinning that phone in circles… and enjoy your burn in from the on-screen buttons.

          • ArrowCool

            Wow. I had no idea my phone had a plasma display!

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            It has an AMOLED display… which suffers from screen burn.

          • if you have a free hand to unlock the phone, you have a free thumb as well. on handed unlock is not something groundbreaking.

            and LCD screens dont get burn in….just an FYI.

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            AMOLED… which the Galaxy Nexus has, and being the first phone with on-screen buttons… suffers from horrible screen burn, just as every AMOLED preceding it did and still does.

          • j

            wtf are you talking about

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            The well-known screen burn issues with all AMOLED screens that’s existed since they first came into existence.



          • Steve Benson

            You are clueless. There is zero burn in caused by on-screen buttons.

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            You are clueless. There is tons of screen burn on AMOLED from on screen buttons

          • tomn1ce

            I have a G-Nexus for over a year now, and I don’t have any burn in from the on-screen buttons……

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            Consider yourself lucky, and enjoy it when it happens. You probably do have it, and just don’t know what you’re looking for.

      • joseph pastor

        Are you lost? ParanoidAndroid just revolutionized the way we will be operating future touchscreens. why have a button (unless youre praising apple) when there is a comparable gesture that’s FASTER than depressing a physical button. PIE eliminates the need for a status AND navigation bar; looks like you’re the one wasting screen space.


        ps, that’s an old article, its even more fluid/better now.

        ps2- about your waking the phone with one finger on the table gimmick, there’s a solution to that as well.


        • Azn_Android

          So people who don’t like onscreen buttons are lost because they aren’t saving themselves one second? I had a galaxy nexus (exchanged 5 because of keyboard and navigation bar and info bar burn in) and got tired of it so I switched to an iPhone 5 since they have very calibrated and reliable screens. Sure the size is small but it’s sufficient.) Mind, I didn’t switch to the iPhone just because of the burn in of the onscreen buttons, but it was one of quite a few reasons.

    • Ron_Swanson

      Cue cliche physical home button screen comments….oh wait, nevermind.

    • Austin Warren

      You’d rather sacrifice screen size for that? I don’t mind it. But i’m not going to dismiss a phone for a lousy button.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    I love my Note 2 I just wish I had an LG display on it. When I made the switch from my Nexus 4 to the Note 2 I really felt like I was taking a step back in the display department. I want a Nexus Phablet!

  • JetBlue

    I still think LG will be LG and will release a new phone before this phone even hits a year old just like they have with most devices (Revo killed by Spectrum, Spectrum killed by Spectrum 2 and Spectrum 2 most likely by this.

  • looks really nice wow! one thing no verizon logo on home button guess not coming to verizon lol

  • dannyWHITE


  • bikerbill12

    Wow s3 ripoff. Or what

    • Tim242

      Note II ripoff

  • Jonathan Bunch

    Can we get a dang profile view…I wanna see this 2.5d

  • Evan Fleming

    How dare you LG… how DARE you make something so sexy…

    • Mchl496

      Make something so sexy? You mean make something so S2?

  • Can we see the curved glass in something other than a head on shot? Not getting the effect? Which way is it curved? Like the galaxy nexus which no one notices?

  • Richard Yarrell

    Great copy cat Galaxy Note 2 gotta hand it to Lg. Least they know who to copy inorder to compete in the market. Samsung are the creators of the category will never be outdone by Lg. My Galaxy Note 2 is an industry leading device something that has gone down as the best all purpose productivity device ever made since the inception of android.

    • Tim242

      And Sprint is the world’s best carrier. And your EVO will never be beat. Oh wait………..

      • Richard Yarrell

        Poor guy as usual you and that other guy @squiddy20 always living in the past that will never change with you folk. My Evo 4g was three years ago now since i have had the Evo 3d, Lg Revolution, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, and now my Galaxy Note 2. Life goes on as you can see at least in my world and I will be purchasing the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 in 2013. Matter of fact might just pick up the Galaxy Note 8 when that becomes available what will you be purchasing in 2013???? Dont stand on the sidelines watching and you tubing devices. Go out and buy them. Matter of fact take @squiddy20 with you he needs some help staying current in the tech game. I do very well every year since 2010 and always will that’s just me..

        • Tim242

          WoW, you’ve really done some carrier hopping.

          • Richard Yarrell

            It been a long journey these three years. Been on Sprint, Verizon, [email protected], and now Tmobile. I am happy at this moment and i hope that continues.

          • squiddy20

            You weren’t happy with Verizon when you were on Sprint (constantly calling Verizon “the devil”), yet you signed up with them for the Galaxy Nexus. For the first few months, you were saying how “pimp slapping” and “BOSS” Verizon’s LTE was, until you realized you couldn’t afford Verizon’s costly services and then you conveniently started going around saying how you’d be “kicking them to the curb” for the “better” T-Mobile. Except, T-Mobile generally isn’t “better”. Less coverage, and generally slower data speeds than Verizon. Not to mention that T-Mobile is generally referred to as “the nation’s 4th largest carrier”. What a joke.

        • VoiceofSky

          you are down voted in every single Android blog/news site you post in,why don’t you drink some red bull and fly away ..

        • squiddy20

          “Matter of fact might just pick up the Galaxy Note 8 when that becomes available what will you be purchasing in 2013” Judging by the current iteration of the Note series, the “Galaxy Note 8”, won’t be released till 2018, if ever. Either you need to learn to use periods, or you have no concept of time. -_-

    • LionStone

      hah! Your N2 just got pimp slapped by LG! You wish your N2 looks as good as this!

