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Contest: Win 1 of 2 Nexus 4 Bumper Cases (Update: Winners Picked)

nexus 4 bumper

Since the official Bumper for the Nexus 4 is once again “temporarily out of stock” in the Google Play store, we figured it was the perfect time to give two of them away. Thanks to the device having both a front and back made of glass, protecting it has become something that almost every N4 should think about. I’m living proof that even someone who babies phones can manage to crack and scratch the hell out of this one with little work.

Here is a quick video overview of the Bumper.

So who wants one? 


Update:  We have picked and emailed our two winners!

Prize:  Two (2) Nexus 4 Bumper cases for two winners.

1.  Follow us through some sort of social network:  Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.
2.  in the comments, tell us why you need a Bumper.

Winners:  Two winners will be chosen Monday at 10AM Pacific.

  • brkshr

    I REALLY don’t like my official bumper case. I think it makes the phone feel much wider & the back feels awkward to hold. The back is sunk in from the bumper, so it just feels awkward to me. Just my opinion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1202836 Hovannes Abramyan

    I need one of these bumpers to protect my collector’s item Nexus 4.

  • http://arturocr.com/ Arturo Campos

    I need a bumper case because I need to protect my Nexus 4 without hiding that glitter marvel in the back!

  • Masterminded

    I want a case that is protective, but at the some time allows me to show off the sparkly back

  • http://twitter.com/ChrisDoerman Chris Doerman

    The real question is why DON’T I need a bumper??

  • http://twitter.com/kirilv Kiril

    Because I have never won anything.

  • http://twitter.com/Cmartin26 Chris Martin

    to protect my phone from myself

  • http://twitter.com/Undeadwolfy Undeadwolfy

    Just got my Nexus 4. As a student I’m low on cash especially after the purchase and could really do with bumper to protect my phone. I want to flaunt the back cover too. Sparkly! :)

  • StephenRice

    I need a bumper so I have yet another reason to gush about this blog to anyone who’ll listen.

  • http://twitter.com/glittler Brad Littler

    I need it not only to protect my nexus 4 but also to protect the galaxy form inevitable war that would result from my phone shattering

  • kindrudekid

    I dont need one but I sent my GF who is in India this past christmas and since its now outside US, we cannot get warranty and hence I need to send her one to prevent and better protect her device….

  • http://twitter.com/kebeadle Keith

    I need a bumper case because shattered glass hurts my pride

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000097716654 Michael Contreras

    I need a bumper because LG was smart enough to make a fragile phone to market the bumper off on.

  • Kenny Larson

    I need the bumper because I can’t come up with anything clever to put here. I should probably get back to work.

  • Keith Mathews

    For protection silly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jackie.chen.771 Jackie Chen

    I want to protect the phone while showing it off.

  • John

    I need a bumper because I’m the clumsiest geek alive. I drop all my phones & would be f’d w/o em.

  • David K

    Bumper for my birthday!!! Hoping to have the Nexus 4 in hand soon!

  • Crazydog

    ’cause the one I have broke.

  • Jamie Breakfield

    I’ve been using mine with no case or bumper, but I think it’s time to get one… and I don’t want to cover up that nice looking back!!

  • Neomastermind

    I need one because I’m about to purchase my Nexus 4 and it needs protection from this cruel, cruel world.

  • http://twitter.com/rdoanecu Richard Doane

    I travel for work so I’m constantly in airports or on the road pulling my Nexus 4 out of my pocket to read emails, check flights, etc. The bumper would give me a peace of mind every time I had to do that which would be amazing.

  • http://twitter.com/rkwilson07 Rick Wilson

    Don’t like bulky case on phone.

  • http://twitter.com/mattydelight Matthew D

    Because my n4 is scratched!

  • http://jordanhotmann.com/ Jordan Hotmann

    I need a bumper because the back of my Nexus 4 is too pretty to hid behind its current case.

  • Juan Losada

    I need a bumper because I drink and drop stuff

  • Kevin Morales

    I need a bumper because I would like to protect my phone but at the same time, show off the nice shiny back.

  • http://AndroidMeter.com/ Justin Duino

    I need a bumper so that I can protect my precious glass back without covering it up

  • http://twitter.com/Trooper311 Trooper

    Don’t want to have a cracked back!

  • Prox

    I need a bumper because my nexus 4 likes to play bumper cars!

  • droyd4life

    Because its sexy

    • ProfessAndObey


  • Ed Wilson

    I’m a clutz. My Nexus needs some protection.

  • Torry Thompson

    I need a nexus bumper like this so that I can still showcase its elegance while using my favorite piece of technology.

  • Phil hateon

    Because I need one

  • http://twitter.com/SpyroKarydes Spyro Karydes

    I would like one to replace another one.

  • http://twitter.com/jnewman1991 James Newman

    I want to show off the great looking back while also protecting my phone. Unfortunately my only options to do so will cost me 30 bucks and is always out of stock, or buy a cheap crappy version of it that will likely fall apart in weeks.

  • http://twitter.com/WaltPartlo Walter Partlo

    Need the bumper to protect the phone while still being able to see the pretty back.

  • casbar

    Well let’s see.. I almost bought this bumper the last two times it became available on the play site. Two reasons I didn’t:

    1) Shipping costs seem to expensive through Google.
    2) I was afraid if I ordered through Google I still might not see my item for a couple of months.

    I don’t really like cases as they bloat the size of the phone. The bumper looks like it doesn’t add much size but does add some protection from setting the glass back of the N4 down on hard surfaces. I’d try it out.

  • kevenboo
  • http://about.me/ryanmmoore ryanmmoore

    because i prefer to have my phone naked… but i also am a bit of a worry wart. so I want to protect it, but i don’t wnat to lose the shiny glittery-ness of the back… i think this is a nice even marriage of my needs/wants.

  • coggy9

    I don’t need a bumper, but my father does for his unprotected Nexus 4.

  • Adrian Cheung

    i need bumper cuz want to protect my lovely N4

  • http://twitter.com/malcdsouza Malcolm D’souza

    I so badly need a bumper case, cuz I booked the phone just a few minutes back, and then forgot to book the bumper case thinking I’ll do it after buying the phone. And BAM! there it goes out of stock :( … I blew the SAMOLED screen of my Samsung Galaxy Nexus a few days back. I so need it with this phone now. I’m too careless, at times. I NEED THIS PLEASE! thank you. :)

  • Keyan X

    I need a bumper because I love the back of my Nexus 4 but still feel uneasy about using it naked at times, this way I can have the best of both worlds :)

  • Aaron

    I need a bumper to protect my phone from his dangerous owner.

  • http://twitter.com/Hilbe Hilbe

    A bumper is a great way to absorb the impact of a serious collision.

  • http://twitter.com/unclewilco uncle wilco

    I would love to win one – as my apple friends make fun of the glass back on my nexus 4… they are just jealous.

  • Greg Morgan

    because my N4 is made of glass

  • Andrey Feldman

    I need one cause my poetic borderline bumper is falling apart after three days.

  • http://twitter.com/yokuyuki Ed Chen

    To protect my Nexus 4 obviously.