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Google Chrome Pixel Concept Video Leaked, Gives Us Glimpse of a Beautiful Future

Chrome Pixel

Today, there is some potentially exciting “news” about Google and Chromebooks. Without diving too far into the back story, let’s talk about the actual video and then we will discuss how it came to be leaked to the Internet. In this video, a narrator (that we wish was Morgan Freeman), discusses pixels and their importance to anything image-related. Now, imagine a Chromebook that featured a touchscreen display with a resolution of 2560 x 1700. Too good to be true, right? Maybe or maybe, not. No one has been able to confirm if this is real or not. 

It is referred to in the video as the Chromebook Pixel. Think of this device as a Nexus-like Chromebook, designed and manufactured entirely by Google, “down to the last pixel.” It is quite the video, which someone clearly spent a ton of time working on. From what we can tell, this isn’t your everyday sloppy leaked video. So, how did it come to light?

According to the CEO of the website, Slinky.Me, the video was stolen after their servers were “hacked.” Interestingly enough, some are speculating that this is some type of hypebeasting move by either Slinky or even Google to get people excited for what is next in the Chromebook department.

Watch the video and let us know what you think. If this thing ever becomes real, I might just have to be the first in line. Needless to say, it’s gorgeous.

Via: +François Beaufort | Android Authority

  • Chris Mullins

    Video is broken.

  • Kevin Hill

    Chromebooks actually look appealing to me now. I WANT ONE!

  • CaptM

    Aw man, I couldn’t watch this at work and was really wanting to see it when I got home.
    Now it’s marked as private content and no longer available. DAMN

  • What video????

  • AJ Myrick

    Does anyone notice that the video has been made private?

  • Fynd

    16:9 ratio would be 2560×1440
    16:10.625 is 2560×1700

    I’d think Google would shoot for the prior. Unless my math is wrong.

  • socalrailroader

    The video is no more-

    Private content.We’re sorry, but we cannot display this content because it has been labelled private by its author.

  • Guest

    Private content.We’re sorry, but we cannot display this content because it has been labelled private by its author.

  • callumshell1

    I hate to be that guy but the macbook pro did this a year ago.

  • I believe thats Motorola Chromebook.

  • Motorola Developing This Chrome Pixel For Google

  • lye

    Uh, that video didn’t say anything about the product. Oh it has a touchscreen.

  • wakefinance

    Looks like Apple will be their hardware partner for this one…

  • I think they mean “designed by apple” that looks an awful lot like my macbook pro.

    Also, does google do their advertising in house? If not why would it just be sitting on a server for someone to find…which probably consisted of terabytes worth of data.

  • JBartcaps

    They better keep those colors on the chasis! i’ve always wanted a Google product that actually had their colors on it.

    Oh btw, i want this.

    • Mark Mann

      google’s colors are grey?

  • ElixirBlack

    Why do people even speculate about 2560×1700 when the vast majority of users can’t afford anything over 1920×1080?

    This chromebook would be lucky if it had 1920×1080.

    • Doan

      I’m not sure your statement stacks up.

      • ElixirBlack

        Do you really think it is going to have a resolution above 1920×1080?

        • Doan

          I was referring to your comment about the vast majority being unable to afford better than 1920×1080.

          • ElixirBlack

            Look at the price of panels > 1920×1080 on Newegg. Do you think those items are affordable for the vast majority of consumers?

          • Doan

            Around $300 for 1080p+, yea, the majority can afford that. It’s higher end than most need, so they don’t buy it, but that’s not saying they can’t afford it.

            ie: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824260047

          • ElixirBlack

            I’m not talking about 16:10 at 1920×1200 and you know it.

  • Michael G

    I know it wasn’t but it sounded a lot like Tom Selleck narrating. lol
    I’m due for a new lap top soon. Perhaps this will be the successor to my Toshiba Satellite.

  • Anyone else rage when they saw blue, red, YELLOW, green at the end?

  • james newton

    look likes a macbook… there gonna get sued!!!

  • Once the chromebooks can run photoshop and eventually steam. I’ll get one. this thing looks beautiful!

  • BryGuy

    The fact that the video is narrated by James Garner adds quite a bit of legitamacy.
    Unless it’s not James Garner. But it sounds like James Garner.
    I miss James Garner.

  • I want it!

    Good for photography, maybe video editing, video conference, and type reports on the go. Endless possibilities, so Microsoft better be afraid, because this will redefine the notebook tablet to a whole new world.

  • Lane252

    my mind is on the floor please dont step on it

  • I just got work to buy me the $250 Samsung ChromeBook. I should have waited!

