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OMG: Rooted, Deodexed, Debloated ICS ROM Released for the HTC Thunderbolt

htc thunderbolt official

Now that the official Ice Cream Sandwich build for the Thunderbolt has been released and pushed out to remaining owners (I hear crickets), developers are already working their magic. Last week, a developer released a rooted, deodexed, and more importantly, debloated version of the official ICS build to users. I say more importantly because after looking at the list of removed apps, it’s hard to believe there was any room on the device’s storage for any user-installed applications. 

Removed apps:

  • Adobe Reader
  • Backup Assistant Sync Service
  • Books Tablet
  • City ID
  • Kindle
  • My Report Agent
  • My Verizon
  • NewbayVaultMarket (VZW crap)
  • Polaris Office
  • Rock Band
  • Slacker Radio
  • Tethering Guard
  • TuneWiki
  • Vcast Tones
  • VzNav
  • VZW Golf
  • VZW Remote Tool

Beyond that, it is a stock ROM with no further modifications. It’s nice and clean.

If you are into flashing ROM’s on your Thunderbolt, go grab it from the via link below.

Via: XDA

Cheers blackhawk!

  • K D

    Mr. Number and just trash city ID

  • datalist

    My Thunderbolt still hasn’t recieved the OTA, Any Ideas Why?

  • Joe

    I’m still angry about this update to ics ruining my phone but now I’m also confused since many are reporting positive experiences. My Thunderbolt was rock solid except the proximity sensor never worked) until this update. now it’s garbage. It is painfully slow. The internet locks up constantly with the stock browser and Chrome. When I double-tap the screen to zoom it usually selects something on the page and redirects me as if I clicked on a link. I just loaded Dolphin which seems just a little better. I understand ics doesn’t support flash, but I can’t even play videos I’ve recorded with my phone. When it does let me access a video on the browser it won’t stop the video for an incoming call. It has started wiping out appointments from my calendar. Text messages people send to me aren’t coming through half the time. I’m getting the same backup media failed message someone else described. I’m dialing phone numbers, hitting send, and holding the phone to my ear waiting on the call to go through only to find I’m back on the home screen. I’ve resisted iPhone because I don’t listen to music on my phone. My wife and children love their iPhones but were envious of the download speeds on the Thunderbolt. I guess my next move is to root my phone and try to find a copy of gingerbread. Hopefully I can resist throwing it through a wall in the meantime. Surely I’m not the only one having this many problems

    • TheDealer

      When I installed the update I had the same problems as before. I then did a hard reset, only installed the apps I use, and run a catche cleaner regularly now. It runs better than before, has better battery life, and no bugs. The texting isn’t as smooth with pictures and media, but I’ll take the trade off .

    • Peter

      It’s just their way of getting the Thunderbolts off the market and killing off some grandfathered accounts. Do not undate!!!

  • Barry

    My phone has lost ALL of its speed with this update. It’s like putting Windows 7 on an old Windows 2000 machine with low memory. The phone struggles to change from program to program, taking a picture takes forever! Can we undo this update?

  • James G.

    I finally got my ICS update last night but now some features on my phone don’t work properly, what can I do?

  • really slow loading apps, lost alot of apps, have had many problems with the new update

  • that_gurrl79

    Thunderbolt to stream movies and tv show’s. I loved my phone for that reason. Now I can’t do that because Adobe won’t support ICS. HELP!!!!I bought and used my phone for that specific reason….. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!

  • Nicolas Pipitone

    This update is ridiculously good. Much longer battery life. Much better signal and Santod has basically been working non stop on rebuilding all of his rom with this OTA base. If you still have your thunderbolt do yourself a favor and check out the Infected roms website.


    people still use this POS phone??

  • David

    this update has slowed my phone downnnnnnnn SOOOO MUCHHHHH

    what can i do to make it faster????

    please helpppp me

    • danno

      Mine too!!! HELP!!!!

      • K D

        The ICS update in general speed the HTC thunderbolt up. If you are lagging you might want to see how much space is on your phone storage. Most apps can be moved to SD card to save on storage. I am running the Deodexed Debloated Version and it’s faster than ever. Even before I installed the rom in this thread I had the factory OTA ICS Update and my phone still had no lag. If you really want to get the most out of your thunderbolt check out http://www.infected.com

  • Heidi

    I hate it! I loved my thunderbolt until this update! I just ordered a new phone I hate it that much!

