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AT&T Announces New and Expanding 4G LTE Markets as Build Out Continues


Any news is good news when it comes to new markets of 4G LTE going live. AT&T is the carrier today who has announced four new markets to receive LTE and three more markets will have their existing network expanded to make the coverage even better.

New markets:

  • Dalton, GA
  • Calhoun, GA
  • Norfolk, VA
  • Albany, GA

Existing markets in three different Pennsylvania counties are being expanded to cover more people and make the download speeds better across the board. AT&T isn’t on Verizon’s level yet, but they’re slowly getting there month after month.

Via: AT&T

  • BAM1789

    I’m in the Phoenix-Metro area and unless you are right in downtown Phoenix LTE is barely faster than HSPA.. Averaging about 10 down. I can pretty consistently get 6-7 down on H+.

  • Butters619

    AT&T LTE is now just as bogged down as their HSPA+ network. During the holidays I had full bars but no data at the local mall, at Disneyland I have full bars and no data in the lines, and at concerts I can’t even get a drop of reception.

    I tried calling them and their tech support pretty much said that’s what happens in crowded areas. Deal with it.

    • Diablo81588

      Its pathetic. Although their LTE is just as fast as Verizon’s in my area, their HSPA+ is slower than Verizon’s 3G.

    • michael arazan

      Even through major cities their networks are like swiss cheese with tons of patches disconnecting everywhere worse when driving. They need to beef up the current network before these expansions.

      • Butters619

        Yeah my home is in an LTE gap. I can walk 4 blocks in any direction (except west because that would put me in the ocean) and pick up LTE, but only HSPA+ (which is garbage) at my place.

  • SchwannyT

    Wow I think I have been spoiled by Verizon’s announcements. Seeing 4 city’s on there was a little … anti-climatic. They may be big evil d#ck heads but they do know how to roll out a new network…..

  • We need more expansion in MN.

  • chrismcconkey

    I am in Dalton and I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed the LTE on my SIII last Thursday.