    • S2556

      this wont be out for a while anyways if it is legit. And besides it was works money not yours! haha

  • XvierX

    I wonder if that is motorola hardware. It kinda looks like my old lapdock.

    • codemonkey85

      This would be a heck of a way to introduce the new Google-owned Motorola.

  • Roger W Turner

    I already have 2560×1600 on my Chromebox. Unfortunately the graphics drivers aren’t really up to it.

    I also have a Chromebook 550.

    I would expect to buy one of these as soon as it became available.

  • George264

    Please don’t go the way of the Nexus Q. Please.

  • rsavaiano


  • Shane Redman

    If I were going to Google I/O and this came out along with Android 5.0 and an All-In-One Messaging app for Android, I’d make it rain on every presenter.

    • Justin Winker

      … Please tell me you are talking about money.

      • Shane Redman

        Hahaha well I sure ain’t talking about a golden shower.

  • JMonkeYJ

    that is an awesome ad. i’m still not totally sold on the concept of the Chromebook, but i cannot deny that this is a well done ad.

  • hatboysam

    Well f*** me I just bought a Samsung Chromebook today. Shut up and take this back and then take my money!

  • Christian

    Thunderbolt port? 😛

  • steve james

    Looks great! Hope it has enough hp to drive that display.

  • tyguy829

    Does anyone else see the Nexus “X” in the middle from 1:06-1:12?


      That may be a good thing if this is legit.

    • Justin Winker

      I saw this, but I didn’t think it was quite the X of the Nexus line. I already have me a laptop, but I would say if this is real and under $400, I would definitely fork over some cash for it.

    • 1bad69z28

      I don’t think whoever made this video was trying to put the Nexus X in there. But, you could be right a Nexus Chormebook. Sweet

  • ßen Murphy


  • Esmccarty09

    Ummm macbook pro retina. Enough said
    Sent from my jailbroken iphone 5

    • Alex Farra

      What does apple have a patent on high resolution screens now too?

      • George264

        No. But Apple invented the high-resolution screen. When the Retina Display came out, there were NEVER a display that could match the pixel density, and other companies were AT LEAST 5 years away. -2010


        November, 2011.
        720p on HTC Rezound. WHOOPS

        • The Rezound was the first phone on the market with a full 720p display…the iPhone still has not even reached this milestone!

        • Christopher Riner

          Samsung has provided components for other manufacturers for years, including apples retina display. Its not like it was apples tech that put them above the curve

    • Yeah, I think you’re missing the point . It’s okay though, you been sippin’ on that kool-aid!

      • MattH818

        It is possible to like my 15″ Macbook Pro Retina and my awesome Nexus 4 at the same time? 🙂

        • George264

          Honestly I don’t get why people think it’s not okay to like iPhone and Android at the same time. Look, my Nexus 4 is sitting next to my iPhone 5. No explosions yet.

          • codemonkey85

            I think the misunderstanding is that a Macbook is for an entirely different workflow than a Chromebook. I’d say get the Macbook if you want to do “heavy lifting”, and get a Chromebook if everything you do you could do through a Chrome browser.

    • AnthonyEtter

      What the hell are you doing on this blog? Talking about macbook pro and iphone 5? First of all the iphone 5 was a huge disappointment. Having had a mac book pro for almost a year (writing this on it), I can say I officially am never going to buy another apple product again. I should of sold it to buy weed or something.

      • AnthonyEtter

        The Galaxy Note 2 and S III is where its at.

        • Heck, my Droid Razr that is over a year old competes with the “new” iPhone 5! I still get better service then my friends that upgraded to the 5 AND the wider screen on the Razr actually seems normal where as the iPhone 5 feels like I’m holding some sort of weird light saber thing! It’s sad when a year and a half old device can compete with something Apple is selling as “new” and “revolutionary”!

          • Guest

            I would say the same for my bionic, but I absolutely hate it. One of the worst phones I have ever had as in a month later the Razr was launched.

          • Guest

            I wanted the Razr really badly when it came out. I was stuck with the bionic though. What pissed me off more than anything is that the bionic was released in september and I got it on the 21st, then the Razr came out a little more than a month after I purchased it.

          • I believe the Bionic and the Razr are basically the same device internally. Just hang onto the Bionic until Motorola releases the promised Jelly Bean update! The Razr on ICS / GB was sluggish and not the best but once it hit JB it roared like a completely different device! I would expect similar results from the Bionic!

          • andrew galvin

            sorry bud… I am an android fan and will admit the iphone 5 is a better phone than your razr

          • Have you experienced the Razr on JB? It handles games flawlessly that my Nexus 7 running Android 4.2.1 can barely do (4.2.1 has been a hell of an experience on the N7)! The only real drawback is the camera but I don’t typically rely on my phone camera to take DSLR quality pictures!

