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Tuesday Poll: How Often do You Upgrade Phones?


In a time where new phones seem to populate our news feeds on a weekly basis, it would make sense that consumers in general are always looking for ways to upgrade. But the reality is, that most people can’t afford to buy a new phone every six months off-contract. Most have to wait until they have upgrades available through their carrier, which includes a subsidized discount.

So in today’s poll, we’re wondering which category you fit in. Do you typically wait out the entirety of your 2-year contract, steal upgrades from other lines on your account, or purchase phones at will as you please?

How Often do You Change Phones?

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  • Audi

    Currently on VZW in Maryland and I get my phones in great condition off Craigslist. Once my contract is up in Dec I’m switching to Sprint. VZW has just gotten too outrageous.

  • dylan84

    I always wait til I get the upgrade when my contract ends.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    When the voices in my head tell me.

  • I am tired of seeing phones advertised with features and then go to secure the unit and find out it has been bastardized by the vendor at the request of the system operator Going GSM may not be the easiest thing to do but as carriers and phone mfg learn you don’t create loyalty by stabbing customers in the back the consumer will get better products and service.

  • umataro42

    I voted for “whenever I see a new phone I like”, but as a reference my first smart phone was the OG Droid (I’m on Verizon) and the next phone I saw that I liked was the Galaxy Nexus. I probably won’t upgrade with Verizon though, since they don’t seem likely to get another nexus phone.

  • Kr B

    I just buy used now. Most phones depreciate to half their original msrp in a few months. I bought a Droid RAZR for $150 3 months after it came out, although that was mostly because of all the different RAZR models.

  • Every year – but not with other lines. I don’t have a contract and just sell my old phone and buy a new one for less than $200.

    • Chris

      Same as me! Good man!

  • JS629

    Sadly, whenever I break it or it sh*ts the bed itself.

  • Normally, when the contract expires. Alas, my Bionic has experienced unexpected gravity surges from less than optimal heights and is now exhibiting abnormal and declining behavior characteristics as a result of the blunt gravity traumas.

  • Used to be every 2 years for me, but with VZW’s new data caps I suspect I’ll be using my Galaxy Nexus until it physically dies

  • dwm

    Whenever there’s something out compelling enough to make me pay full price (so I can keep my unlimited 4G on VZW). So far, sticking with my GNex