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Monday Poll: Do You Use Your Phone’s NFC Capabilities?

nfc android iphone

A feature that we are seeing in all of the new top Android phones, is NFC. But we almost have to ask ourselves, why is that? If you ask Kellex or myself, we probably don’t use this feature anywhere near as much as we think we should. Even being the two Android Geek Guys™ that we are, when we’re hanging out together, I don’t think we have ever beamed anything to each other.

The system does have its own niche though in today’s marketplace. More businesses are implementing mobile payment stations, which allow users that are signed up for things like Google Wallet and ISIS to take advantage of these chips. But on top of that, is anyone actually using NFC to its full “potential?”

Once you answer the question below, feel free to drop down below in the comments and let us know how you implement NFC into your life, if so at all. Do you make mobile payments with it? Use it turn on system settings using well-placed stickers about your house and workplace?

Do you use NFC on your phone?

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  • I use the nfc in my phone some times but NEVER of wallet and the like only for turning bluetooth on and off etc and other task. I would not trust the “Secure Element” chip with my financial data. NFC is a gimmick like qr-codes. it has it’s advantages but at the end of the day why bother? nfc is best used if you want to experiment with the technology for fun has a hobbyist

  • Ashlee Ryan

    Living in the UK with a nexus 4 and there is no way i can use mobile payments, it really annoys me when i see articles saying that nfc adoption is slow, when half of us don’t have the opportunity to use it.

  • I would use it a lot more of Sprint, Samsung and Google Wallet worked on getting together on the Note II. Otherwise, I use only SOME of the capabilities, like transferring a webpage or app to a friend.

  • SecurityNick

    I pay with Google Wallet anywhere I can. Which unfortunately around here pretty much means CVS and an occasional fast food establishment. But, I use NFC every day. I have some tags set up to turn on various car apps/GPS/etc when I put into my car mount, then a fob on my keychain to reverse all that stuff. I have played around with some vcard and other settings toggles. Looking every day for more uses. I’ve beamed photos to a couple of other phones more or less just to test it out with someone. Occasionally beam a photo or link to my Nexus 10.

  • Russell Tanner

    In Austin I see quite a few businesses that have signs saying you can pay with ISIS, though I have not tried it. Is there anything actually sketchy about it, or does everyone just dislike it because it competes with Google Wallet?

  • Adrian Sciutto

    I have a Verizon G-Nex, and my brother has the Galaxy S3. His camera is WAYY better than mine, so at family gatherings, we use his phone to take pictures, then he beams them to me. Also, I have NFC tags all over my house/desk/car. My house allows people to connect to my wifi without password. My car turns on bluetooth/turns off wifi/turns up media volume/and opens Google Music. I use NFC at least once a day.

  • npompei

    I am shocked more people don’t use NFC. To me, people are just lazy. So why not use a lazy mans app?!
    I have one in my truck – It turns on GPS, screen timeout to 10min., max brightness, and finally bluetooth. That way I can connect immediately to my bluetooth and start music, nav, etc. Its a switch, so I can tap on my way out to put it back to normal.
    One at my office desk that I use every day – It turns off sound and data to save battery. Its a switch, so I tap it on my way out and it loads everything back to normal.

    I have others but these are just so convenient. I am shocked that we don’t use it more. People are all pissy about Google Wallet. That is like 1% of what NFC does?!

  • Alan

    I am not rooted and my bootloader is locked with verizon. How can i get google wallet

  • spickle

    I Beam things to guys at work all the time. mostly webpages. still have yet to use Wallet tho. mostly because i’m nervous and chicken out haha

  • When I first got my VZW GNex I used wallet several times at various fast food places. But for the past several months it has failed to work in every single location I have tried (again, various fast food joints). The only place GWallet reliably works for me is at the vending machine at work and I’m not paying $1.50 for a can of Dr. Pepper.

  • I’m sure I will when NFC gets to be more common, but in my area there are no places to use NFC payment, and I know about 5 other people with NFC enabled phones.

  • JDHokie

    I use Wallet now and then for the wow factor. I also use FileBeam a good bit with my friends to share files.

  • Rob

    Mostly for sharing photos/content.


    Any good guide for my Note 2 to really utilize the NFC technology? I love what was said about stickers around the house. I don’t know where to begin or how it could benefit me. I am very interested, though.

  • George Fayad

    TecTile on my desk to check in via foursquare, and another on my car’s visor to turn on bluetooth and launch spotify.

