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Nike: We’re Not Working on a Nike Fuelband Android App (Updated)

Nike Fuelband Android

According to Nike’s official and verified Twitter Support account, they are no longer working on an Android app that can be paired with the Nike Fuelband and are instead putting their focus on iOS and the web. To call this news “disappointing” would be a gross understatement. 

Back in March of 2012, we reached out to Nike who confirmed at the time that we would be seeing a Fuelband app for Android towards the Summer of 2012. As the summer approached and we pinged them every so often for a status update, it was clear that this deadline would not be met. Once summer was gone, and we saw no app, the future looked grim. The last response I got when mentioning the Android app through some snarky comment was met with “We’ll pass along your interest.”

Then today’s Tweets went out to a number of users:

fuelband no android

For those not familiar, the Fuelband app would allow Android users to sync their Nike Fuel while on-the-go, over Bluetooth, rather than having to plug-in the device to a computer. There is and has been for quite some time, an app on iOS that does this wonderfully.

As someone who has had a Fuelband since the beginning and racked up over 1 million points in less than a year, I’m extremely disappointed in this news. I kept hoping that they had simply delayed the Android version as they worked to merge the Fuelband and Nike+ apps, similarly to what they had done on the Nike+ website. This news, makes it look like that’s not the case after all.

Does Nike not realize that Android is the biggest mobile operating system on the planet?

We’ve reached out to Nike PR and will update this post if we hear back.

Update:  Here is the response from Nike PR:

To deliver the best experience for all Nike+ FuelBand users, we are focusing on the FuelBand experience across iOS and nikeplus.com, where you can sync your activity, set new goals, and connect with friends.  At this time, we are not working on an Android version of the mobile app.

Via:  @NikeSupport

Cheers @mkoyerp!

  • disappointed

    Nike, you have chosen …. poorly….

  • Sgt1 Maluku

    Keep up the good work Nike!! Especially with most people on this globe using Android…….FAIL

  • Han

    not everyone likes iOS. this is a silly move Nike.

  • msb

    well, I am on my 3rd FB now – the 1st two broke — and I’ll say the build quality is much better, but I bought last June w/ understanding that there would be an Android app.
    When #3 dies on me, I wont take a replacement – Ill take the cash and get something w/ Android functionality.
    Hasta la vista, Nike.

  • kdawg

    This is a bummer. I’ve used the Fuelband for almost a year now and was keeping my hopes up for the android app. But it makes sense now…they sell the Nike Fuelband at Apple Stores, so it’s clear who is paying them off…

  • iOS don’twantone

    Come on guys get your act together

  • Dan T

    Then I won’t be buying your product. Nike: Just Lose it

  • I was really hoping for an Android App. I’ve even been considering switching to iPhone next month when my contract is up. But this Galaxy S4 is very intriguing, so I may stick with Android.

    I’m guessing it’s partly because Apple is so in-bed with Nike. The Nike App is built into the iTouch and iNano. I’m guessing Nike paid a pretty penny to have those there. I hear rumors of a Fuel Band 2 so maybe that will have more device support.

    Personally I’ve been reading about a new device called the Amiigo. (not affiliated with it or anything). But it’s supposed to learn your activities and adapt and it tells you your Heart Rate. So it’s much more useful than a fancy pedometer like the Fuel Band. That might be my next device later this summer when it comes out. I’m kinda bored with the Fuel Band at this point.

  • Ramsey

    Bummer! I called Nike support in January and they said they were working and developing the android app. Even said it would be out sometime this year. So, I bought a fuelband under that information. Now….I am a tad bit upset. Oh well, guess I will not be purchasing any more Nike products. On a side note, the comments beloware quite vague. The reason they.decided to cancel the app is because the.development platform they began on was buggy and after sinking time and money into that, they decided beginning from the ground up again was not worth the money. Also, to say android in general is harder to support is bogus. With android developers have.a lot more options to develop with than on iTS. Not to mention you have to pay and register for the iOS SDK. I used to be an Apple fanboy, but I love my android devices way more. I still rock a MacBook and PC, but the options, versatility, openness, etc of my android phone versus my.iPhone is.night And day.

