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Giveaway: Win One of Ten Tersus “HD” Icon Packs From kovdev (Update: Winners Picked)

Tersus HD

Last month, we gave away ten sets of updated Lustre icons that look gorgeous on these new high-res displays. Today, kodev has updated his highly popular Tersus pack and we have another ten copies to give out. Each individual icon has been upscaled, by hand, to XXHDPI for the ultimate clarity. Inside the pack are over 700 custom icons, which also go along with a fantastic set of wallpapers that many of you constantly email us about. And before you ask, the above pictured wallpaper is in this pack.

Ready to win one? Let’s do this. 

Update: We have picked and emailed our 10 winners. Thanks!

How to enter:

  1. Tell us below in the comments section what your favorite Android experience is.


Tomorrow morning at 9AM (PST), we will pick our 10 winners and email them.

If you want to check out Tersus or all of kovdev’s other icon packs, you can find them on Google Play here.

Play Link ($1.49)

Thanks to kovdev for hosting the prizes!

  • Google now is definitely an amazing defining feature of android and my personal favorite feature.

  • john

    My favorite android experience is that I finally have a true
    customizable phone. With my Galaxy s3, I can always discover a new way
    to customize my phone. From the lock-screen to the home-screen, there
    are endless opportunities for me to make my phone one-of-a-kind!

  • Starring a location on a map in my browser, then finding directions towards that spot instantly on my notifications drawer.

  • Jordan Janolo

    The unboxing is always one great experience.

    But using a new flavor(sense,lg,xperiaui..etc) is always thrilling. Comparing each other. What the others can’t offer and its been great! Been able to use a lot of them. The ui/theme of each is so critical to one’s personal experience that it autlmatically impacts whether the user will last long with the device.

    Themeing is a big part of android simply because it can be heavily themed! More than any other mobile os to date!

    Its no longer just a launcher replacement, but a definitive ui overhaul for a more personal preferrence and experience.

    The ui game has never been this competitive and flexible which makes the device even more unique.

    Control! rooting and making use of root will always be on par with the experience. A kick to the nuts I say.

  • john huie

    I love love love theming. I love using launchers and setting up my own custom icons and widgets and even going into Inkscape and GIMP to create custom backgrounds or edit ones that I find. A custom icon pack would be an awesome win for me!

  • Possibilities are endless

  • Geoff Johnson

    Google Now! I love how it knows everything that I need to know without me having to search for it.

  • Chris Bercaw

    The community!

  • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

    Everything. Have been dying to see Tersus on my Nexus for so long now…

  • The freedom! I can change everything everytime i get boring of something or appears something better. I like to try rooms, themes, icons, wallpapers, etc. I cant do that with my Ipad2 even whit jailbreak, So I am very happy with my S3 and it’s my four android device after a optimus one, a galaxy player and an asus tf101.

  • When my buddy got the OG Droid on launch day, and another friend of ours was so excited about it that he snatched it away and immediately looked up porn on it. He was excited about the possibilities of mobile porn. He then clicked one some gay porn links and bookmarked them in the phone and gave it back. Since my friend had just gotten the phone, it took him a few minutes to figure out how to get rid of it and we had a good laugh about it 🙂

  • docnok

    Buying the HTC Droid DNA on launch day. My first launch day snag. The anticipation of getting a great phone only minutes after the FedEx guy took it off the truck. They hadn’t even finished counting how many they had gotten when they were scanning mine at the register 😉

  • BikerBob1789

    finding cool stuff on mycolorscreens and then making it my own

  • Brandon Hadley

    My favorite android experience was shortly after I went to the droid incredible from the HTC Eris. I initially scoffed at android but after using it for just a few days. I was completely hooked and the realization that I would probably never use another phone software again hit me. It’s my favorite because it was a turning point for me in how I viewed phones

  • BangIShotYou

    The tinkering. Oh how I love the tinkering. Want root? Want custom recovery? Want a different kernel? Want a different ROM? Want a different launcher? Etc. You can do all that, because Android let’s you tinker easily enough.

  • jpxa

    When I got my Nexus 4 my roommate hid it before i got home from work. My favorite android experience will be today, bc his Nexus 10 arrives, and I plan on taking the box and roughing it up a lil, and then hiding the 10 in some closet.

  • Adam Howland

    Having access to icon packs like this one. Customizability!

  • I love the feeling you get when you finish making adjustments to a new phone, and everything feels just right. Sometimes happens when you move icons around or clean out junk. Everything just feels right at your fingertips. It’s that combination of complete customizability, and power.

  • I’d have to agree with others, and say the first time booting into CWM on a device. It’s like an invigorating breath of fresh air gushes out of the phone/tablet.

