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Ice Cream Sandwich Update for the HTC Thunderbolt Rolling Out Now!

htc thunderbolt official

According to our inbox, and various Android forums like XDA, the Ice Cream Sandwich update that Verizon approved last week for the HTC Thunderbolt, is rolling out now. As expected, the update is a whoppin’ 395MB, but that’s expected with the big jump from Gingerbread to Android 4.0.

Head into Menu>Settings>Software update to pull it. Full changelog.

Update:  Verizon has confirmed that it is indeed rolling out in batches starting today.

Let us know if you can pull it!

thunderbolt ics2 thunderbolt ics1

Via:  XDA

Cheers James and Paul!

  • I’ve been with Verizon for so many years, I bought this thing thinking I would have the latest…..I DID! The Latest and Biggest Piece of CRAP Of any machine I have ever purchased. Now Verizon sends the “Latest” update I didn’t ask for, screwing it up even more. And they did it on purpose, to screw them up so bad people got out of their data plans. It is so dishonest and underhanded that I won’t be using Verizon OR this trash phone any longer.

  • lzl

    Are all the thunderbolts supposed to be updated now? Because I checked for an update a minute ago and I still get nothing….T~T

  • Yup…I’m done with this POS phone! The update, months upon months late, is junk. The phone slows down so badly now it’s a nightmare to even make a phone call. Ya hit the key to call and can wait up to 40 seconds before it even starts ringing. One day I inadvertently placed 3 calls to the same number because I didn’t think the prior attempts worked. HTC can take a flying leap and when my new phone comes, this will do the same. Samsung G 3…can’t wait!

  • this update sucks

  • abbychia

    Still have/use my Tbolt. Got it for the camera which still takes great pics. Still really like the phone despite battery. BUT the unwanted software update now makes it practically unusable because it’s now so slllllllllllow. Oh, to go back to the old days/ways and software :

  • Martin McDonald

    There are 2 types of people who own TB’s right now.
    1) The people who have root access and know how super simple they are to install custom ROM’s and;
    2) The people who have no damn clue how amazing the TB’s are and are still waiting for their upgrades to refresh.

    If your #2 then Root your damn phone, install a custom ROM and then wait for the next generation of smart phones to come out later this year.

    I could have upgraded my phone 3 months ago but my TB is incredible. I am running NusenseX 3.1 beta by Santod as my ROM and LOVE it..

  • Martin McDonald

    If you guys would have rooted your Thunderbolts you would have had access to dozens of different ROM’s to play with. My Thunderbolt runs better than the day I received it (over 2 years ago). http://forums.infectedrom.com/content.php and Santod do an incredible job of creating ROM’s (Operating Systems) for our TB’s and they are free.

    Get in the know and you guys will really enjoy your computing experiences with your smart phones. Rooting (gaining root access) to your phone is so simple a fn monkey can do it anymore. Root it and start customizing your phone the way you want it instead of waiting on dipshits like Verizon to give you an update.

  • C#

    Got the update and it bricked my phone when I restarted it… damn it

  • Customer

    Not happy with the update. Interface changes that were not needed are one thing… but everything is MUCH slower, it now has problems connecting to my homes network and I have yet to see a benefit.

  • CathyGag

    Hating the update! So much lag! Pickup calls and the connection delay is a serious issue! So nice touches on the settings menus, but if my phone sucks as a phone what’s the point!?

  • leavinacomment

    love the phone and the upgrade, why always the negative people?!

  • Chris Bechtel

    It rolled out. Worked on my phone for a day and then it killed it. Won’t even turn on now. Thanks Verizon!

  • Fallbrookdude

    How the hell can I reverse this, this sucks ass. I did not need this nor did I want it.

  • #EDG415

    I used to work for VZW so I could’ve upgraded but I loved my phone and 4G download speeds… I just couldn’t play the good games and the screen sucks in sunlight =/ I really wanted to upgrade to the S3, Note2, or even the Razr Maxx HD but I’m awaiting something better in the next coupla months to upgrade to. I’m really diggin’ the update… disappointed that it’s late. But it’s fun, not experiencing any lag, and I can’t believe the speed on the reboot/startup!

  • This update killed my phone this morning. Now at best it will get stuck booting up and only making it to the Thunderbolt screen before it reboots, or if I perform a hard reset it will run for all of one minute before it either shuts off and won’t turn on without a battery pull or it auto-updates and kills the phone again with the update. I don’t have money to spend on another phone at the moment, and the 9 employees at the Verizon store had me waiting for over half an hour with no help even though there were only 6 customers in the store when I got there.

    If anyone knows how I might be able to get the phone to operate again I would love to hear from you. [email protected]

  • jim

    Aol mail won’t load help

  • I got it, and it’s works beautifully. The real issue is if it fixes all the horrible problems they’ve made us cope with for two years!

  • CaptCIA

    kept my unltd data plan. ICS on this phone 24 hours and working fine. Thank the Lord for Otte csse.Got rid of my MRAZR AND my Samsung Charge and wentback to my “old” Thunderbolt. Best all around phone I have owned. Renewed with VRZ and got a USMC military 15% discount on my bill. BTW if you renew with out a new phone you are still paying for one….think about that one. Capt