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Ice Cream Sandwich Update for the HTC Thunderbolt Rolling Out Now!

htc thunderbolt official

According to our inbox, and various Android forums like XDA, the Ice Cream Sandwich update that Verizon approved last week for the HTC Thunderbolt, is rolling out now. As expected, the update is a whoppin’ 395MB, but that’s expected with the big jump from Gingerbread to Android 4.0.

Head into Menu>Settings>Software update to pull it. Full changelog.

Update: ย Verizon has confirmed that it is indeed rolling out in batches starting today.

Let us know if you can pull it!

thunderbolt ics2 thunderbolt ics1

Via: ย XDA

Cheers James and Paul!

  • I’ve been with Verizon for so many years, I bought this thing thinking I would have the latest…..I DID! The Latest and Biggest Piece of CRAP Of any machine I have ever purchased. Now Verizon sends the “Latest” update I didn’t ask for, screwing it up even more. And they did it on purpose, to screw them up so bad people got out of their data plans. It is so dishonest and underhanded that I won’t be using Verizon OR this trash phone any longer.

  • lzl

    Are all the thunderbolts supposed to be updated now? Because I checked for an update a minute ago and I still get nothing….T~T

  • Yup…I’m done with this POS phone! The update, months upon months late, is junk. The phone slows down so badly now it’s a nightmare to even make a phone call. Ya hit the key to call and can wait up to 40 seconds before it even starts ringing. One day I inadvertently placed 3 calls to the same number because I didn’t think the prior attempts worked. HTC can take a flying leap and when my new phone comes, this will do the same. Samsung G 3…can’t wait!

  • this update sucks

  • abbychia

    Still have/use my Tbolt. Got it for the camera which still takes great pics. Still really like the phone despite battery. BUT the unwanted software update now makes it practically unusable because it’s now so slllllllllllow. Oh, to go back to the old days/ways and software :

  • Martin McDonald

    There are 2 types of people who own TB’s right now.
    1) The people who have root access and know how super simple they are to install custom ROM’s and;
    2) The people who have no damn clue how amazing the TB’s are and are still waiting for their upgrades to refresh.

    If your #2 then Root your damn phone, install a custom ROM and then wait for the next generation of smart phones to come out later this year.

    I could have upgraded my phone 3 months ago but my TB is incredible. I am running NusenseX 3.1 beta by Santod as my ROM and LOVE it..

  • Martin McDonald

    If you guys would have rooted your Thunderbolts you would have had access to dozens of different ROM’s to play with. My Thunderbolt runs better than the day I received it (over 2 years ago). http://forums.infectedrom.com/content.php and Santod do an incredible job of creating ROM’s (Operating Systems) for our TB’s and they are free.

    Get in the know and you guys will really enjoy your computing experiences with your smart phones. Rooting (gaining root access) to your phone is so simple a fn monkey can do it anymore. Root it and start customizing your phone the way you want it instead of waiting on dipshits like Verizon to give you an update.

  • C#

    Got the update and it bricked my phone when I restarted it… damn it

  • Customer

    Not happy with the update. Interface changes that were not needed are one thing… but everything is MUCH slower, it now has problems connecting to my homes network and I have yet to see a benefit.

  • CathyGag

    Hating the update! So much lag! Pickup calls and the connection delay is a serious issue! So nice touches on the settings menus, but if my phone sucks as a phone what’s the point!?

  • leavinacomment

    love the phone and the upgrade, why always the negative people?!

  • Chris Bechtel

    It rolled out. Worked on my phone for a day and then it killed it. Won’t even turn on now. Thanks Verizon!

  • Fallbrookdude

    How the hell can I reverse this, this sucks ass. I did not need this nor did I want it.

  • #EDG415

    I used to work for VZW so I could’ve upgraded but I loved my phone and 4G download speeds… I just couldn’t play the good games and the screen sucks in sunlight =/ I really wanted to upgrade to the S3, Note2, or even the Razr Maxx HD but I’m awaiting something better in the next coupla months to upgrade to. I’m really diggin’ the update… disappointed that it’s late. But it’s fun, not experiencing any lag, and I can’t believe the speed on the reboot/startup!

