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Here is the New DROID RAZR M Platinum in the Wild

razr m platinum1

On Monday, we reported that Best Buy was offering an exclusive new version of the DROID RAZR M, called Platinum. The device, with its blue accents and “platinum” exterior, was met with mostly positive feedback, however, we still had yet to see what the backside looked like. Thanks to one of our fabulous readers, we have a shot of the backside which as expected, features the same kevlar backing from other versions of the RAZR M, only it has a blue accent around the camera housing.

The device can still be had for as little as $50 on-contract. And don’t forget that Best Buy is also running their $50 giftcard promo for anyone who upgrades to a new smartphone through them in 2013.

Not bad, right? 

razr m platinum2

Cheers D!

  • artsr2002

    Where the hell is the Motorola Droid Razr M HD????? HD!!!!!! We want HD!!!!!!

  • trwb

    Bad design just got worse

  • Chris Kendall

    Love the color scheme. I’m as far a person can get from a Motorola fan, but The RAZR M fit the bill for my son. Good mid tier phone.

  • Dominick_7

    Is it just me or does it look like a hideous Fisher Price phone?

  • dezignstuff

    Oh, yeah! Those screws make it oh, so sexy, and it doesn’t look at all like a 1980 calculator.

  • flosserelli

    I usually scoff at men that get manicures, but the guy in the photo could really use it.

  • Perhaps now Moto will build a dock for this phone?

  • Syrio35

    Even with the promo it is $550 off contract assuming the discount applies. Still no reason to dump my TB.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Did your TB get the update or are you rooted?

      • Syrio35

        Never rooted, might give it a try once I am ready to upgrade just to see how it’s done. Update went through ok.

        • Lactose_the_Intolerant

          Cool… my wife is still rocking a stock Thunderbolt but we wont be able to try out the update for awhile (traveling).

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Gotta love how they attach the security device to the front and back of the phone. #1. The back does not come off, so you can just use the back. #2. It is a dummy phone! God forbid someone run off with your $9 floor model. lol

    • Taylor Levesque

      Lol. Verizon charges 40 bucks per dummy phone for indirect retailers

      • ^ true statement but as soon as its done they get thrown in a box for kids.

        • Taylor Levesque


  • Al

    Looked better on paper. Looks like a toy.

  • Rich Koos

    Blue steel, its motorola’s different look.

    • Jared

      Does that mean that the X-Phone will me Moto’s Magnum?

      • gp126904

        Its that damn X-phone, its so hot right now!

        • Jared

          Wish I could up vote this more!

      • If it can turn left

  • j

    Not bad, but could do without the blue highlights.

  • George264

    looks the droid d2r2 to the droid 2

  • Kevin Bojarski

    That looks like a a dummy phone.

    • Eric Shelley

      Dur, it’s at a best buy.

    • Rbq

      no it’s real…I think… but it is Best Buy like Eric said… but they locked it down like it’s real. Otherwise, the safety alarms are a bit overkill. I hate when they stick them on the screen like that.

      • kkanemt

        it wouldnt be at 100 percent battery life and not plugged in gotta be a dummy