  • brando56894

    Nope, I have it on both my Gnex and N7 and I’ve only used it to beam pages to a friend’s phone just to show off, then never found a reason to use it again.

  • Edward S. Cohen

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  • Using NFC for Android Bekam multiple times a day and won’t buy any device without it. Getting a link via whatsapp (or whatever) on the phone is just one of many use cases. Just touching it to my Nexus 7 and a second later I can watch it on the bigger screen. Same for quick image transfer and such things.

  • MrWicket

    yep, have a tag on my key chain so everytime I get in and out of my car it puts me in/out of car mode and launches Car Home that I have flashed in my rom.

  • CapnShiner

    I would use NFC if any of my friends or family had a capable device. I got the free TecTiles from Samsung and played around with it for a few minutes but then I realized that Tasker already does everything I would use the TecTiles for. If Tasker adds NFC support, maybe I’ll start using my TecTiles. As for NFC payments, I don’t really know enough about how the services and apps work. I would want to make sure that the app does not run in the background so that nobody could steal my credit card info by being near my phone and I would want something compatible with VISA Paywave. I won’t trust apps from unofficial sources with my credit card info, so I can’t use Google Wallet (I’m on Verizon) and I don’t know enough about Isis. What other uses are there?

  • Thomas

    Sooo…….what does NFC do exactly ? Lol.

  • Best New Artist

    I’ve had my EVO LTE since June and never once have I used NFC. However I have it enabled just in case. #TeamAndroid

  • I currently have the note 2 from Verizon and use nfc task launcher and have tags all over my house to simplify my life and its fun!!!

  • [email protected]

    If only we had Google Wallet for Verizon. I used it all the time on my Gnex but now with my Note 2, no go. I already bricked one phone trying to install it rooted and I wont try again. Thanks Verizon! And as far as tranferring files, everyone around me have icraps…. so no go there

  • areffes

    I used Wallet constantly when I had the Nexus, but now that I’m on to the DNA, I use NFC pretty much daily to share app finds with my phone nerd colleagues. I have a TecTile inside my car, and I tap it each time I head to work, to turn on Bluetooth and launch my Amazon music player. I just like how quick and automatic everything is! Definitely not a necessity, but fun stuff. 🙂

  • debosmebo

    I use it. I just wish there were more location that accepted NFC payments, rewards cards, etc.

    • Tim242

      MasterCard PayPass Locator app. Go get it!

  • yodatom10

    Yes my phone pays for my lunch daily.

  • Guy

    No, there is no use for it.

  • Trevor

    I still like to see the looks on people’s faces at Whole Foods when I pay with my phone. May not be anymore practical than a credit card, but it serves the purpose of entertainment.

    • It is safer though. As you can locate a lost phone and requires a pin to be used. Cash is lost, and credit cards can be used probably pretty easily, since almost no one checks ids.

      • Trevor

        Very true, didn’t think about that. I just wish more places accepted NFC payments. I hate to say it, but the iPhone needs to adopt it; that’s when it’ll boom. It could help too if the carriers start pushing their ISIS thing.

        • From what i see, id say about 40% of places accept it. I find its pretty common already. But i too was hoping for iPhone 5 to get it so adoption rate would probably skyrocket.
          The ONE time i want apple to do something awesome they completely drop the ball. smh

  • carluverdrm2004

    I voted last time, and it still counts my vote as no, from my OG Droid.
    Now that I have both the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and the Nexus 7, I beam relatively often.

  • Nicholassss

    I use tech tiles. On my night stand, at my desk and in my car.

  • Jon Lambert

    I use it for Google Wallet at McDonald’s, and to beam things with my Galaxy Nexus/SIII-toting friends whenever possible.

  • Nope. Not nearly enough opportunities where I live to do so.

  • I did when I worried with keeping my gs3 working with wallet on vzw now I just don’t worry about it.

  • Toloy

    Its very useful in profile set ups for home and office and cars

  • ajavgeek

    Gnex with original battery was hard to use so got the extended battery from Amazon (I think hypervision). Works awesome. I use Google wallet at pretty much all spots wherever possible. People look at me as I am doing something very cool.

  • sagisarius

    I’ve tried Google wallet a couple times on my Nexus 4, but I can never get it to work…

  • It’s one of those technologies that are still kinda in beta, the market really doesn’t know whether it wants to back it (which would lead to a completely card-less wallet) or totally kill it (leading to less controversy between GWallet and the carriers sucky alternatives). Now if I had a group of friends who all had NFC equipped device we would sit here all day and just beam stuff back and forth…but unfortunately my Droid Razr is too old for this sorcery!