  • This update killed my phone this morning. Now at best it will get stuck booting up and only making it to the Thunderbolt screen before it reboots, or if I perform a hard reset it will run for all of one minute before it either shuts off and won’t turn on without a battery pull or it auto-updates and kills the phone again with the update. I don’t have money to spend on another phone at the moment, and the 9 employees at the Verizon store had me waiting for over half an hour with no help even though there were only 6 customers in the store when I got there.

    If anyone knows how I might be able to get the phone to operate again I would love to hear from you. [email protected]

  • jim

    Aol mail won’t load help

  • I got it, and it’s works beautifully. The real issue is if it fixes all the horrible problems they’ve made us cope with for two years!

  • CaptCIA

    kept my unltd data plan. ICS on this phone 24 hours and working fine. Thank the Lord for Otte csse.Got rid of my MRAZR AND my Samsung Charge and wentback to my “old” Thunderbolt. Best all around phone I have owned. Renewed with VRZ and got a USMC military 15% discount on my bill. BTW if you renew with out a new phone you are still paying for one….think about that one. Capt

  • BOB

    wtf!! damn you verizon!!! YOU STILL SUCK WITH UPDATES

  • Derp

    The new update makes the phone run at a snail’s pace. Clearly Verizon’s way of trying to get me off my grandfathered unlimited data plan (and a lot of users who bought this phone and still have it) and onto a limited plan that costs more to use. Love that this was an update I didn’t get a choice on, either. Phone just did it overnight…

  • Angry

    IT would have been nice if they gave us a choice… Phone is moving at snail speed and barely enough memory to run more than one app. 410mb used, 167 mb free

  • R B

    Unrooted screenshots…finally! Press/hold power, tap home, release. Snap.

  • Droidtommy

    Just downloaded it yesterday morning. Back off of Go launcher for a while to assess new sense. ‘Bout time tho.

  • Just pulled it and am installing now.

  • Tom Z

    I will have to move my SIM over and do the update for Sh*ts and Giggles.

  • mstar1

    Downloading ICS to my beloved Thunderbolt now.

  • How do you access the face recognition and can you modify the screen capture?

    • Chris

      Face Recognition should be: Settings>Security>Screen Lock>Face Unlock.

      What do you mean by modify screen capture? Currently with ICS if you hold power and volume down it does a screenshot. Do you mean can you modify those buttons? Not that I know of!

  • tayeke

    Downloading NOW!!!! So Excited!

  • DB Evans

    Flashback time: “HTC Thunderbolt Wonโ€™t See New HTC Sense 3.0”:


  • AOB

    Can I get the update even if my TB is no longer activated on Verizon (or anywhere)?

    • Tom Z


  • BDUB

    downloading now

  • itsgonnalast

    If I turn on my Galaxy Nexus and turn on my Thunderbolt, and they both hit the VZ network simultaneously does the world explode?

    I’m curious to see how well ICS runs.

  • Elisha Faith

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  • i have this phone. i got it because i can still stay on my unlimited contract and be on a better phone that could get ICS instead of keeping my OG droid. works perfect for me. last a good while.i mightve been able to upgrade one time and keep unlimited. i can upgrade now but dont want to spend more on the family “share” plan.

  • Diablo81588

    Hey look! A gingerbread themed ICS!

  • BigFonz

    Downloading now!!!!!!!! Finally!

  • Joe Isaacson

    Oh darn! I just updated my Tbolt to a Nexus 4. I will console myself by stuffing my self full of Jelly Bean

  • Joe Paul

    I have a thunderbolt as my backup phone. It really is pretty solid. Paid $100 for it 6 months ago and I am surprised to actually see the update roll out. Of course I rooted and romed so…

  • So it takes a week from announcement to just start pushing out the update? Man ,Verizon is slow. Google pushes out updates to real Nexus phones the same day the OS update is announced. Please Google make your own wireless network!

  • Jared

    Now they just need to roll out ICS to the Inc2. Same guts verizon! DO IT!

  • My God they’ve done it. It too little too late but this will increase the resale value at least.

