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Giveaway: Win One of Ten Tersus “HD” Icon Packs From kovdev (Update: Winners Picked)

Tersus HD

Last month, we gave away ten sets of updated Lustre icons that look gorgeous on these new high-res displays. Today, kodev has updated his highly popular Tersus pack and we have another ten copies to give out. Each individual icon has been upscaled, by hand, to XXHDPI for the ultimate clarity. Inside the pack are over 700 custom icons, which also go along with a fantastic set of wallpapers that many of you constantly email us about. And before you ask, the above pictured wallpaper is in this pack.

Ready to win one? Let’s do this. 

Update: We have picked and emailed our 10 winners. Thanks!

How to enter:

  1. Tell us below in the comments section what your favorite Android experience is.


Tomorrow morning at 9AM (PST), we will pick our 10 winners and email them.

If you want to check out Tersus or all of kovdev’s other icon packs, you can find them on Google Play here.

Play Link ($1.49)

Thanks to kovdev for hosting the prizes!

  • Google now is definitely an amazing defining feature of android and my personal favorite feature.

  • john

    My favorite android experience is that I finally have a true
    customizable phone. With my Galaxy s3, I can always discover a new way
    to customize my phone. From the lock-screen to the home-screen, there
    are endless opportunities for me to make my phone one-of-a-kind!

  • Starring a location on a map in my browser, then finding directions towards that spot instantly on my notifications drawer.

  • Jordan Janolo

    The unboxing is always one great experience.

    But using a new flavor(sense,lg,xperiaui..etc) is always thrilling. Comparing each other. What the others can’t offer and its been great! Been able to use a lot of them. The ui/theme of each is so critical to one’s personal experience that it autlmatically impacts whether the user will last long with the device.

    Themeing is a big part of android simply because it can be heavily themed! More than any other mobile os to date!

    Its no longer just a launcher replacement, but a definitive ui overhaul for a more personal preferrence and experience.

    The ui game has never been this competitive and flexible which makes the device even more unique.

    Control! rooting and making use of root will always be on par with the experience. A kick to the nuts I say.

  • john huie

    I love love love theming. I love using launchers and setting up my own custom icons and widgets and even going into Inkscape and GIMP to create custom backgrounds or edit ones that I find. A custom icon pack would be an awesome win for me!

  • Possibilities are endless

  • Geoff Johnson

    Google Now! I love how it knows everything that I need to know without me having to search for it.

  • Chris Bercaw

    The community!

  • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

    Everything. Have been dying to see Tersus on my Nexus for so long now…