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Is the HTC M7 Going to be Simply Named “HTC One”?

htc m7-1

We expect the official unveiling of HTC’s M7 device at a press conference scheduled for February 19, but if any more information leaks, there won’t be anything left. The latest details we have come from the fairly reliable evleaks twitter account. Posted this morning, he believes that the M7 will come to market under the name “HTC One.” 

This is a bit interesting since HTC’s last big hit was the One X and making this just the One might cause a bit of confusion in the market. HTC most likely has some marketing reason behind the name, but it’s not quite clear yet. Hopefully they’ll explain a few things at their upcoming event.

Think this a wise move on HTC’s part?

Via:  @evleaks

  • mikeszekely

    I was just thinking that this is really good-looking phone. As someone who’s last phone was a Samsung after three previous HTC phones, I was even thinking that this could be the phone that wins me back.

    Then I noticed HTC put the home button on the right, and the apps-switching button in the middle. That right there might be a deal breaker for me. It’s the kind of stupid design that makes me want to roll up a newspaper and beat the designers on their noses with it while telling them, in a firm tone, “No.”

  • Kheir Francis

    if they do bring this phone in as a one series phone, hopefully it will have a new look to it, better battery life and expandable memory with a removable battery.

  • make it happen HTC with timely source updates please!

  • Paul

    Holy crap people what phone manufacture builds the best mobile phone ever!!!!!!!!!! NONE
    It’s all about pro’s and con’s and whatever floats your boat…i’m on my third generation of HTC’s… Hero, Desire and now OneX each with a pro and con but overall they have been realy well built….as for batterys even the Galaxy has an extra juice cover available.
    it’s all relative people phones will get faster and batterys will get better….Our desire to have them in our lives will make it so.

  • Dave S

    Second worst renaming for launch after the HTC Vigor -> HTC Rezound.

    Might as well call it the Deuce.

  • they also need to make better buttons on their phones. I’ve noticed in almost every HTC phone their power button is hard as hell to press and it gets irritating when you combine the phone with a case even if it’s just a slim case.

    • LionStone

      I’m very glad that HTC doesn’t design their buttons to stick out a 1/2″ from the phone like other manufacturers do. It’s so elegant and subtle and all my HTC phones had their buttons work fine.

  • I don’t care if they have 100 billion pixels… fix those buttons!!!! AHHHHH!

  • Dave

    Really about enough hype for this already…..

  • Butters619

    Soon to be followed by the One+, OneXL+, DNAOne

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    annnnnnd next year they launch the HTC More… and the year after that, the HTC Thing.

  • Galaxy_Note_III

    One (X) was a 100% AWFUL ABSTRACT name that has been chosen by HTC to honor its One & Co. acquisition and Nexus One. But it’s so awful that it’s almost NOT a name. 1,2,3…

    “HTC One” marketing problems:

    One) it attaches “HTC” name to its lineup name, while Galaxy S(III), “XPHONE”, NEXUS, Note (II) and iphone can live without mentioning every time their respective vendor: SAMSUNG, Motorola or Apple.

    Two) One means “1”, it can’t be shared by 22 different smartphones, while there could be MILLIONS of Galaxies!

    Three) SAMSUNG’s Galaxy S means Spiral Galaxy, Galaxy “S”, Galaxy “SAMSUNG”, SAMSUNG = S, what does One really mean?

    Four) HTC One Tablet? HTC One Note?

    Five) The next “simply HTC One” would be “simply HTC Two?” or “HTC One Two”? The next One thing? The new One you’ve been waiting for?

    Six) HT Cone?

  • Hunter

    Naming fail

  • Sporttster

    HTC Neo…

  • So what happens when they release the next revision of the same phone…will it be called the HTC One Two? 🙂

    • Butters619

      A lot of good Mic check jokes will come from that.

      • coolsilver

        until three four where we march out of the HTC store.

      • fanboy1974

        Mic check One Two One Two!!!