  • Megg

    I have had the thunderbolt for almost two years. I have my upgrade in March. I’m so over this phone. I’ve gone through six of them and I’m not even hard on my phones. Next phone will not be a HTC anything.

  • Dollyllama….Best comment Ever

  • quite a few annoyance apps you STILL can’t disable. Amazon Kindle / Backup Assistant / Backup+ Media (VZW ) / My verizon / Rhapsody / Slacker Radio / Verizon tones. Must be what took so long they had to figure out how to keep these apps from being disabled.

  • All three people that are still using a Thunderbolt are probably leaping for joy!…

    • Chris

      I know a few people with them and I just got rid of mine not long ago, and at least 10 people have commented on just this forum with excitement. I know it’s sarcasm but obviously a decent amount of people have them, so this joke is annoying.

  • ts14

    Makes me wonder if it’s the same update as the leak that was out there months ago. Still good for TBolt folks(maybe).

    • JoshGroff

      It’s a bump up to 4.0.4 instead of 4.0.3 and they removed some bloat. I asked the same question myself.

  • Havoc70

    The wife will enjoy this update for about a day, already ordered her the Galaxy S III

  • MrClark

    Still using mine. Downloading the update now. Seems there are still quite a few on Verizon that have this phone and don’t want to give up unlimited data.

    • Br_d

      If you buy off contract, you don’t have to give up unlimited data. I sold my Tbolt for $60 and bought a GNex for $200 off Craigslist. That upgrade is definitely worth $140 and I got to keep unlimited data.

      • Chris

        Damn I sold my Thunderbolt on Amazon with Seidio case and Extended battery a month ago for $150 haha!

    • Christopher Green

      If this update is a flop I am buying a note 2 out right so I can keep my unlimited data. i do to much with my phone to be capped

  • john

    I don’t know if some 3rd world country can download this update. Maybe the 20 people who still owns a thunderbolt will enjoy it. Thanks to Verizon people are wondering about all HTC phones updates. Some of us moved on to other and newer phones. Thanks but no thanks

  • Tim242

    The sad thing is that with Sense, it will still look and perform like Gingerbread. DIE SENSE DIE

    • LionStone

      Aww Tim, don’t be mean…isn’t it beautiful that as Android users we have choices and that our fellow Android users are getting a major update? Be happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Chris

        I agree with this (:

  • My phone upgraded without me even knowing it was happening. I received a call and when I went to answer it everything was different including the specific ring tone for that particular caller.

  • Tom Luley

    My brother in law actually still owns this phone for one reason, and one reason only. Build quality. I don’t blame him. He has never had any major issues with it and that damn thing is built like a brick so he still owns it. He is pretty excited for this. One out of a million, I know haha

    • Chris Hollenbeck

      I wish the kickstand held it luster a little better, otherwise fairly rugged phone.

      • I just scraped the rest of the finish off and it looked find after that. But yeah, my wife is still using this and I’m glad she’s finally getting ICS for it. This thing has been dropped in water, dropped from height, vomited on (she gave it to our 5-year-old to play with in the car), etc. and still going… and going… and going…

      • Use Brasso on your kick stand.

        Use Brasso on your kick stand. USMC

        • Chris Hollenbeck

          Never thought of that. Thanks Marine. -USN Corpsman

      • I wish the kickstand was oriented so you could watch video in landscape while the phone is plugged in. Did they not beta test this thing?

        • saulo

          Yes!!! I always thought I was the only one who wished this! why couldnt they put the power plug on the bottom or the other side??? if HTC ‘d pay us to design a new phone they will kick Iphone’s and Samsung’s ass any day!!!

    • Yeah, gotta give HTC a bit of credit for that. I never owned one, but a friend who just so happens to also be a mechanic did. That thing was dropped from the top of a car lift, exposed to oil, dropped IN oil, etc. and never missed a beat. No case or anything. The charging port shorted out after 2 years, likely a quick fix with a soldering iron if he still used it.