  • Roshan John

    My favorite part of the Android experience (which happens to be unique to Android at this time) – Google Now.

  • bitch_please

    My favorite Android experience was upgrading from Gingerbread to ICS, my phone looks miles better and feels like new.

  • Widgets/customizable homescreen

  • Customizing my homescreen…I love changing it around when I feel like it.

  • Sean

    Coming from an HTC windows phone, my first Android device was the HTC Incredible. I went that route because I had been pleased with HTC’s build quality as well as the Sense experience. The first time I flashed a stock ROM, I was blown away. I’ve stuck to custom ROMs that stick close to stock ever since.

  • shcommish

    My favorite thing is when my husband’s iPhone can’t do something my Galaxy Nexus can!

  • The realization how awesome AOSP is.. Had the OG Droid then went to the Tbolt and then to the GNex. Just makes you realize how things are supposed to be.

  • MY favorite experience with Android is tinkering. Ever since I began rooting and romming and messing with Tasker, I can make my phone exactly how I want it.

  • valapsp

    An iDroid fight in our family 😀

  • Cristi Istrate

    The posibilities are endless

  • Jonathan Parnell

    Making my phone personally mine…thinking that I’m a unique snowflake

  • Ive always liked going from my SGN to my friends and families skinned devices to see all of the differences, etc

  • Josh

    What is that wallpeper used in the images in the post?

  • My favorite android experience is actually converting my formerly iPhone toting parents to Android. They love their new phones, and while they still have a lot of questions about how to do things. At least now I’m able to help them and I don’t mind doing it.

  • google now is by far the the most interesting on my new nexus 7..:)

  • Cory Mucino

    My favorite android experience has got to be flashing new ROMs! I absolutely love the feeling of having a new phone (kinda) every time you flash a new and different ROM. 😀

  • Customizability and openness.

  • mattxl

    Taking a phone and making into YOUR phone is one of the greatest things ever. Want more access and customization? Root it. Really want tweak the crap out of it? Install a custom rom. The possibilities never end.

  • How much i have grown to love Google Now

  • Zach Tanksley

    I love android for one major yet silly reason. Widgets. Case in point I was talking to a friend who was frustrated with flipping between their two email accounts on their iphone. I showed them that I could scroll through both my email lists on my DNA on the same homepage. Needless to say the little things make big impacts and they were sold.

  • SnowBabie

    unlike iPhone’s I love having choices of what type an size phone I have, not just one.. I like being able to customize it to my liking. I love the Android Community also!

  • antwonw

    Showing to my iPhone and non-Jelly Bean friends how awesome Google Now is. How it gives me the sports scores, weather for where we’re at plus at home and so much more. They are all amazed!

  • Andrew Briare

    The Android platform is actually what set me off into the development world. Once it was capable of running live wallpapers, I KNEW I had to make one. I am a 3D artist professionally, and have always been interested in the world of programming.

    After I had been let go from my job, I figured I finally had enough free time to teach myself Java – and I did. I managed to get my first app up and running quite smoothly and I plan on releasing many more in the near future. I hope everyone likes what I have done.


  • Mikey C.

    Custom Custom Custom launchers, Im amazed at and love the varations of what everyone can make.

  • David Elisha

    Getting Rid of my HTC Thunderbolt and Getting an S3

  • Bigwavedave25

    Learning to make my own flashable mods that can be shared with others. Ah, community 🙂

  • Vyrlokar

    My favorite Android experience is being able to customize my device so much that another person with the same device won’t recognize it.

  • The functionality that Google put in android, and the aesthetics I can add just by installing launchers, in don’t care about my info being used, I don’t have anything to hide. Rooting is also so useful, especially since Google listens to the crowd and implements stuff from mods like cynanogen. I also loooooove the selection of phones and OEMS.

  • My favorite Android experience would have to be every single thing, but if I had to only choose one, I would choose Android’s awesome customization ability. Android’s customization ability is more than just changing the wallpaper and ringtones, you can add a whole bunch of widgets, add launchers which completely changes the UI and adds more features, root it and flash custom rom’s and tons more!

  • dancedroid

    this isn’t necessarily just android, but i showing off my Andy Multiplied CruzerLite case to people and showing them how awesome my EvoLTE is.

  • maxkobi

    my best moment would be finally switching my little apple loving brother over into an SGS3, he loves it, root and all, and will never go back!

  • I love nexus and more nexus. No need to anything but direct from the source.

  • My favorite Android experience is also the most scary. It’s that point where you nearly brick your phone – it won’t boot, it won’t run, it won’t do anything that it’s supposed to – and somehow, you bring it back from the dead. And then that moment when the homescreen comes up and it works like it should. Best feeling ever! 🙂

  • Trevor

    My favorite Android experience is NEXUS!!