  • Elliot

    Sad loss to Apple of Steve Jobs, funny that the current CEO of Apple is on Nike’s board of directors and since assuming CEO status at Apple the Nike Fuel Band is now no longer a planned development for Android.

  • patrick swift

    So what about the app for the ipad? I have loaded it, but it wont connect to my fuel account? Any ideas about that? I ask only because I have android and apparently that isnt going to happen. Rather sync with my ipad than my pc laptop….

  • sumit kher

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  • BellyButton

    i wonder how much Apple paid Nike to stop the Android development. No way a CEO would say “meh, we don’t want to expand to the bigger mobile OS and make more money” UNLESS someone is paying them….. just my opinion….

  • It’s ok Nike, I will just keep my money

  • Michael Schrody

    I’m disappointed by this not so much because I have any interest in the Fuel band nor Nike, but rather as something that I see repeated over and over and over – apps, especially ones that interface with proprietary hardware devices, being developed exclusively for iOS, leaving the more popular OS, Android, and its users behind.

    My best guess as to why this happens is because the Apple crowd, who is already accustomed to paying a premium for form-over-function and are particularly style- and status-conscious consumers are who they want.

    Android users, OTOH, are more interested in functionality, value, and freedom of choice – traits that marketers of overpriced fashion-forward products prefer to avoid in their target demo.

  • holycalamity

    “Does Nike not realize that Android is the biggest mobile operating system on the planet?”

    Biggest mobile operating system =/= most lucrative operating system. There may indeed be more Android users out there, but iOS users are bigger spenders: http://www.iclarified.com/26614/ios-users-spend-more-and-earn-more-than-android-users-study

    *Cue predictable snark about spendthrift iSheep

  • +60% of the mobile market is on android…way to think big Nike…

  • Marcel

    They should at least release all the information one would need to make an app himself!

  • Why not just return it?

  • mwjii

    I already emailed Nike and told them I won’t be purchasing jack from them.

  • NexusMan

    And I’m no longer interested in a Nike Fuelband.

  • Anon111111

    Doesn’t matter… the Jawbone UP and the fitbit products are MUCH better by far.

  • master94

    They think they can ignore Android users so I say we ignore them. Don’t buy Nike. Boycott Nike. Biggest child labor company out there already anyway.

  • Will Quast

    Android does not support Bluetooth Low Energy, which is used by this and may other devices. If Android doesnt want to support these devices, then why should these devices support Android? google for “COOKOO Android Bluetooth Low Energy”

  • Zepfhyr

    To add insult to injury, the Gmail Team just announced that they’re adding Scribbles support to Gmail… for iOS:


  • rhetoric.assassin

    How’s that fragmented open platform working out for ya…

  • AllthatJazz

    I can understand the disappointment/frustration with an organization that eluded to a coming product release that turns out to be a no go. I have to say though that Nike does know the numbers. Both from a financial and user perspective. This seems to be a fairly long development cycle and it appears they have run into user experience issues with android like many developers and firms have. Android may be the largest platform worldwide however those numbers are broken up many hundreds of times between OS versions, models and manufactures. This makes it extremely difficult, time consuming and/or expensive to support or develop for that platform in contrast to iOS. You end up creating, at best, a sub-set that can/should work and even then it may not be the best user experience. As a company is it’s brand – value, quality, esthetic, etc, it does not surprise me that they may wait until the Android Platform stabilizes on a minimum spec and OS version so they can deliver the experience they believe a user has come to expect from Nike as a whole.

  • Anon

    MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, among other things (fragmentation, insecurity, badly-poured and inconsistently-formed plastic, etc.), the “Droid Life” is one of frustration, longing, envy, and disappointment.

    This makes us happy.

    (And, “Kellex?” Seriously? Sheesh, forget the iPhone knockoffs, even the Fragmandroid shysters themselves are named like bad 1950s robot flicks.)