      • michael arazan

        My friend dropped it from a table and it shattered, screen worked but the digitizer for touch didn’t

    • New_Guy

      I own mine because my contract is not up for another 2 months (leaving Verizon), but I have to admit, I have dropped this thing multiple times and at least once flush face down after it slipped out of my hand in an upward motion…nothin. Still runs like the day I got it (which isn’t saying much, I know…).

    • Alexander H

      T-bolt was great for that….dropped so many times and it’s fine….GNex already chipped the glass from chair height…

    • I still have this phone. Yes, it may not a be a cutting edge, but it works and works ok. AOSP ROM actually made it quite usable (no Sense, finally!), Rezound battery keeps it though the day. I think I’ll keep it for another few months…

    • george3494

      My wife still rocks my thunderbolt and loves it! These posts have been great to read… Def lmao

  • Christopher Green

    downloaded and installing now

  • Doug Wing

    Between my long gone Thunderbolt and my long gone Flyer, I am turned off from HTC for life.

    • JoshGroff

      Good thing you didn’t own a Bionic, Charge, or Revolution, otherwise you’d hate the top 4 android OEMs.

      • Tim242

        Haha no doubt. They all make duds. However! I loved my thunderbolt.

      • Doug Wing

        My GF still uses my old Bionic. Not Moto’s best phone for sure, but the TB is in a league all it’s own. Either no battery life, or the most hideous brick of an extended battery ever put out by an OEM.

        And no, I wouldn’t write off any OEM for a single bad experience. That’s why I included my Flyer in that list. I am upgrading from my RAZR MAXX / Xoom combo to the Note 2. I did look at the DNA, but the lack of external storage and the age old issue of battery life …….

      • The Bionic is getting JB this quarter. I have a Nexus 4, but I don’t think you can bash Motorola for that specific phone.

        • JoshGroff

          I sure wouldn’t, it had great reception. It did have terrible battery life though. (It was the only phone I bought an extended battery for.)

      • Chris

        I like the way you think and post. Similar to me haha

  • Kaveman

    I still have a thunderbolt. Downloading update now. I hope it completely trashes my phone. Did a backup first :). This way I can get a new (read better, stronger, faster, upgradeable) smart phone!

    • dealer2962

      Just downloaded the update today. It took a long time to get the apps updated and the phone ran with some lag. I then downloaded and ran app cache cleaner along with ATK. Now it runs like new, better than ever. While the phone could use more memory and a faster processor, this is the os it should have had a long time ago.

  • Nick Norman

    I still have the Tbolt but I am running Liquids AOSP ICS 4.04. (Holding out for the S4 or Xphone. I have waited this long) All the development needs is the RIL, Kernel and Radio from this official OTA to rid itself of minor bugs. We will have to see where this goes.

  • jedivolfan

    I’m enjoying Jelly Bean on mine right now! Oh wait, I upgraded to a Galaxy S3 months ago after giving up on HTC! Too little, too late.

  • Murphy

    I just ordered a new Galaxy Nexus for $150. This will make for a nice backup phone. $150 to hold onto my unlimited…. Yes please!

  • The question is; how much ICS stuff did HTC remove in favor of their crap Sense stuff.

    • Tim242

      Exactly. Even with JB on the DNA…it still looks and performs like Gingerbread.

      • Dash Speeds

        YeahNo. nice try though ๐Ÿ˜›

  • NYAvsFan

    I had one friend who owned the TBolt. Fortunately his infant son threw and broke it. He’s not into rooting/modding so I just told him to get a Razor Maxx HD. He is much happier now between that and the otter box on his phone to prevent further infant phone destruction.

  • Dollyllama

    Nice…a year old update for a 2 year old phone.

    I’m gonna jump right on this after I download windows 98 for my Pentium II Compaq Presario!

    I hate you verizon.

    • Nex__

      LOL 98 Pentium II LOL!

    • OreoMan

      Your comment made my day. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!

    • Havoc70

      Too funny…..LMAO

    • New_Guy

      Ha! fantastic =).

    • Damn i got all nostalgic with that

    • Daistaar

      Please do it over AOL Dialup on a 28.8k modem LOL!

      • Oh, come on. Upgrade to 56.6. That’s what I use Napster on. Now it takes less than an hour to download a three-minute song.