  • Justin Winker

    I used to use it a lot to pay at my local gas stations, but they upgrade their payment terminals and the new ones don’t work with my Nexus 4 for some reason (and they still show that they accept NFC payments).

  • Joe

    I use it as much as I use Bluetooth. That happens to be never.

  • I use it at hotels, transferring files, my speakers and waiting for the chance to use it with Wallet – Galaxy Nexus and HTC One X T3

  • David Narada Brown

    I want to and would definitely use it but other people with phones that have NFC chips in their phones dont have a fully functional NFC. ive seen messages like their carrier doesnt support large file transfers. Then stores in my Rea aren’t setup to use this payment. I will definitely use it when opportunity presents itself

  • DC_Guy

    I was using it until I switched back to my iPhone 5 as my daily driver.

  • Al

    I try but for some odd reason when I use NFC others get my data while I get stuck being taken to the play store with error…

  • Joe Paul

    I tried to scan my dogs’ id chips the vet put in them. It did not work.

  • Vending machine at work is NFC enabled and works with google wallet.

  • paul_cus

    Next to never. I have a few of those Smart Tags, but haven’t touched them.

  • DanWazz

    I wish I could use it more, but most places I go don’t have NFC payment thingies. Once I can go most anywhere and tap my phone to pay for stuff, I will use it. i have it out most the time when I check out anyway.

  • Mike Johnson

    used to use it all the time on my GNex but got fed up with signal/battery and got the Razr HD. now the only thing I miss is Wallet

  • byoshi22

    I use nfc on my note 2 quite frequently with my friend who owns an S3. Mostly when we’re too lazy to send each other links.Additionally i have samsung tectiles. I have one in my car for example that toggles between a car and regular profile.

  • downtownjeff

    I use my tags for droid to piss off apple fanboys at the apple store.

  • C-Law

    I used an app on xda to get wallet on my gs3 and I occasionally use it but I use nfc a lot to transfer pictures and files to other Samsung phones. I think it sets up a connection with WiFi direct but it’s still cool to use

  • NickAVV

    I use Google Wallet to buy soda from vending machines when I see one with the NFC reader. It’s fun, and it makes people stare

  • I would use it if “near” field communication wasnt taken so literally bc it doesnt work through my case.

    • Tony Allen

      Works fine with a TPU Case and a Seidio case between my Note 2 and my buddies GS3

  • Sean Bello

    pics between my N7 and gNex, and I used tags in my car and house

  • TemplesOfSyrinx

    I use wallet in my Verizon rooted gnex almost daily and I transfer contacts and pictures quite often.

  • LionStone

    I use it to send pics between N7 and DNA. I’d love to use it for payment but like others have said, Screw VZ with their halting Wallet on my DNA…and N7 isn’t what I carry around into stores for payments.

  • Matt Wilber

    I use it to drop in and out of car mode and to silence my phone at night

  • This is great tech, and it will be uber-useful once the market catches up, especially for mobile payments. The lack of NFC in iPhone 5 has prolonged the journey of this tech to market, but it is used a lot in other countries, like Japan. Youtube vids of Japanese NFC payments abound, and impress.

    • Tim242

      The lack of NFC in the iPhone has nothing to do with its “journey “. Not everything is dependant on the iPhone…actually, very little is. It has more to do with incompatibility with all phones, no marketing, and inconvenience. NFC is widespread, but you wouldn’t know it without the Paypass locator app.

      • Tony Allen

        On the contrary, when the iphone finally does get NFC, the adoption in more and more retail markets will flourish, because the iphone has it now. I hate it with a passion, but that’s unfortunately how it works. Especially since there are very few people that can use NFC with Google Wallet, when you compare them to android users as a whole.

        I personally have been using S Beam a lot with a friend of mine who has an S3 and I’ve got a Note 2

        • Tim242

          Really? How’s their PassBook hobby going?

          • Tony Allen

            PassBook isn’t any kind of new technology, it’s just a proprietary application used in iOS, that works pretty similar to a mix between Google Now and standalone apps for businesses and airlines.

            You can cut this however you see fit, but the fact is, the world won’t see major adoption until the iPhone has adopted it.

      • John

        It’s a proven fact the average ios user spends more money through his phone than the average android user. If and when ios gets NFC companies will be more inclined to adopt NFC technology. Sorry if this is shocking to you but welcome to reality.