    Maybe Nike doesn’t want to target the cheapskate, “Buy X Get X Free” demographic or support a derivative IP stealing foreign company or those who would buy such wares? Likely, they’d rather target customers who are proven to recognize quality, who are able to open their wallets without inducing a moth infestation, and who support the originator, not the copiers; the maker, not the takers.

    Anyway, as we admire our Nike+ FuelBands as they wirelessly send live data to our superbly-built iPhone 5′s unmatched Retina displays – it’s still sooo cool (not to mention so very useful)! – we just can’t help having the following thought pop into our heads:

    You should’ve bought a real iPhone, dummy.
    Read more at http://macdailynews.com/2013/02/11/nike-were-not-working-on-a-nike-fuelband-app-for-android/#m7oRz6ltr2tW8kD7.99

    • Jwhap

      My parents bought two iPhone 4s for .99 each. What demographic is that? Would that be the same as bought x got x for free? You obviously love your iphone and we are all happy for you. Maybe you should learn more about android before making comments that make you sound like an uninformed douche bag.

    • trophynuts

      hey man i thought one of the causes for this was fragmentation too but wow the dude Xavier Sprull from above told me it wasn’t so i mean i read it on the internet it must be true…but wait…. i mean there is no way those graphs are right that Kellex puts up about once a month that shows 7 diff Android OS’s across their hardware. …ahhh i’m so confused…The Fragmentations is hard for tha Android lovers to handle

  • Well looks like Tim Cook being on the board at Nike has had some influence…

  • c_topher_v

    Finding out that Tim Cook is also on Nike’s board of directors, I am starting to wonder if he just has a thing for sweatshops. #foxconn #nike

    • rhetoric.assassin

      Well I guess it’s fair play since Eric was on the board of apple. You guys should be thanking apple, otherwise you guys would be bitching about a BB knockoff (what the Android phones would have looked like before 2007) since apple was the only with the balls and the foresight to make a full touchscreen smartphone..

  • Kevin Hill

    Jawbone UP is sill working on an Android app. I’m sure they’d be happy to accept the customers NIKE will lose

  • Franc Schiphorst

    LOL they probably checked out Google Now 🙂

  • trophynuts

    i plan on leaving a comment as soon as i download the app to my Iphone , brb …btw… this is a great example of how fragmentation kills SW development. Nike can make an app for IOS and it is pretty much a lock to work across the IOS ecosystem. With Android there is too much fragmentation and would take them forever to develop a smooth product across the line.

    • trophynuts

      you may all now hit the down unlike button because you usually do when someone smacks you in the face with reality. Don’t blame me, Blame Android for being so fragmented and not appealing to companies.

      • Xavier Spruill

        It isn’t fragmentation that caused them to drop the app. Nice attempt at trolling but you are showing your ass. Nike has the resources to develop an app accross Android, and the man power. And I’m guessing you’re no dev, and definitely aren’t on the Nike App Development team, so you have no idea what caused them to drop it. You really should have something better to do. Go plant a tree or something constructive.

        • trophynuts

          good point. It will be interesting to see how that activity syncs through my iphone. Tell me what do you think the reason is that Nike says no?

      • gp126904

        “hit the down unlike button”

        obvious troll is obvious

  • Mike Gover

    I guess I’ll strive to be as loyal to Nike as Nike is to the Android community.

  • SuperTongue

    Well, just preordered my FitBit Flex. Goodbye Nike!

  • Fade2Black318

    Screw them I use Runkeeper anyway

  • There is a better alternative called Amiigo. Tracks far more information than Nike+ does. Check it out. It will be available for both Android and iOS. You can preorder through indiegogo and it’s already met it’s goal.


  • RW-1

    I do consider some validity to those who purchased that thing with the expectation that they would eventually receive an app for their favorite OS, that was fueled by the manufacturer itself. The lesson to be learned here is the same for anything – make it known that UNTIL you SEE the APP for android, it will be a no sale. too many promises unkept, and if they are that stupid to see the market share they are missing out on, well …

  • wiseguy

    Apple Exclusivity Agreement, simple as that.