    • Best quip I’ve read on this subject yet!

  • JDub

    Couldnt throw my Thunderbolt far enough when the GNex came out.

  • motta2003

    Thunder who?

  • sith77

    WOW …………. Ive already dumped that gor a rezound and dumped that and now have a DNA ………… wtf took them so long , what a shame

    • Tim242

      And with Sense, your DNA still looks like Gingerbread.

  • So all the people that still have this phone, will get to enjoy ics for a month or two before they upgrade

    • before we all leave VZW ๐Ÿ™‚

      • arturo_bandini

        Yes. This phone and the way it was handled was a clear message from VZW to early adopters: “We are not interested in you.”

        • I will go out on a limb and say it was a great phone. But VZW really screwed the pooch on the software side. Once they finally released a solid GB OTA (probably 8-9 months later), I got great stability and battery life.

          • jeesung

            you’re lucky. that update didn’t help my battery life or stability

        • LionStone

          Nah, that message is for everyone on VZW, not just early adopters. They do not discriminate wrt to updating our phones.

      • Tony Allen

        You won’t be missed ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Kevin

      FWIW, I still have the phone. It works well enough for me aside from some 4G/3G connection issues; and I just don’t want to throw $200 at a new phone. Glad to see the update.

    • Out of curiosity, are there any other nearly-two-year-old phones getting OS updates still? Unforutnately ICS is already a version behind, so to any TB users out there still — don’t hold your breath for JB!

      • Matt

        Jellybean will never arrive in OTA form. However from what I’m reading it won’t be a far cry for XDA to port the new radios (as long as they work on their AOSP roms) into a JB build. I’m holding out for XDA to work their magic before I go with this update. ALSO: XDA has already confirmed a new HBOOT, so it is very possible that people that run with the OTA will not be able to root their phones for a while. You have been warned…

    • New_Guy

      Exactly 1.7 months. Then it becomes a Frisbee.

      • Ok so I have this phone…I really love it. It’s sturdy…have sometime connection probs with 3G/4G but I think that just because of the building I work in (old designated fallout shelter). I just got the Ice Cream update this morning…very cool. It’s a good phone IMO…I’m one of those lucky few with unlimited data…so tell me why my phone will amount to nothing more than a Frisbee soon? Can someone dumb it down for me?

        • Br_d

          The 3G/4G thing might not be your building. I had those same problems with my Thunderbolt and they went away when I upgraded to a GNex, and I still work in the same building. Of course, I had 3G/4G problems pretty much everywhere with the TBolt.

          • New_Guy

            It’s definitely not the building. Always had issues from day 1.

          • Martin McDonald

            you should have flashed your radio to the newest version then…You wasted loads of money by getting rid of your TB. Next time, teach yourself how to root your phone and open your eyes to the wonderful world of customized roms. There are dozens, if not hundreds of ROMs out there built for the Thunderbolts, and other smartphones.

          • Br_d

            I did have the newest radio. I know what I’m doing. I tried at least half a dozen ROMs and they all had this problem. It was a hardware issue. Furthermore, $140 is not “loads of money”, and the Galaxy Nexus is a significantly better phone anyway.

        • New_Guy

          Like BR_d said, the issue is not with your building. The T-Bolt was born with connectivity issues and it is one of the biggest headaches to deal with. The thing drops data when it tries to synk and I have to turn auto synk off because of it. I also don’t care what people say about customs roms because I’ve tried nearly every one you could name and battery life stinks no matter what way you slice it and always has. Also, this will be the last firmware update this phone will ever receive so you can kiss Jelly bean (or Key-lime Pie) goodbye. It’s already far past its life-cycle and VZW is trying to convince us to trust them by throwing us a bone because they know our contracts are up soon. Oh, and that Unlimited data plan will vanish if you choose to subsidize your next phone. Not keeping this phone for the sake of keeping unlimited data. It’s not worth the headache any longer.

          Note 2, here I come!