        • Tim242

          Wait what/ That is not a proven fact. However, that misconception applies to buying apps. Are you saying that iOS users spend more money at stores than me? You are comparing apples to oranges. NFC is everywhere, just not many people are able to use it. I used it daily on my Verizon Gnex. Now that I have the Note II, I can’t. There are two main reasons that NFC isn’t widely used for payments. The main one is that carriers block it. Also, it isn’t as convenient as paying with a card. Half the time, the transaction fails. This notion that everything has to have the iphone’s blessing is silly. How’s their passbook going? Very few retailers are using it.

          • John

            I don’t think you understand passbook. It’s not any “new” technology. It’s an app that consolidates apps that already use scannable cards. There is no difference from using say your Starbucks card through the app or through passbook. It simply makes the various scannable codes easier to access.

          • Tony Allen

            Yeah, he’s kinda clueless I suppose, it is cute that he tries so hard.

          • so…Keyring?

          • Apple

            What carriers are blocking NFC? Verizon is blocking Google Wallet not NFC. Helps to know what you are talking about before looking silly.

          • Tony Allen

            Well to be fair, outside of Google Wallet, there aren’t a whole lot of apps *save for proprietary S-Beam* that make people go Oooo Oooo, I want NFC now. Nobody got their bones shakin for ISIS.

          • Tony Allen

            You can actually use Google Wallet on your Note II, but I’m sure you knew that already.

        • Tim242

          Not to mention, I work in a corporate cell phone store. The average iOS user opts for the free iPhone 4, and has trouble paying their cell phone bill.

          • Droidz

            so corporations aren’t paying their employees bills and make them get the cheapest(free) phone? not sure that showed what you intended it to.

  • arod

    I live in the SF bay area, NFC is all over the place. The other day I paid for air at a gas station with NFC.

  • droidftw

    I only use it at the San Fran airport on the Samsung ads. I love me some free songs and ebooks.

  • Kisuk3

    No, but I want to.

    To many issues with Verizon and Google Wallet to put my cards on it.

  • duke69111

    I use it but not a lot. There’s not many places that I frequent that use NFC for payment, but there increasing. I’ve bumped a time or two but not that much.

  • Bryan

    Agreed with JasonJW12. Dumba** Verizon

  • my vzw gnex uses wallet just fine.

  • Graham Reid

    I literally use Google wallet to pay for anything once that option is available to me. Otherwise, I don’t really use NFC all that much. if I had friends with NFC enabled phones, I would beam things to them instead of sending them links and such. It just works.

  • I think a large reason people dont use NFC is cause not everyone has it. I use it with my brother all the time. But most of the time when im with my friends i wish they had NFC when i need to send them a file or link.

    • MaybeaGuy


      • Huh? How is that any better than txting a link or something?
        I think you missed the point. Its annoying as hell to generate links or text stuff when I can just hold my phone next to theirs. No matter how “easy” it may be to send something, NFC simplifies the process to almost nothing.

  • snowblind64

    I use Google Wallet all the time on my Nexus 4 (and used to on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus). I also use beam from time to time.

  • EC8CH

    I don’t always use NFC on my G-Nex…

    But when I do, I use Google Wallet to piss off Verizon.

  • I would, but my wife’s phone doesn’t have it. I really thought it would be. But alas, it is not.

  • Yes. I have a TecTile stuck to the left of my steering wheel. Whenever I tap it, Maps opens with the pre-set to my home. I also have one on my refrigerator to open my recipes app. Those things are nifty if you know how to use them.

  • I’d love to use my phone instead of my tablet to pay with NFC. Verizon can’t get their head out of their asses and let us do what we want with the phones we pay for. I sometimes use my Nexus 7 tablet to pay with NFC but get funny looks from people because I’m paying with something so huge instead of something simple and fairly small like my GS3

  • baconslayer09

    I only use Google Wallet at vending machines, I’ve used NFC beam maybe once, and I usually turn off NFC to save a little bit of battery. So I’d say no, I don’t use NFC.

  • Marco Mendoza

    Yes mostly to show of McDonald’s and 7 eleven. I don’t have much choice in my area

  • blakjakdavy

    Yes, besides regular beam, I share things all the time using the app NFC transfer beta, which lets you send any type of file (like .PDF and .zip) using android beam. I also use NFC alarm clock, an app that won’t stop beeping until I tap my phone to the tectile on my coffeemaker all the way in the kitchen.