  • Google Now is just sick!

  • dodger55fan

    My favorite Android experience was the first day I woke up with Google Now … had the easiest (and such a surprising) time navigating to work that morning 🙂

  • jp1044

    My best Android experience was when I released my first ROM for the Droid Bionic. I never thought people would like my work so much. Here’s a tip if you ever get into developing though: It all pays off in the end. You think people won’t like it? You’re probably wrong.

  • Being able to settle arguments at A moments notice is the best experience

  • J. Wolf

    For me, it’s when I unlock and then root my phone for the first time. Once that is done, the sky is the limit.

  • Dean Milord

    I went camping in North FL during the fall of 2011. Two of my best friends both had iPhone 4s. And were iSheep true and true. I showed up with my [rooted] Droid X (!!!). I was not only one of the few people to have any service. But I also provided them with data through Wi-Fi tether, LOL.
    The following year with their contract ending the switched over and now both of them have Droid Razr Maxxes!! And are never looking back to iOS again.

  • My favorite android experience is the little easter egg in the settings and playing with the little jelly beans floating around on the screen and also the widgets from androids accessibility plus using google now for things

  • mwjii

    I love my nexus 4 with google now. It gives me scores,weather, my packages when they will be delivered,so cool.

  • Jpm7714

    The first time I used google now to help me in a real life situation

  • Favorite Android experience has got to be Ingress. I’ve been playing since late November and the novelty has yet to wear off like I had initially thought it might. It’s tough to make a mobile game this addicting and have lasting appeal for users but it absolutely has for me and the best part is that it’s only in beta!

  • martyhalpern

    Jeez… fave Android experience(s)… probably being able to do nearly everything I can do on a laptop, but on a handheld device. Always learning something new — a new app, a new trick or technique, a new option, etc. (and often from Droid Life — how’s that for a plug). Cheers, and thanks for another cool giveaway.

  • pappy53

    Coming back to Android, and realizing what I have been missing!

    • Dean Milord

      Never should have left – trololol. 😀

  • Watching youtube videos at night. Ah…

  • Zander Stefani

    My favorite part of the android experience is definitely being able to customize each and every little thing.. from the launcher to the icon theme to the keyboard. I have used it for years and will continue to use it! Its the best!!!

  • My favorite part is customizing my homescreens!

  • El Big CHRIS

    Is it OK if I say everything? All of Android is great. Ability to customize software? Check. Ability to choose hardware? check.

  • dannydarko

    I have literally been around since the beginning. I love every aspect of Android ie;openess, customization, user experience and most importantly the Android Community as a whole. I feel proud to be part of such an awesome community and the fact that I have seen its growth from the beginning.So, that is my favorite experience. Live It, Love It, AnDroid-Life….Drooooiiiid!!!!!!

  • Dan H

    favorite time is just lounging on the couch at the cabin reading a book on the awesome Note II. True story.

  • i need one please

  • JMonkeYJ

    i love it when i really get into multitasking and i’m flying between apps and sharing data between them. it makes me feel like i’m really using a mini computer

  • Favorite experience? I’d have to say the liberating feeling of using a streaming music service like Spotify for the first time in my car. I never felt so free to listen to anything I freaking wanted to at a whim.

  • N8shon

    It’s a very simple one for me. Just being able to listen to a podcast on my Note 2 while I take hand written notes on it at the same time has been a life-changer for me lately. I love it.

  • Rooting my phone for the first time was a great feeling.

  • gp126904

    Rooting my og droid and flashing CM 7 on it!

  • will

    Awesome apps

  • DanPatrickFlores

    Customizing it with another launcher

  • JB Kania

    Rooting my phone and customizing it to be mine. And of course chasing roms a few times a week.

  • Patrick Millican

    They allow smaller developers to get their apps out in the market for all to enjoy. This gives equal opportunity for sharing games. It also allows us to enjoy a vast amount of different games.

  • tagrzadz

    The customization options that you have within Android. Whether you want full control by rooting and installing a custom ROM, or you just want to load a different launcher, Android gives you the ability to choose for yourself.

  • duke69111

    Watching cashiers eye light up in excitement when I pay via NFC on my phone.

  • Iamjackspost

    The first time I tried rooting I bricked my phone. I really didn’t know what I was doing, so I spent DAYS researching how to restore my DROID 2 global on my old mac. The moment I got the phone to finally boot up was awesome, and I’ve been careful ever since

  • TrivTheRenegade

    My favorite Android experience is connecting with other people who have Android, but haven’t unlocked the true potential of their phone. Every time I pull my phone out, my friends or family ask about some feature I’m using (Google Now, LMT, gestures in Nova, a ROM feature, etc.), and I delight in teaching someone a new way to use their device.

