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1SaleADay Wants You to Buy a Refurbished Nexus 7 for $180, New One Just $20 More

1saleaday nexus7

For the most part, we really like these flash sale deals from sites like 1SaleADay and DailySteals. They often times offer still-relevant products at slashed prices to consumers who are always on the hunt for the best deal. For those of you who have followed us for our 3+ years, then there is probably a good chance that you have acquired a product from one of these sites. It’s tough not to. Well, until you see deals like today’s. 

1SaleADay is offering up a refurbished version of the Nexus 7, our favorite Android tablet of all time. Normally, refurbished items are worth a look since manufacturers tend to fix known issues with them and essentially turn them into better-than-new products. But in this case, where the deal is for a 16GB version of the Nexus 7 for $180, we aren’t all that thrilled about this approach.

As you know, the Nexus 7 16GB can be had directly from Google for $199. This deal site wants you to believe that it actually costs $249, but that’s a lie. The 32GB version is $250, and this certainly isn’t that version.

If there is one bonus to take away, it’s that the deal includes free shipping, though with deal sites, that can take up to a couple of weeks or a month before your product arrives. Google will charge you $14 to have it shipped.

The lesson from today, is that you should never fully trust these deal sites. We try to highlight the legit deals, however, today’s like isn’t one of them.

Via:  1SaleADay

  • Spider210
  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Just got mine shipped today. . . well my replacement from google. . . since mine didn’t feel like starting up last week. Plugged the charger in and all I saw was a glowing light in the screen back ground. .. Called google ASAP!

    Already had the first one replace because of the screen issue a whiles back.

  • Guest

    Buying refurbished isn’t a bad thing, it tends to be better actually because the MFR will rectify problems with the unit that existed at time of manufacturing

  • flosserelli

    1saleaday and dailysteals both jack up their “retail” prices to make you think you’re getting a deal. I have purchased from both sites and have been happy with the products, but I NEVER buy from them without checking the actual retail price on amazon or google. 80-90% of the stuff they sell are refurbished items and arrive (2 weeks later) in a brown box with “1saleaday” or “dailysteals” splashed on it, so not the best idea for gifts. But occasionally you will find some decent deals.

  • Nope not a bargin…I agree with Bewara, I’d much rather go to my local OfficeMax, pay a couple of extra bucks and walk out with a brand NEW Nexus 7 in hand. Actually….I think I’m gonna go buy one now but I know if I do the Nexus 7 PLUS is going to drop the very next day and I’m gonna hate myself for not waiting.


    Groupon had a deal like a week ago for $10 more, too. DL mentioned that one, too, but with less criticism.


  • jabarri2

    lmao like said below. the nexus is LED? oh silly people.

  • JoshGroff

    Free shipping and is tax included? (looks like it on the site, but I don’t feel like creating an account just to verify) If so, that’s actually a decent bargain. (seeing as tax and shipping is another $26)

    • moelsen8

      all shadiness aside, i was thinking the same thing. i’m pretty sure it’s not included, which makes this pretty decent. i’ve bought a few things from 1SAD and sites like it. they usually don’t care about taxes.

      it was funny this morning though when Android Police called them out for first giving the list price as $259.99 and then having the price be ~$190:

      • hkklife

        If it was new, it’d be a solid deal if you don’t need instant gratification (these “deal” sites ship sloooooow) due to the free shipping and tax. Otherwise, the security of buying locally is hard to beat.
        I’m also curious how heavily “refurbished” their stock is. If these are early production june/july/aug 2012 models that had the myriad of early N7 problems such as backlight bleed, creaky back panels and lifting screens, then you are definitely better off buying a newer version.

        • moelsen8

          well yeah, i wouldn’t buy this thing refurb’d to save $30 or $40. you’re right that the shipping is so incredibly slow from these guys. my average time was around 3 weeks whenever i ordered stuff from them. no other problems with the stuff though (but it was new..).

  • John Malin

    Sites like that usually but the MSRP as what it was when it originally came out, not as what it can currently be bought for now. When the 16GB came out it was 249.

    Not really fair I guess, but they gotta make a buck somehow (I guess)

    • JoshGroff

      True, and it’s not like they’re selling it for more than the price of a new one, heck it’s still a deal, just much less of one than they let on. ($20 less plus $14 less from free shipping and another ~$12 off if they don’t charge tax.)

      • michael arazan

        A lot of Refurb’s are just returns back to the store for people who didn’t like it or want it.

        • disqus_SUQAvNDSEP

          Still, for 20 bucks more you get return policy and warranty

  • r0lct

    Another bonus if there is no sales tax.

  • arod

    I didn’t realize the Nexus 7 was LED….

  • Bewara2009

    Nah I whether go to Staples and buy a new one for 199.99..

  • KleenDroid

    Amazing bargain