  • Eric

    Did they at least get rid of the rubber port flaps?

  • Austin Warren

    “One” thing they can’t get right – Battery.

  • WCM3

    It better be called the HTC ‘better have an effin decent battery or it will rank with all their other phones”

    • michael arazan

      Only draw back to their phones are batteries and updates, and now minimal storage.Come on HTC, design phones for the consumers, not the carriers

  • Had a feeling this would be a part of the one series line

  • Jared

    HTC makes good hardware and I personally enjoy the sense UI although it is bloated. NO MATTER WHAT they do/build/design though, their biggest problem is update schedules. Amazing manufacturer, horrid customer service.

    • Butters619

      Update schedules (my AT&T One X still doesn’t have an official JB build) and batteries.

      • Yes. Agreed. They have not gotten any better at this since their last round of ICS updates. :/

      • Anon

        Not updating the Rezound to Jelly Bean is a bigger issue. It has all of the hardware, and there ought to be a plan for it. I believe the One X will eventually get JB, but to not update the Rezound is ridiculous.

        • Butters619

          Yeah the Rezound was a big eff you to customers. Not acceptable at all. I don’t know if my One X will ever get 4.2, and almost for certain it won’t officially get KLP.

    • Tony Perez

      Agreed! Looks like they have great leadership pre-sale, and terrible for after sale. Bummer.

  • Mike

    Still has capacitative buttons. HTC y u no on screen key? This would quadruple the market for these as most people immediately flash a rom to rid the phone of sensefail. OSK = AOSP rom win. Capacitative buttons = menu button bar fail.

    • This is crazy talk. The number of people using custom roms as a tiny percentage of overall users. The best selling Android device last year was the GS3 which had buttons as well. The menu bar can be fixed.

      • Mike

        They’d sell more phones w/o those hideous capacitative keys. The GS3 would too. They are pointless and ugly.

        • Mike, you’re crazy. The GS3 was the best selling phone in the work for at least one quarter and has definitely been the best selling Android phone since it has been out. There is no evidence that the average user prefers on screen keys and if I am being honest, I used to be in the on screen bandwagon, but I think I have changed my mind. I definitely have enough to be on the okay with them (thought I;m not crazy about this arrangement.

          • Mike

            Because people have basically no other choice for a well specced phone that’s easily modded and/or unfettered by a completely horrid skin (aka sense, touchwiz is better…but still nowhere near as nice as AOSP). Your point is valid, but not for the reasons you state. I’d bet you a winning powerball ticket that the GS4 would be the best selling android phone if it had doggie doo doo for keys…it’s a plain great phone. But would be SIGNIFICANTLY better with OSK. The DNA would be lightyears better with the same, especially now that it can be rommed with AOSP.

          • zionlion02

            You make great points, Mike. But the honest truth is that the average user/consumer (which is 98%), wouldn’t even understand that paragraph you just wrote. Talking to most normal people, they don’t even know what Sense or Touchwiz is. They just think it’s Android. They also have never seen stock Android, so don’t know that there ARE software keys. When I showed people my Gnex originally, they def thought it was cool. But I’ve never heard a non-phonegeek like me even DISCUSS or point out the two different key types, or why one is better than the other. They would sell more phones for sure. Approximately 1,000 more. Lol, just exaggerating for humor – but the point stands. % of profit wise, it might as well be 1,000 more phones. Just wouldnt be statistically significant enough for the manufacturer to care.

    • Butters619

      Those don’t look like Cap buttons. Way too high from the bottom of the phone. If they are….my god.

      (hopefully they aren’t and they just cleaned up the render to make the black look as black as the bezel)

  • Danrarbc

    The One phone you are looking for.

    Could work better than the letter code after One in marketing.

  • HTC Two?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      HTC dos

      • Kurtis Tamez

        I don’t always use a smart phone, but when I do, I prefer Nexus Dos XPhone by Motorola

        • reggie1225

          It’d probably better as “Dos Nexus” #IJS