    • Fame

      Mr. Do You Sniff Coke?!?!?

    • darkknezz

      with that said LG is also the leader in IPS (in plane switching) technology for screen tech. Knowing this Samsung (who we all know used SAMOLED displays) is now switching to PLS (plane line switching) as their standard in screen tech. Same exact technology just named differently. Indeed imitation is the highest form of flattery. Since these 2 companies are basically across the street from each other they have been imitating each other for many many years.

    • squiddy20

      Copy cat? Right from the title of the article I can tell you one thing that the Note 2 does not have: curved glass. Can’t be a copy cat if it’s not exactly the same, idiot.

      “Samsung are the creators of the category” As I said in another article in another website, you’re wrong about that. Look no further than the Dell Streak. It was the first Android powered smartphone to have a 5 inch screen… released almost 2 years ago (June 2010). Now you might say how “pitiful” the Streak was because it didn’t sell well, but the fact remains, it was available a whole year before the original Galaxy Note, proving that Samsung did not in fact “create [the] category”. Get a life you stupid fanboy.

  • George264

    Why does this look like a Note 2/GSIII and One X?
    God dammit LG, now Apple’s gonna have to sue for violating other companies’ designs too.

    Edit: Wrote this as soon as I saw the article, didn’t read the article and other people seem to be thinking the same thing, whoops

  • DC_Guy

    I know that “King” Tim Cook said earlier today that it’s about the experience and not the size of the screen, but Apple is going to have to bring it! Go big or go home!

    • Dan H

      That’s what she said…

    • jboogie1289

      They won’t!! They’ll make an i5S (not sure what the difference will be), then move on to the i6. Both will probably only be OS bumps. So sad. And yes……FAIL!!

  • S.Ober

    Look out LG, Apple may sue you for making it look like a Samsung.

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  • Kisuk3

    Wish there was a profile shot so we could see the curve ; )

  • Diablo81588

    Home button….

  • akazerotime

    Breaking news that has “not yet been confirmed™”: LG to launch Nexus 4.5 because there was no way for them to continue to meet the demand for the current version.

  • Ryan

    WOW! I must say LG is coming up. Very excited to see their products.

    • michael arazan

      Now just make this with pure android and then we’re in business

      • Matthew Merrick

        actually, newer LG devices are pretty close to stock…

        • Austin Warren

          You sure? I hear people say they have the worst skin.

          • Honestly older LG phones werent the best…The new Optimus 3.0 layout is great. there isnt much bloat ware and runs smooth. LG has the lowest return rate that i have heard.

          • Matthew Merrick

            Older ones, yes. Nowadays they really just have a themed launcher with a couple bonus features, a custom lockscreen that’s honestly pretty nice, and status bar toggles. The overall experience is definitely holo based, certainly closer to stock than any other skin (other than neo-motoblur, obviously)

  • sdny8

    Man I wish this came in a 4.8 version

  • Travisty

    Samsung called, they want their Galaxy S4 back

    • bitch_please

      Dove called, they want their soap back.

  • Is this the long-lost son of the Nexus 4 and the Galaxy Note II? D:

  • Samvelavich

    2.5D Porn…. That would be interesting

  • Anthony Anobile

    looks like a mixture of a note 2 with a thinner bezel and a one x on the back…..but i have to say in black that will be a perfect combo

  • Not A Name

    Waiting for the nexus 4s

  • Looks awesome regardless. MMmmm Zero bezelllll

  • omgitzjose

    is this for real? they totally just copied the One X and the S3. very original LG!

    • Tim242

      You mean Note II

  • Aaron Scott

    What the hell is 2.5D?

    • its 3d’ish kinda, sort of…. yeah

    • DC_Guy

      I guess it’s like how AT&T and T-Mo call HSPA “4G”…almost, but not quite.

      • LALinMN

        HSPA+ actually is 4G just not LTE..

        • Actually since HSPA+ Ends at 72Mbs, it isn’t 4G. LTE is 4G because it can be upgraded to 150Mbs. At the moment no one can reach the 100Mbs standard for 4G so really neither are 4G. LTE is the closest thing to it.

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            Actually HSPA+ goes much higher than 72… which isn’t a speed tier anyway for HSPA…. and it’s 4G. The ITU made the determination *over 2 years ago* on what was 4G… and HSPA is included. The term you’re looking for is IMT-Advanced, which LTE is not… and is also 4G.

    • maybe they’re talking about the phone itself…


    It looks so Samsungy….Optimus G looked like S2, now this looks like S3

  • Captain_Doug

    Cuz you know, 5″+ screens are super practical.

    • To some people they are. It all depends on what YOU plan on using YOUR phone for. People are different, and so are their phones.

      • Captain_Doug

        Thanks for the perspective rant. I understand that but the only new phone being rumored that will be under 5″ is the HTC one and that’s not even a given. All of the OEMs are putting their high end specs in huge phone leaving those who like smaller phones with mid range phones. What about that perspective?

        • I dont think anyone is disagreeing with you there. but stating that 5″ phones aren’t practical as a blanket statement of the typical consumer is just ignorant.

          someone should make a 4.3″ 720P, quad core, 2GB ram, 8mp camera phone. i think it would sell like crazy….especially for women (no offence to you) my wife wants a badass phone, but can’t do something the size of the S3.

          • Captain_Doug

            I’m looking more at 4.5-4.7″. I think my wife is more a fan of 4″ phones.