  • Liderc

    Ironically enough one of my favorite parts of android is being able to make my icons whatever I want. It’s a nice way to quickly customize your phone and differentiate yourself from others.

  • Patrick Maher

    Getting a new Nexus and unlocking the bootloader, flashing a custom recovery, rooting, etc. It’s simple on a Nexus but still gives you that great feeling of knowing you are in control of your device.

  • My favorite Android experience is one that doesn’t lag.

  • Customizing my phone the way I want it. Not adhering to a one size fits all model…

  • faganm24

    I love whenever I get to do something that someone with an iPhone cannot do. It always reminds me why I don’t have an iPhone.

  • custom roms and beam!

  • I love the ability to do anything with my phone. The freedom to customize and have whatever content I want from multiple sources is what makes android the best.

  • Rooting and installing a custom ROM is the best thing to keep my phone running at peak performance!!!

  • I love being able to customize my android any way that I see fit. I have a galaxy nexus and a nexus 7, each with their own personality.

  • reggie1225

    I’d have to say Google Now, especially since they’ve added college sports scores.

  • brandito

    Learning all the new things I can do with it.

  • My favorite Android experience is theming it up to that next level, everything from icons to the crazy widgets that let you make your Android look like an entirely different phone.

  • maratu

    The face of the guy at 7-11 when I paid with Google wallet.
    “What the hell was that? It was so fast!………. Is that like a special phone?…… Oh man that’s cool, can I get it too?”

  • Jared Grizzle

    Unlocking the bootloader on the DNA. Always fun not knowing if your phone will turn on 5 mins from now.

  • pretty much everything to making it highly customization able to the users to put roms to even further with making slower or higher clock speed. OPEN source man.

  • George264

    My favorite is actually what kind of things third parties can do. I realized this when I read Verge’s review on the Pebble. While iOS version, it’s all based on your phone settings, Android app has all the settings in one place. I can’t say I have 1 favorite feature, because while Google Now and Notifications are fantastic, they don’t strike me as something that really changes my life. Daily commute and weather and some package tracking Google Now can do, but that’s about it. Notifications are self explanatory. It’s really what third-party apps, launcher, accessories can do that wow me. A lot of Google Now features(Siri, get directions to home, i.e.) and Notifications can be replicated by iOS, but it’s the accessibility to the OS that wow me.

  • I love rooting my phone. The android community is awesome. I am not a techie by any means but the information and willingness to help from other Android users is awesome. I also love Google now. Those traffic updates before I leave work everyday are very handy.

  • Derek Duncan

    Probably using Lustre icon pack!

  • Themanhere10

    My favorite expierence is when a iOS user sees my G s 3 and says wow, look at how much easier that is with your phone.

  • Nick Carter

    My favorite Android experience was when I first used Google Maps Navigation for the first time ever – it completed changed my expectations as to what a phone can/should be able to do.

  • S2556

    Customization and all the options you have in the OS.

  • I just love the seemless experience across all the platforms and services… you don’t get that kind of unity anywhere else

  • Knowing that I can do everything the way I want it, not the way other companies want it!

  • Going from a locked bootloader with the droid razr to the openness of the galaxy nexus.

  • I like pie (the launcher)

  • Sending your favorite YouTube videos from your Android phone to TV with the touch of a button.

  • Cesar Castro

    My favorite things about android are tablet optimized apps and getting timely updates from Verizon.

  • Rooting your phone for the first time. Awesome experience to see all of that potential come to life.

  • Seconding the experience of rooting the phone. Definitely a thrill knowing you’re unlocking all that potential!

  • Getting my first Android phone, the R2D2 Droid 2. Turning that phone on for the first time and being greeted by my favorite droid. 🙂 Have gotten the Droid 4 and the Galaxy Nexus since and still keep my D2 in a drawer.

  • Andres V.

    My favorite part of android was the freedom of the os however now I’m loving more the ease of user and functionally android gives. The addition of Google now had made this experience even better

  • mastaking

    My favorite android experience so far has been creating my own flash able zips. Actually learning things and making this phone mine is amazing.

  • My favorite experience is when an Apple user uses the pharse, “Well you don’t NEED your phone to do that.”

  • Sarpedon1069

    Adding custom icons!!!

  • Joseph Morgan

    My favorite moment happens every time I open my phone and someone asks me if I just got a new phone. I just love being able to have a “new” phone every day!!

  • my favorite experience…being able to personalize your device. making it my own unlike the idevice

  • john

    My favorite android experience is that I finally have a true
    customizable phone. With my Galaxy s3, I can always discover a new way
    to customize my phone. From the lock-screen to the home-screen, there
    are endless opportunities for me to make my phone one-of-a-kind!