    • jrf1009

      Do a hard reset. I was having the same problems and although it’s a pain
      backing everything up and reinstalling everything, it’s definitely
      worth it. My Thunderbolt has never been better, Running smooth as silk
      and believe it or not, battery life is much better than it ever was,
      Really happy with ICS now.

      • Jay

        What’s your rough guess at battery life before and after doing a hard reset? As much as I’m enjoying the ICS update my Tbolt has been very laggy and is churning through juice.

        Also, from what I tell it seems like if I use the Camera the phone just stays at 100% brightness for a while, sometimes cycling back to bright while using other apps.

        • jrf1009

          Before ICS, under “light usage” conditions, my Thunderbolt would last about 9 – 10 hours before I got the 15% warning and needed to find the charger. After the ICS update, like yours my TBolt was very sluggish and I blew through the battery 2 days in a row, completely discharging the battery in about 5 – 6 hours. After the hard reset, the phone has been on for just over 12 hours currently and my battery is at 47% under “light usage”. Major improvement although I haven’t taxed the phone since the reset. Really loving the TBolt again after the update and hard reset. Couldn’t be happier. Like I said, it’s was a pain to back everything up and then restore it but it was worth it.

          • Jay

            Thanks. What backup app did you go with?

          • jrf1009

            MyBackup Pro ( got it on sale ) and App Backup & Restore (free).

        • K D

          Try doing a hard reset. Mine is really fast. As far as battery goes it is alot better but if you want to be able to do anything you want all day or most of the day I would go to ebay and buy a rezound battery like I did for $10 and you will have way more battery life. Fits perfect no need to change the back just enjoy playing on it all day. I mess with my phone mild/heavy with this battery and ICS from 6am to 7pm I will still have 70%+ most I have got was 20 something

  • Ben Aqui

    Two days into the update. Phone continues to lock up during calls, and even got so bad that I had to remove battery to disconnect the call. Screen frequently stalls, sometimes hitting the power button quickly can bring it back, sometimes not. Sometimes regular apps like Angry Birds just start to flip out.
    Will try a factory reset, then reload apps from scratch. Stay tuned.

    It just has to last long enough for the M7.

  • jj

    how do i download

    • jeesung

      Click on where it says “LINK TO ROMS THREAD” this goes to another forum with the download links. The dev did this so he just has to maintain one set of links in case he makes updates.


  • artsr2002

    Is it just me or that picture above have a thinner bezel on the right-hand side than the left-hand side??? Is it like that on the actual phone??? WTH? LOL

    • jeesung

      mine looked even on both sides. maybe a bad photoshop of a screen cap onto the pic of the phone?

      • TylerChappell

        That is precisely what it is.

  • Sad

    Is there one like that for the Rezound?

  • y0_momma

    I dropped the TBolt about a year ago for the GNex but missed the kickstand and camera ever since.
    Santods ROM + Nova Launcher = my new daily driver

  • Smitty

    My Bolt is better then ever. Stock always and no trouble before or after ICS. Don’t understand why people change their phones, then complain that it’s not working very well.

    • K D

      It’s not people changing their phones it’s people that don’t know what they are doing thinking they can flash roms like other people can when it is not for armatures. You have to know what you are doing or you will brick your phone. Leaving it stock is just boring IMO. But I am a Tech person. Plus the fact that I can tether for free instead of paying 30 extra a month for something that I have unlimited on anyways. Plus all the free apps and customization you get

  • Alan Winslow

    It’s been working great for me since I flashed it on Friday. My T-bolt has never worked better.

  • Fri13a

    I still have a Thunderbolt that’s stock and not rooted. Granted I had to switch the SIM card from a Galaxy Nexus (also stock) to get the update. I am actually enjoying the changes especially disabling twelve pieces of bloatware.

  • I have 4 family members still stuck with TBolts…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    What Version was the Thunderbolt upgraded from 2.3.4?