    • hickhamt

      ha ha!!! that’s great… i wonder how well i could throw my phone to hit the coffee maker and pray it touches the nfc sticker!!

  • Annie

    I use my NFC tags almost daily, when I get to work and when I get into my car for afternoon rush hour traffic, and then when I get home.

  • I honestly would if Verizon would get that stick outta their ass about Google Wallet.

    don’t even get me started on their lame ass attempt with ISIS.

    • snowblind64

      Yeah, screw ISIS! Google Wallet FTW!

      • michael arazan

        ISIS- we charge the consumer and retailer to use our services. Like cc companies Google only charges the business a small fee.

        We need More business to embrace nfc more to make it more mainstream. Only 7 business’ in st.louis here use nfc. If companies had nfc tags with coupons and ads, mass transit, and other companies using paper products switch to nfc, they would save thousands alone in paper products. NFC has so much potential but nobody wants to use them because they don’t see the potential or just don’t understand the benefit. Need NFC info and classes for the masses to show the usefulness.

  • chanstar

    I use it for GWallet (Verizon) and beaming to my GF’s N10.

  • Matt Gondek

    I used to use Wallet when going out for lunch, then I couldn’t afford to go out for lunch anymore

  • I bought some NFC tags and stuck one to my car dock, so it would activate my car dock app, but it sucks cause I will be driving and it just keeps continuously activating the tag kicking me out of the Navigation app, or Music app I am using at the time.

    • Kie

      Hmm, this would be the only use case for me. Now that you mention your issue it makes sense that’s happening. Guess to get around it you’d have to put the tag on your dash. Tap to the tag and then place the phone in your dock.

  • Very seldom, and I have Wallet working on my phone. It really isnt accepted most of the places I shop, and the “beam” feature is a neat gimmick that isnt really fleshed out all the way on the Gnex.

  • Wyveryx

    I use it where ever I can. Still love geeking out people when I use my phone to pay. It actually saved my bacon once.

    Forgot my wallet and needed gas to get home and low and behold had my phone, they had paypass…
    So yeah, I use it!

    • hickhamt

      me too.. but in my case, i was starving! used it at mcdonalds… then i just started using it there all the time… but i do use it to log my times in and out of work at my night gig working sprint retail… they have us fill out time sheets every 2 weeks and i cant remember when i stayed late or what.. so i put a plastic nfc token in my wallent and touch my phone to it when i get there and again when i leave… my set up task is just to make a calendar time stamp.. that’s it! then i go look at the calendar when i fill out my sheet… easy as that!

      • S2556

        I’m going to have to look into that I have never thought of using it for clocking in and out. Good idea

      • Wyveryx

        That’s actually pretty ingenious!

  • Lakerzz

    I use it every now and then, but would use it a lot more if we (Verizon users) were aloud to use Google Wallet.

    • snowblind64

      I used Google Wallet a lot when I had my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Just side-load the apk. I pulled it off my Nexus 7 but there are plenty of other sources such as XDA.

      • Lakerzz

        I tried a couple when I had my gnex, but they didn’t work and gave up, Lol. I have the DNA now, and not sure if there is any for it.

      • Only phone I’ve owned with NFC was the Gnex. Tried using it to pay but of course being the pile of crap the Gnex was, it didn’t have a data connection while at the register so it wouldn’t work. So there I stood like an idiot tapping my phone against the ATM pinpad.

        • Patrick Maher

          You don’t need a data connection during the transaction. It’s likely the PayPass terminal was not working. That is common because they don’t get much use so stores are unaware of the problem or don’t bother fixing them.

          • As a bi-weekly user of google wallet, I’m positive that you do need a data connection. This is how payment is confirmed…

          • 4n1m4L

            Only on your end. The money goes through anyways. The next time your device has a connection it gets the info. Trust me. I used it without cellular radios, and if the store hadn’t gotten there money I wouldn’t have gotten my food, or I’d be breaking the law.

          • Tony Allen

            False. It works the same as it does with the NFC chips in debit/credit cards.

          • Google Wallet user

            No it does not need data connection Think of it the same as using a credit card with the embedded chip. The CC does not us a data connection. It is the NFC POS that does the transaction and of course it needs to be connected. That said, your phone will not show the transaction until it has reconnected.

          • 4n1m4L

            Exactly true. I have a chevron on the way to work where one terminal accepts Wallet and the other doesn’t respond

  • No, because Verizon blocks Google wallet

  • I said “No” – However, the caveat is: When I’m in view of a known iPhone user, I make my best attempt at “needing” to share a picture or map location.. – true story

    • eh

      Why bother?