  • jaw_shoe_uh

    Waking up every morning to the sweet melody pumped out by my GSIII… Hello, is it me you’re looking for…

  • jcorf

    I really like having a customized launcher. Nova is legit, especially gestures.

  • my favorite android experience is seeing a jail broken phone with wierd features that bog down the iphone and make it look super ugly, and thinking, I don’t even need a root to do any of that stuff. tl;dr the customization options

  • Josh

    the best thing about android is no two are alike

  • Skittleoid not a guest

    My custom android experience is all about modding, installing custom ROMs and kernels, and making it my own

  • One of my favourite android experiences is to be able to snap a photo, upload it to dropbox and immediately share it with my friends.


    I like the fact that I can do whatever I want to whichever files I want!

  • Drootz

    Drop down menu notifications

  • anton

    switching from Iphone

  • SubMatrix

    honestly, anything that the iphone cant do is pretty satisfying.

  • Nadora

    Favorite Android experience: Love my notifications – LED’s in all colors and custom tones for every occasion/app!!

  • rodney11ride

    the fact that i can swipe my phone over card reader at the local taco joint and WaLaa instant payment…

  • My favorite Android experience is being able to root my phone and add any custom rom that is out for my phone.

  • calculatorwatch

    My favorite android experience is pressing that little button in the bottom right. I like knowing I have the only OS where I don’t have to press and hold or double click to see my most recent apps.

  • Google Now package tracking feature. No longer have to dig in emails for all my amazon purchases…. Thank God!

  • gkinsella2

    I love the customization possibilities with Android, even without root. Of course, root gives you more options, thus making the experience that much better! Really like how Google Now is developing as well.

  • David Karpinski

    The rooting and ROMing options. Was very excited to see the newest Paranoid Android article today

  • Mike Strollo

    My favorite android experience is pretty much everything! I’ve always heard how the iOS was so poorly designed, but never experienced it first hand until my company gave us one to replace our blackberry bolds. I’ve been trying to get them to let me use my GNex in its place ever since. Seems like every time I try to do something on the phone… Nope can’t do that on an iPhone. Needless to say I’m going back to my BlackBerry. How pathetic is that!

  • Austen Armijo

    my favorite experience is being able to do whatever the &#*@ i want with my phones software and UI.:P

  • EMcTx

    My favorite Android experience is being able to customize my phone and tablet to my liking.

  • Keyan X

    My favorite experience is breaking my device (via doing something root/ROM related most likely) and not having to freak out 🙂

    This happens about twice a week

  • My favorite experience is the custom roms that can breathe life into old devices that OEMs refuse to update for greedy reasons.

  • Being able to do whatever the hell I want to do with MY phone.

  • Justin Winker

    As with many others, customization is a great thing for Android and my experience has largely been based on that. I’ve run many different ROMs over the last couple of years, but I’m loving Paranoid Android right now, and the Pie interface is awesome.

  • Otto Dieffenbach

    7-11 the gnex had only been in my pocket a couple weeks and i had me free $10 in my wallet. I got infront of a big guy holding 2 2liters an assortment of chips and hostess snacks. i was looking at my phone bought my redbull and chips and the guy told me the total i tapped my phone on the pay point (1st try too) and it processed. i said thanks and the the guy behind me who was attempting to fish out a george costanza wallet and not drop anything. as i walked to the doors he said “you gonna let that kid steal?” and the cashier replied “he paid with his phone” and the last thing i heard was “my iphone doesnt do that”. i smiled.

    • Otto Dieffenbach

      still not fully used to jb keyboard swipe i apologize for the mistakes.

  • GrammarPolice

    My favorite android experience is that I finally have a true
    customizable phone. With my Galaxy s3, I can always discover a new way
    to customize my phone. From the lock-screen to the home-screen, there
    are endless opportunities for me to make my phone one-of-a-kind!

  • tim antoian

    my favorite android experience is completely customizing my phone with root, AOKP rom, testing different themes, and downloading lots of apps. This would be the final touch to completing my phone

  • Butters619

    My favorite Android experience is being able to make the phone how I want it and change it up all the time. Whether it’s running CM10, CleanRom, or trying to hack a bunch of pieces of current ROMs together my phone is the way I want it and always fresh and new.

  • Guest

    My favorite android experience is that I finally have a “true” customizable phone. With my Galaxy s3, I can always discover a new way to customize my phone. From the lock-screen to the home-screen, there are endless opportunities for me to make my phone one-of-a-kind!

  • My favorite Android experience is the limitless possibilities.

  • mydroidphone

    Just loaded Samsung galaxy note II ROM om my razr maxx. Great drive so far…

  • changing the look of my device every week! i had a work iphone for a while and then i wondered why everyone had the *exact* same setup, because they never change even how the icons are arranged when they first turned the phone on. what a pity.