          • Dain Laguna

            Even as a huge Google fanboy, your claim is tough to back up. I owned a razr for quite some time so Im not just comparing empty specs.

            while jb, imo, is a massively better operating system than ios, in no way is the razr better than the I5 in the smoothness, camera, processing power, or gaming depts.

            and don’t even get me started on the screen quality.

    • Considering most Chrome-books are budget minded (most are priced sub-$500) I wouldn’t expect this device to cost a tad over $800 where as the MBP Retina costs $1700 for the 13″ model and an astounding $2200 for the 15″ model! And if you actually watched the video you would see that this rumored “Chrome Pixel” sports a TOUCHSCREEN that has a higher native resolution that the 13″ MBP Retina!

    • MrGy

      MB Pro is definitely the highest and it’s a great achievement, but it also costs a premium. Assuming the price of the above thing keeps in line with other Chromebooks, it will definitely be a break-through for budget computing when you consider that most other brands in that price range are stuck on 1366×768.

  • BrianCherry

    I kinda hope it doesnt come with Chrome OS because its just so lackluster and basic. Im pretty much running Chrome OS on my computer just by pinning Chrome App Launcher, Drive, Gmail, Chrome, Youtube, and Chrome Store with also having Rich Notifications enabled. I also find it funny that this wasnt uploaded to Youtube but instead to Dailymotion. If this is a reality I will for sure buy this for its beautiful design and screen.

    • AnthonyEtter

      I am guessing this will be a android, chromium hybrid

    • KatsumeBlisk

      I’m sure it was uploaded to Dailymotion so that Google can’t take it down as easily if this really is a leak.

    • EndiSky

      The video wasn’t RELEASED by Google, so where it was uploaded is irrelevant.

    • Any links? I cna’t find the App Launcher or Rich Notifications…ty

      • BrianCherry

        Go to Chrome://Flags and scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for Show Chromium App Launcher and Enable Rich Notifications then enable them.

  • One big draw of Chromebooks is the great price. What will the price of this thing be?

  • Minidisplayport 🙁
    Even the indent of the trackpad is very similar to the MacBook too

    • AnthonyEtter

      First of all mini display is not only on macbooks, it can be found on pretty much any new monitor. It also is better than HDMI for high def streaming.

    • Shaun Hardey

      Um thunderbolt?

    • droidftw

      Displayport is good. It can drive resolutions up to 2560×1600. Only other technology that can do that is Dual-Link DVI.

      • MrGy

        Isn’t Displayport higher than DL DVI? I believe there is some puzzlement over a potential technology that would allow us 2560×[email protected] and higher, which some iterations of DL DVI *might* be capable of, but Displayport is supposedly fully able to support.

        • droidftw

          There aren’t any monitors currently that are 2560×1600 or 1440 that are 120Hz unless you overclock the panel (Yes, it’s possible). The picture ends up being significantly worse. Dual-Link DVI and Displayport both support it but displayport can support higher bandwidths than DL DVI.

  • AnthonyEtter

    If this is legit, does it mean the Chrome Android statue has something to do with it?

    • jak_341

      I was hoping it meant Chrome OS and Android were merging. I don’t think it does though.

      • Tony Allen

        That’d be awful.

        • AnthonyEtter

          Wouldn’t be that bad if it was an integration of the app store or something.

      • AnthonyEtter

        Well considering it is touch and Android is made to work of touch screens and Android apps are also touch optimized. I am 95% positive that this new Chroombook will have some sort of Android integration. i.e. app store.

      • AnthonyEtter

        Well considering it is touch and Android is made to work with touch screens and Android apps are also touch optimized. I am 95% positive that this new Chroombook will have some sort of Android integration. i.e. app store.

        • Nick V

          ChromeOS already has App Store integration

    • nate

      ! Very good point! It would make chrome is so much better!

  • Too good NOT to be true!

  • Noah


  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    Looks like a professional video production so maybe we will be seeing something soon. I’d like to see Google develop their own mobile phone platform to provide an option to Verizon, T-Mobile, & AT&T

    • Guest

      What do you mean develop? They have the Nexus line are their devices, the designed them. They just don’t manufacture them.

      • Tom Snow

        I think he means “mobile network” not platform, to provide carrier options…

        • AnthonyEtter

          That would be sweet, but first they are testing their hands at household internet in Kansas City. Which makes me want to move from Ohio to Kansas.