          • So whats this business about me loosing my unlimited data??? My kid said something about it….but I’m not up to speed on what that means. I’ve talked to customer service a few times over the last few months or so…and they are always trying to get me to switch my data plan. I usually reply ..your on crack! why would I do that? So…New_Guy… What do you mean by ‘subsidize’? If I buy a new phone even at full price I won’t be able to keep my unlimited data plan?????!!!! Seriously???

          • jqr1967

            If you buy at full price you can keep your unlimited plan. If you buy through Vz at a reduced cost ( Iphone5 for $100)… you drop to a 2Gb per month limit on standard plans – or more Gb for more $

        • Mzcarmelladee

          I have daily connections problems with 3 and 4G….Im really getting sick of it.

  • Michman98

    ROFLMMFAO!!! Bout GotDamn Time!!!

  • schoat333

    My predictions, it will looks the same, but be slower. Don’t bother Tbolt users.

    • really all I care about at this point is kernal source so the AOSP roms can finally reach their full potential for the one or 2 devs still left

    • Tim242

      Sad, but true.

    • Completely agree. Just install one of AOSP ROMs. I’m on Liquid, it’s nice.

  • Anyone who still has this phone probably doesn’t know what a software update is.

    • I asked on Twitter and no one apparently owns this phone anymore, which is probably a good thing.

      • Timothy Christensen

        I think they were all set to self-destruct after a year. Mine lasted about a year, than then I went through 4 of them in a month.

        • Justin Winker

          Ouch… The only phone I’ve had this happen with was an LG Banter feature phone back in the day… And ironically, I’m back with an LG Nexus 4, but have yet to have any issues with it.

      • Daniel Clifford

        Buddy of mine still has it. He’s been checking since you all first posted about the approval.

      • Greg

        With the thundershed rom I loved my Thunderbolt. It was a good phone and to have LTE was awesome! I think the only problem with it was VZW software. I should also note that I bought the phone used for $100 and only had it for 6 months before I got the Razr HD. now it just sits on my desk as a backup phone. I am sure it will get used again someday. I wonder if any one will make any ICS roms for it. CM9 would be nice.

        • http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2056575

          This is what I run on mine. My coworker just flashed it to his and uses it as his daily driver.

        • Thundershed FTW! I moved onto a GSIII, but still have it kicking around as a backup/webcam/music player. I’ve considered upgrading it to ICS, but I may just leave it on GB for nostalgia ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I sent a screen cap to @droid_life. Still a “few” of us hanging on ๐Ÿ™‚

      • justin johnson

        my co-worker still has one, his wife wont let him get something else. I replaced mine with a DNA.

      • I still own mine. It is currently being used as an IP camera though.

      • Still use it as my daily driver unfortunately. Run the Fusion ICS from TwistedUmbrella right now. Hoping he or Liquid can apply this official update to their ROMs so they’re less buggy.

      • superdry

        I’m still using the phone…fornow. I haven’t run into problems (outside of lag) besides the first one I bought which had a broken power button. But, no need to upgrade since I’m leaving Verizon once my contract is up. Currently playing around with different prepaid MVNOs in the meantime to see which one I want to stick with. Oh the freedom and saving some money.

        I’ll wait until a a rooted version of the update shows up to download. I’ll install it and then sell the phone.

      • I just saw you tweet and fell out of my chair. My wife got this for $0.01 last year as all TB owners know, we’ve had “issues” with it. We called verizon 15 times over the last year to fix her phone they told us there was nothing wrong with the hardware and to wait for the software update. The last call was about 2 weeks ago and I told them “No more waiting. Just replace the piece of crap” and they were like oh its out of warranty. Thanks Jerk-izon. This update will at least increase the resale value on craigslist to $5. Great build qulity but HTC needs to get its act together if it wants to have any sorta of brand loyalty. Verizon is a lost cause but HTC can choose to update phones if they really want to buy another down the road. We won’t be doing that this generation. Nexus FTW. All hail our contract-free ever-updating phone overlord, Google.

    • I would like to say that I still own the Thunderbolt! It has been a great phone for me and yes I do know what a software update is! There is ALWAYS going to be a better phone “coming out better than yours….. My old saying,”If it aint broke, dont fix it! lol