  • Customizing my phone. The beauty of Android is not just being able to change a wallpaper, but change the icons, add widgets, hell even the whole UI can be changed! I don’t keep my phone setup for more than a week at a time. Oh, and “pron” on those big-screened Android phones 😉

  • Camilo Martinez

    My favorite part of the Android experience is the integration of my multiple online presences through the various services that Google offers. By centralizing the services that I use–not only under one account, but all in one device–it makes day-to-day tasks much simpler. The pairing of Google’s products with the functionality/flexibility and sharing capabilities of Android handsets makes for an overall superior user experience in my mind.

  • JNex

    Learning new things through everything Android. I interact with new information on a daily basis with my Nexus 10 and can access it on my GNex if I need to. Everything is always at my fingertips.

  • John Burke

    Favorite Android experience:
    LED Notifications – they’re just indispensable

  • Christian

    My favorite android experience is Google Now, along with android allowing me to do what i want to do to my devices.


    My phone , My way ! Being able to root and customize my phone the way I want it is the best Android experience for me. Sorry Verizon, I gonna do what I want to my Gnex

  • Matthew Filiberti

    My favorite android experience is rooting and loading custom roms. The main reason android does so well is customization and this puts that to the max.

  • elemeno

    My favorite experience is being able to upgrade to the latest version of Android the day it hits AOSP.

  • yummy

    Photoediting on jb gnex. Jelly
    Bean magically made the camera
    work 1000x better, and the editing
    features make pictures awesome

  • Flyinion

    Having a Nexus phone show up on Verizon. I know it’ll probably never happen again, but then I may not be on Verizon any longer after my contract is up in Dec.

  • MJ Lindamood

    My favorite experience is being able to go away from the stock plain Android and find something that you can make yours.

  • MattB

    After adding a world clock widget to my homescreen at the airport before leaving for London with friends, one of them who owns an iPhone asked me “how did you get a widget?” My poor iFriend!!

  • I love using NFC for transferring contacts or triggering settings. It feels so futuristic.

    Also photosphere is neat.

  • Jovi

    Most people despise the fact that their phone can become “obsolete” in a matter of months. I personally love that speed of innovation. Though it could be less, wait for it, fragmented, I love it! New features make me happy.

  • roberthenderson

    I tell my phone how it’s going to look, not the other way around.

  • Soomin Jeong

    My favorite Android experience is the sharing feature on Android. It’s so well integrated that sharing from one app to another quick and easy.

  • ImmaDroid

    To me my favorite Android experience is having many different choices in hardware and software, whether you do it yourself or just pick a manufacturer you like. Its much better than being stuck to a certain way, like one fruity company thinks their customers should…

  • I like the customizability of Android.

  • Romming to match a specific app, just because you can.

    I did it with Crunchyroll recently. I ran a rom on the GNex that lets me force it to full screen.

  • Aaron

    My favorite Android experience has been flashing ROM’s on my Asus TF101. Right now, I’m using Jelly Bean 4.2 even though Asus saw fit to leave me at ICS. EOS4 if anyone here is curious, and make sure you flash the KatKernel.

  • As a Nexus user (One -> S -> G-Nex -> 4), my favorite experience is being able to get the latest stock version of Android as soon as it’s out (even at a closed doors event) with excellent dev support and no modifications necessary.

  • Brian Spearman

    Rooting my phone, adding a custom recovery, ROM, and kernel, and then watching it successfully boot up

  • Scottyb112

    Being able to do what the heck I want, when I want,and how I want!
    that’s the Android Experience!

  • My favorite Android experience is when I find out a friend or family member has bought their very first Android device and I am their go to person for questions!

  • David Parrella

    Definitely crack flashing.

    I was just about to call Verizon to order my refurb after thinking I fried my GPS, then I flashed the new leak that you guys posted and voila! It works! ;D

    Now that I have everything working….I think I’ll flash something and probably break my phone again! :3….

  • Greig Fields

    my dad, an iPhone user who thinks that android is years behind iOS, was trying to convince me that the iPhone was better than android. We are both fairly scientifically minded people, so we put it to a test to see who could do some tasks faster and more accurately.
    Test one, email. I take out my phone, unlock it, say done. My dad had not even opened his email yet (gotta love widgets on android).
    Test two, sports scores. My dad thought he had me on this one because of siri. we take out our phones, I unlock mine, open Google now and say done. My dad was still negotiating with siri, who had misheard him the first time because of the crowded restaurant.
    Test three, directions home. Phone out, Google now, done. My dad was still typing in our home address.
    It was at this point that my dad realized how much progress android had made. I then got to show him all of the features of android, including some big ones that the iPhone doesn’t have (ie. Google now, expandable notifications and widgets). I’m fairly certain he will be getting an android phone next time, especially considering the fact that I was beating his brand new iPhone 5 with my year old droid razr maxx.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    My favorite Android experience is having access to all of the information I need within a finger’s reach.