      • MichaelCrackMonkey

        By “develop” I mean come out with the “Service”. I’m not talking about the phones and they didn’t design the phone that was Samsung. They simply created a base specification which several other manufactures also used to design their own phones. Samsung won the bid to build the “Nexus” for Big G. Of course now that Big G owns Moto they can design and build their own phone completely from the ground up. They only thing missing which is what my original comments were about is the service platform. Perhaps there should be a new name for the Google Owned Motorola division. Maybe Goto, G-Moto, or MOTOG, GMOTO…

    • AnthonyEtter

      They have the Nexus Line. Meaning they already have devices. They branded them and designed them. Just didn’t manufacture them.

      • MichaelCrackMonkey

        See my other response. I meant develop the wireless “service”

  • Francisco Salvador Velazquez

    This has to be fake, right?

  • ddevito

    Looks nice but I don’t see the point of having a high resolution screen for. just. the. web.

    • Nathan Buth

      You can do a lot more with Chrome OS than just. the. web. ;D

    • MrGy

      It’s very nice being able to fit the entire website on the screen. I for one cannot stand doing anything on sub-1680×1050: feels so crammed! 1920×1200+ is really nice

  • Simply WOW!

  • That video was absolutely amazing! It is on par with every over funded Apple promotion video I have ever seen! However for the product being featured it looks like Google took too many pointers from the MacBook lineup! Don’t get me wrong, it looks amazing and the display is sure to be gorgeous but I don’t want to go around with everyone asking, “is that a MacBook Pro?”

    • The CR-48 definitely took some ascetics from the macbook line and wrapped it in rubberized plastic.

  • Austin Warren

    This may get downvoted, that’s life, lol. I can only imagine all the apple fan boys complaing about it. Which can get very annoying from time to time. Same thing with the Samsung Chromebook.

  • mustbepbs

    Man I wish I could get actual work done on a Chromebook. They look so awesome and sleek.

    • AnthonyEtter

      What type of work?

    • MrGy

      I wish somebody would figure out how to port JVM/Eclipse to Android. That’d be so hot! Being able to dev on an ultra-light device is a dream come true.

    • codemonkey85

      I’ve taken a couple of classes where I was able to do all of my work in Chrome using Google Drive, so a Chromebook seems like it would be productive enough for me.

  • Dillon Brown

    For the right price and battery life, this is my next!

  • Austin Warren

    That is beautiful.

  • mastaking

    I want a chromebook so badly, The only things really holding me back are not being able to run some programs, like ODIN to root my Galaxy S3 for example.

  • That’s some serious hypebeasting at work

  • Looks absolutely amazing, will definitely buy into this if sub $500.
    Hopefully with good battery life too (5+ hours..)

    Fingers crossed for Google I/O announcement?

  • Rick Lopez

    I am making it rain on my screen and nothing is happening. GOOGLE Take my money, pLEASE!!!

  • Stevedub40

    Holy crap I thought it was on ecstasy while watching. Simply amazing!

  • Jared

    I would buy into this! Looks freakin’ sweet!

  • JordanMcRae

    No way that isn’t real. Lord knows this is going to be coming really cheap too. Do you think they would have such a final ad ready to go if we had to wait until the end of May for it to launch?

  • JetBlue

    I just hope the battery and price are right and if they are Google can defiantly take my money.

  • I wouldn’t mind having one if the price is right. My Toshiba A665-S6050’s battery recently bit the dust and no longer holds a charge which means I can’t use it in class to take notes. Sure I could replace the battery for a small $100, but I’ll wait to see how much this costs.

  • jak_341

    I was considering buying one…i may hold out to see what this is.

  • I just bought the samsung chromebook, and I hate buying something newer just because it’s newer but this is one of the exceptions for me…I WANT THIS.

  • Adam Emshwiller


    • Jonathan Bunch

      Take all the money!

      • Austin Warren

        I wish I had money that they could take.

      • Greg

        they will at that $1300 price

        • Adam Emshwiller

          yea slowly regretting that statement…. i figured it would be 700-800$ range.

    • azndan4

      Lame and overused comment.

      • Lane252


      • ok fine. so should we go with *throws money at the screen* nothings happening >.<

    • Greg

      still want to give them $1300?

  • viewthis66

    love it… i’m down for one of those.

  • hfoster52

    So Google IO is getting more and more interesting.

    • Manhattanboy

      What’s funny is that Victor Koch of Slinky.me just admitted that is was a secret Google project that was exposed in the Google+ comments LOL

  • MichaelFranz

    might be my netx big purchase, i need a more personal device, but i havent bought a new computrer in 4 years. and i am very partial to just running stuff on my iMac and Macbook

  • chris kilps

    it is a gbook

  • RGiskard

    Amazing looking machine… That could really help ChromeOS make the jump to wider acceptability if this isn’t priced like a full-featured Wintel Ultrabook.