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LG Officially Unveils Optimus G Pro, 5.5″ Curved Glass Display Gives Off “2.5D” Effect

LG Optimus G Pro

Just now, LG went ahead and announced the Optimus G Pro for markets other than Japan. Much like the Japanese variant, this device sports a full 5.5″ HD 1080p display, along with a quad-core processor. The device will come in both black and white, while incorporating a curved glass design, giving the phone a 2.5D effect. 

While taking a quick glimpse at the backside of the device, you will notice a glimmering “Digital Cube” effect. Although, overall design wise, this phone looks like a mix of the Galaxy S3’s front and the One X’s back. Looks pretty nice if you ask us.

As far as when we can expect it to hit the States, there is no word from LG. What we do know is that they are shooting for a late February release date in some markets, which should place it in prime time for bloggers to get their hands on it in Barcelona at this year’s MWC.

LG Optimus Pro G

Via: LG Facebook | LG

  • skinja99

    I like how thin the bezels are!
    Good work LG

  • Maybe I’m biased torwards LG, but I’m really unimpressed with there phones in general, inlcuding the Nexus 4. They just dont’ give me the wow that other phones have. Do you really think curved glass is a good selling point?

  • teevirus

    I gotta say this phone looks amazing. The bezel is so small I would not have believed it was an official render. Very curious about battery size/ life though.

  • Mchl496

    LG welcome to the S3 party. If Apple could sue for something similar… then Samsung can sue for an exact ripoff.

  • Adam Emshwiller

    too bad they will only be able to manufacture 3 devices per month… #nexus4fail