  • Rooting your phone for the first time. Its always an adrenaline rush when you root it for the first time

  • #1 thing I like would be the almost limitless ways you can customize everything in Android. Themes, wallpapers, status bars, pulldown bars, lock screens, boot screens…..I could go on forever about the different ways you can customize Android. To make something work, look, and act like you want it to is exactly why I love Android so much. Customization baby, woot!!!

  • showing iPhone users the back of my Nexus 4 and they’re like what phone is that and I’m like
    (•_•) uhh

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■ it’s the

    (⌐■_■) NEXUS 4

  • Neomastermind

    I just like the cohesiveness of it all. Also, Google Now continues to get better and better.

  • xix19

    Swipe gestures

  • jmasterj

    Using Google Now.

  • Bobby Cornwell


  • The awesome moment when I see someone else with an iPhone and I show the my awesomely customized Galaxy S3 and say U Mad?

  • bonanzalarry

    Paranoid Android. With PIE this is amazing. Was stuck on AOKP for awhile but finally gave up when it would randomly restart all the time. Now I haven’t had a random restart since.

  • Customizing the hell out of a machine that was not design to do the things I’m making it do

  • Having icons that aren’t all shaped identically.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Opening Google Now for the first time really blew my mind, it works so well and I use it all the time.

  • Jason

    When I unleashed the OG Droid from the box!

  • Flashing whichever ROM I feel like, whenever I want.

  • Eric Shelley

    every time an iPhone user takes a picture for me and says” wow your phone takes such good pictures”

  • My first OG droid that I soft bricked and after a week of rest came back to life!

  • Mason Lammers

    Rooting every phone I get my hands on. I love customizing and flashing new ROMs to best fit me. Nothing beats that brand new ROM that all your friends are jealous of.

  • pawslover

    it appeals to my inner geek

  • Having Google Now tell me something before I ever need to ask.

  • Aceplanet

    My favorite android experience was when I got my first android phone (the droid razr) and I got to finally learn all about rooting and what custom ROMs are how customizable it really is.

  • Tommy Thompson

    Favorite android experience? Being able to customize the eff outta my phone so it looks nothing like the S3 sitting next to it.

  • Google Now. Everything about it is so slick and smooth. It is the most useful thing on my phone.

  • Aaron Rich

    being able to quickly do the things my friends with iPhones want to do. Fun to show them how much easier it is.

  • Teng Taing

    Rooting and Rom’ing my first device. The DX

  • My favorite Android experience is developing.
    I recently got into developing this year and I love it!
    I’ve made a few apps, one of which I made for my High School and was published to the Play Store (http://goo.gl/Vab6u)
    I’m actually working on a new icon for it!
    Please give me some feedback!

    • michael arazan

      You should add your school’s sports games schedule for all the teams, plays your theater department throws, maybe after school clubs, etc.

  • Booyah

    Don’t even need to enter because I already purchased this pack. This is the only icon pack I’ve used in the last 4 months. Doesn’t get any better than this. For those who don’t win, do yourself a favor and go buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Mack

    My favorite experience wit android was the first time I used Google Maps Navigation on a trip. I was amazed with how fluid and seamless it was.

  • moelsen8

    Probably rooting my OG Droid and discovering that there was a huge new world out there. There was no better time to have an android phone.

  • nsnsmj

    My favorite experience was receiving a birthday wish from Google when I opened up Google Now one day. Really wasn’t expecting it back when it happened.

  • RBI411

    Gonna go with Google Now. There really are so many avenues that you can go down to make it something truly revolutionary.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Customizing an Android device to its absolute fullest potential!

  • tyguy829

    The day I put the DL boot animation on my OG Droid. Man, I thought that thing was sweet

  • Knowing that I never have to have my phone look the same twice. The possibilities are endless!

  • Everything working together seamlessly. I don’t care what anyone says, Android is a fluid experience and it makes getting anything done natural.

  • The first time I put music on my brand new Galaxy Nexus. I’d only used iPhone’s and iPods up to that point. The idea of moving music directly into my phone without all the annoying, confusing iTunes syncing? Mind. Blown.

  • every time I pull it out of my pocket 🙂

  • Bradley Chee

    When I first rooted my Droid X!!!!!

  • Customization

  • M_Ed

    A nice wallpaper with a weather widget, and a sliding dock with the apps I use the most. Keeps everything clean, simple, organized, and beautiful.