    • I do the same thing on my Nexus 7! Oh and when someone with an iPhone hears a song I’m playing and they ask if I can send it to them I always throw in something about their idevice not having it!

  • I checked yes, but it’s very rare. My gf got a SGS3 at Christmas but transferring pics hardly ever works right and lately it doesn’t work at all. My phone just opens the play store and says the app isn’t available…

  • Joseph Joffe

    I just received my free pack of tec tiles from Samsung, and want to play with them around the house and my office …

    • Lakerzz

      Haha! Same here!

    • ynksbsbll2

      I have a bunch that I use for various purposes. One by my bed sets my alarm, turns off sounds and lowers the screen brightness and in the morning returns my phone to auto-brightness and puts sounds on. I also have ones for Wi-Fi connections, one for my guest network and another for my main network (it’s a massive 64 character string and comes in handy with the frequency I flash ROMs). I also keep one at work for sound settings and have plenty extra NFC tags left over to play around with.

      • Dave

        I have seen apps that have more functionality than the Sammy TecTiles, but I just use them to toggle settings. My question is am I better off doing it myself and saving battery leaving NFC off? Does it really drain much?

        • Out of the 100% of your battery, it drains roughly 1% of 2000mAh when unlocked (assuming you don’t have NFC polling on all the time).

          • Dave

            I made the mistake of okaying the Verizon/Sammy OTA last week. Now battery life is not even close to out of the box performance and radio cycles on and off between 3G and 4G. ½ hour 3 way call with Samsung senior tech and level 3 VZ tech and no fix besides another possible firmware update somewhere someday in the future. I didn’t want to root, but half of me says do it, then the other half says wait and if it doesn’t get better VZ said I could get an upgrade date this spring, then just sell the Note2. Not sure at this point.

          • S2556

            I rooted mine on day one so my opinion is biased but why wait and hope verizon fixes your phone when there are better options on xda. I say root it and try a ROM out. Sammys are easy to return back to stock anyways if you do have an issue or sell it.

      • moelsen8

        You can set them up to handle WiFi passwords? That’s awesome.

  • orion11

    pretty much only for google wallet. not really for it’s other capabilities like sharing pics & etc.

  • David Hussey

    Can we be more specfic? For people who do, is it just Google Wallet, or GWallet+NFC tags, or GWallet+Android Beam+NFC tags? etc.

    • Android beam, nfc tags to kick off tasker tasks, and Google wallet any time I can.

  • jpfrasier

    My phone has a nfc chip but At&t has not enabled it.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Sometimes, but not much.

  • tanknspank

    My brother and I share apps and links with each other all the time. So much better than having to text links and such. Just open the app and tap to the back of his phone.

  • I would if Verizon would unlock Google Wallet.

    • tyguy829

      what phone do you have?

    • David Henry

      Agreed. On RAZR HD for me

    • jaime jimenez

      Yeah I wish their was some way to use nfc paying systems

    • I’m surprised more people don’t know how easy it is to get the google wallet apk from the web. Also, as far as pure NFC usage is concerned I pay via NFC pretty much every time I take a taxi. I live in the Boston area though..not sure how common NFC readers are in other cities.

      • 4n1m4L

        I’m surprised people trust xda with their credit cards. I root my 7 and get it off there.

  • I don’t use it…I have a 5-pack of TecTiles I got a week ago from Samsung that I’ve been trying to figure out how I can use though. No dice

    • Lakerzz

      “Instawifi” from the Market…errr…Play Store works pretty good.

    • WAldenIV

      The Samsung app is very straightforward. I programmed one for home, one for work, and one for the car. It saves so much time and I’m never the idiot with the cellphone going off in a meeting or holding my phone to my face in the car.

    • hickhamt

      nfc task launcher…. lets scanning a tag do whatever you want your phone to do.. i keep one on the nightstand … tap my phone to it and it turns off my ringer and my notification light…. then because it’s a “switch” tag, its programed to turn them back on if i touch it again… it’s not hard at all once you start experimenting…

  • twistedsyx

    I really did want to answer with “LOL! *psh* No!”

  • We have a vending machine at work that accepts NFC. That’s all I ever use Wallet for. I also use beam to send files back and forth between my Nexuses.

  • dhirensavalia

    I don’t use it often, but I do use it once or twice a month.