  • Hey Everyone,

    Change.org petition is now up. Please sign and support the Android community.



  • Android is just for poor people.why does Nike have it bother ?

    • Futbolrunner


    • gp126904

      But to be fair, herp de derp da derpette dum

  • drathos

    “To deliver the best experience for all Nike+ FuelBand users…”

    All? As Inigo said, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  • ka1iban

    Welp, there goes me getting a Fuelband. I get that it’s hard to develop and release for multiple platforms but does Android have over 50% of the mobile market or not? Just DON’T leave money on the table, Nike.

  • Android is for poor people.

    • Futbolrunner



  • Dan Treacy

    Not surprised. Tim Cook is on Nike’s board of directors.

  • saimin

    Tim Cook is a member of the Nike board of directors. Just a coincidence that Nike is not supporting Android?

    • hmmm… that’s interesting. I would think that as a director of a board, your primary concern is to do what is right for the investors, not you. But you never know.

  • koopapoopas

    This is the last time I buy an Android device. This second rate treatment sucks. Get your act together Google.

  • Salvationalizm

    Time to hop on Amazon and rate this into the ground…any word on Jawbone Up’s Android development?

    • koopapoopas

      You can vote with your pocketbook. Oh wait. Android people don’t buy apps. Never mind.

      • I beg to differ there koopapoopas. I’ve spend quite a lot of money for apps. Unlike you though, I don’t go around iProduct forums being a troll.

        • koopapoopas

          I usually don’t, but I couldn’t resist this time.

      • Salvationalizm

        For a device priced around $200, charging even more for a tracking app to achieve its designed usability is asinine…which incidentally sounds exactly like Apple’s school of thought

        • koopapoopas

          My point isn’t buying this specific app. It’s that Android users in general, like to pirate everything, so it’s not a good place to invest, despite marketshare.

          Also, Android is used in a lot of low-end phones that can’t even run ice cream sandwich.

          • Futbolrunner

            Boo hoo, cant run Ice Cream Sandwich. I highly doubt those users know or care. If they wanted the best, they would opt for numerous devices that blow the outdated iphone 5 out of the park.

          • koopapoopas

            But for a programmer, it really sucks to have so many targets, and yet so few on the latest, let alone second latest version.

          • Jared

            Wow, what a ridiculous over generalization. I don’t know a single Android user who pirates apps. You, sir or madam, are a giant moron. Talk about a red herring.

          • koopapoopas
          • Jared

            First your articles are outdated, the Wired article has nothing to do with piracy, and the comments from developers in the slashgear article contradict the article and your argument. Still your argument is a horrible overgeneralization. It’s like saying that if you own a computer you pirate music/movies/software because piracy is performed on computers.

            All right, I’m through feeding the trolls.

          • koopapoopas

            I love how you Fandroids always get caught up on unrelated, shallow, pedantic BS, and miss the point. Kind of like how you look at spec sheets instead of actually using something.

            My point is that Android sucks for developers. That’s why Nike and many other companies don’t make stuff for Android. It’s Java for fucks sake.

          • Do you have the slightest clue how to develop for Android? Java is a time proven coding language and the majority of developers will never have to worry about the different devices because the AndroidSDK automatically manages most technical issues such as screen size, dpi, etc.

            The reason *SOME* developers decide to go for the iDevice market is because statistically iUsers spend WAY more money on apps and accessories (which I find quite frankly ridiculous! There is no reason an app cannot be ad supported or free with optional IAP and don’t even get me started on how much some people spend on cases, etc ). Oh and most Android users DO NOT pirate apps! Most reports that indicate otherwise are more than likely skewed due to China’s inability to access certain content areas.

          • He wasn’t suggesting that Android users pirate apps per-se, but the average spend of mobile users is greater in the iOS camp. That’s a fact.

        • What does Apple have to do with this?

  • Kasper

    For those of you with fuelbands, aside from the lack of android support, are they worth it? Really want one but I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews…

    • Not worth it without a mobile device…regret buying one now. Switching to FitBit Flex as soon as it is out.