  • exzaybien

    Favorite experience has simply been watching it grow. Jumped onto Android back when people were still loving RIM and have loved every minute. Android is everywhere now, in our cars, tablets, STOVES!!! Seeing it develop into what it is now is like watching your son become a man lol

  • Melisa Danniel

    i love my note 2 spen it makes my phone experience better.

  • Stevedub40

    I already own this icon pack (one of my favorites), but I figured I would comment anyways. My favorite Android experience, by far, is the community and the wonderful collection of open and creative minds. The Android community is one thing that apple will never have.

  • My favorite experience is flashing a new Rom. Love to check out all the new features.

  • I have tons of favorites, but this was my most recent favorite… http://imgur.com/xxlB2ED.png

  • my favorite experience is google now…but i also love the customization. I’m finally getting into UCCW and that has opened up all sorts of theme making for me.

  • Brandan Holmes

    The day I finally received a smartphone which was a droid x o the good ol’ days.

  • topherct

    Custom Roms

  • kselby

    My favorite Android experience is the feeling of a freshly installed ROM…being able to get the latest update way before release.

  • Brennan Huber

    My favorite android experience? Open Source-ness of it.

  • Travis Shepherd

    well as far as stock features, the notification toggles are a godsend. but if it were any android experience scroll able docks…2-3 docks down below to keep my homescreen clean.

  • Jan Hastert

    my favorite android experience are the widgets.
    Every time i use iOS, i miss them.

  • Tex

    Google Now!

  • Google Now- for sure. I love that I have such quick access to all things internet.

  • cashclay

    I dig the AOSP base, HOLO modified. A la carte is what makes the OS so great. Making it mine, for me.

  • Abraham Chiu

    my favorite android experience is definitely the usefulness of the notification bar. I can get everything that is relevant within one swipe from most programs. Then i’m right back to what i was doing. seamless.

  • Siebs

    It has to be Widgets. To be able to see updates and navigate an app, i.e. Facebook, Twitter from your home page is something that I know iOS users crave for.

  • JetBlue

    My favorite experience is I don’t have to be stuck to one option that I can pick a phone that suits me and if I don’t like something I can change it.

  • svlopez195

    I love the endless possibilities of customizing your android phone.

  • I like stock android the best.

  • will bartlett

    I loved the very first time I loaded a custom rom on my Droid X. I will never have that experience again.

  • Kenny Larson

    I call my set up the 3+1. I only use 3 screens for all of my important stuff with 1 screen for stuff that I don’t use very often but when I do, I want it fast. Everything else is tucked in the app drawer. The 3 screens all have 1 4×2 widget and the rest apps. I find it to be a good balance between functional yet not overly cluttered.

  • Douglas Hill

    My android experience changes over time. Now I am all about simplicity and gestures.

  • Erik Cho

    By far my favorite experience has to be the customization and flexibility. My Android phone is truly mine when I’m able to use things like Icon packs to to customize the phone not just on the outside with a case, but on the inside as well.

  • Josh Ingram

    Complete and total customization! Unless you have a locked bootloader…

  • Captain_Doug

    The great thing about an android experience is that it is your experience. You can tailor it to your tastes and use scenarios.

  • reggie16

    I like a simple experience, a sweet wallpaper and maybe 8 apps per page to keep it clean.

  • My favorite android experience is bragging to my friends about my badass new Roms! None of them seem to care but I still brag anyway.

  • Sherman J. Buster

    Sorry, cannot keep it to just one, so customization and community. While their might be a lot of mean-spirited people out their, there is also a wealth of people willing to help others out in the Android community. This is why I’m Android for life.

  • I love Google Now. It automatically shows me most important things I want to see and gives me quick access to Google search.

  • Mark F

    Hands down the new Nexus 4 ! (besides for LTE)

  • Mike

    Favorite Android experience? Probably Google Now.

  • ChuckDz3

    Google Now 🙂

  • My favorite Android experience is the long late night hours theming and customizing my device. (Currently I’m using the Ubuntu Phone OS Theme, smooth and sweet.)

  • fodawim

    My favorite android experience is being able to do something without thinking about it and having friends react with “wow, how did you do that?” then I look at their fruit phones and laugh because they think they can do that one theirs now.

  • I like a very minimal experience. Not many widgets, nothing too flashy, just a nice clean look that is also functional for every day use.

  • What isn’t to like about my experience with Android. To pick one is a crime, but the openness. I have written lots of helpers for my self. That is what it is ALL about.

  • CodeToJoy

    Being able to customize the interface any time I want… that’s something that iOS and WP8 can’t offer.

  • benjewman

    first. 🙂 honestly my favorite experience with android is customizing it. i love just making it look like my personality