  • TylerChappell

    Can’t wait to finally get this on my Thunderbolt so I can give it to my friend whose Droid Charge has been a nightmare for him.

  • KleenDroid

    I installed Santod’s version of the same on my wife’s Thunderbolt and so far so good. Very happy its finally here. Took long enough… 🙂

    • K D

      Thats the way to go Santod is a extremely talented DEV. He has 4 versions of this OTA plus about 8 others that he made off of others and all of them are crazy good. http://www.infected.com . I am running the Deodexed Debloated Version atm

  • coolsilver

    I’ve been running it without issues. Flashed Radios FIRST. I flashed over top ICS Leak. Did not wipe data but did wipe cache. No issues and smooth as can be. YMMV on flashing over ICS Leak but worked for me. If it doesn’t work, wipe and load fresh. Format system as EXT3 Be sure to Wipe Dalvik Cache separately with CWM as it doesn’t always work for me.

    • jeesung

      +1 on flashing over the BAMF Leak working AOK

      though not sure about the EXT3 formatting. i just did the normal wiping in TWRP of caches & system. didn’t see an option for EXT3.

      • coolsilver

        It likely formated as EXT3 as nearly all stock roms are that. Only custom roms do people go through as EXT4 (and update to it when flashed) but some said it has worked with EXT4. I wouldn’t trust it until custom kernel is made.

    • K D

      Use 4EXT and you always wipe Dalvik …. especially when going to different platforms. The leak was different then the new one. So many of the mods and things will make your phone slower and or brick it. You install the rom under 3EXT which is in the 4EXT app

  • flosserelli

    Congratulations to the Tbolt holdouts. Maybe they will get jellybean in another 14 months.

    • coolsilver

      Maybe if Cyanogenmod readds to nightlies

    • Peter

      I use my sim card in my mi-fi to excess the internet. Grandfathered. Mine working just fine without the update to screw me up.

  • ugh

    still have the bolt, i’m digging the ota ics

  • Trueblue711

    I wonder how many active devices are out there still.

  • yodatom10

    yeah been looking for the ruu didn’t want have to go a new sim and temporarily activate just for an ota.

    • coolsilver

      I doubt you will find an RUU.

  • I think it might be out of principle, but I’m almost compelled to revive my Thunderbolt just to see it running ICS… even though I have a Note II now.

    • Ken Bosse

      I had put on a ICS version a while back, i think it was a liquid rom. I would be doing the same thing if i could remember the exact .zip file you needed to flash.

      • K D

        I can give anyone the proper zip files if they need. Rooted with the New OTA update.

  • New_Guy

    As crazy as it sounds, the official update made me love my T-Bolt again. Too bad it will only last for another two months…

  • ßen Murphy

    Ditched it for the GNex recently (to keep my unlimited) but great to see devs still working on it.

  • MichaelFranz

    CityID is great though…..

    …said no one ever!!

  • MikeCiggy

    My Dad is very happy with the OTA version. Verizon remove some apps and I deleted updates and disabled the ones they left. He says its running better and he has way more bars then her use to. Over all pretty satisfied with the update even though it took so long.

    • Bo

      God I wish my brother & I could report the same. Both of ours are laggy as hell, esp. in the browser. Icons continually rearranging themselves without my finger even being on the screen. Battery draining even faster than before. While I appreciate that they released the update, it has not done my phone any wonders.

      I really hope the XPhone isn’t just vaporware, because that’s what I’m holding out for in order to retain unlimited.

      • MikeCiggy

        My father is a light user compared to myself. I have a Gnex. Seems like yours is having extra problems maybe you should try a factory reset and start from scratch with the new version just a suggestion. I know not a fun suggestion.

        btw: you can find Gnex’s for pretty cheap and the phone is a boss rooted running CM10.1 . Will love this phone until the day I get an upgrade and something really catches my eye. I wouldn’t trade my Gnex for an S3 rite now if someone offered.

      • jrf1009

        Do a hard reset. I was having the same problems and although it’s a pain backing everything up and reinstalling everything, it’s definitely worth it. My Thunderbolt has never been better, Running smooth as silk and believe it or not, battery life is much better than it ever was, Really happy with ICS now, although I’ll still be upgrading (S IV or X Phone) this summer.