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SanDisk Class 10 MicroSD Cards Up to 60% Off as Amazon’s Gold Box Deal Today

gold box sandisk

Class 10 microSD cards are something that should be on most of your lists of “must have” smartphone accessories. Well, assuming your phone can take them since many manufacturers have decided that the hot trend of the moment is to remove slots for them. But if your phone does have an SD slot for expandable storage, there is nothing like having a ultra-fast card for dropping media or ROMs on in seconds.

Amazon, today, has dropped SanDisk Class 10 32GB and 64GB microSD cards by 66% (23.99) and 53% ($46.99), respectively. If you already own one and need something else, like a regular SD card for your point and shoot camera, those have been dropped as well. In fact, the 64GB Class 10 regular SD card is 72% off. Not a bad deal.

Remember, that not all phones can support 64GB cards. The Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 are a couple that do.

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  • Austin

    Newegg.com has a 32gb card today for $16

  • LTE4G

    Gave me nothing but fits with the Moto razr maxx… even after formatting a few times…

    • Heartless12

      it doesnt work? because i have the same phone

      • LTE4G

        Phone kept freezing running slow and had some data corruption… of course I had a backup but still… though I am running 4.1.2 so… my 32GB card works fine.

        • Heartless12

          o okay well i know now to stay away from it and im running 4.1.2 as well thanks for the info

  • Boogers

    Went to Best Buy and price matched so I didn’t have to pay for shipping. Great deal!

    • T4rd

      Shipping is free. Also no tax (in my state anyways).

  • Can someone please explain the benefits of this over say a standard mSD card that would ship in a device?

    • Raven

      They could potentially be much faster and higher capacity than what ships in most devices. It really depends on what came with the device. But, I doubt too many devices come with 32GB Class 10 cards or better.

  • Nikolay Essani

    Regarding 32GB microSDHC:

    I also bought this for $24, but it was a couple of months ago.

    It came on time (2-day shipping), came in a frustration-free package, and with no damage. It came with the card, an adapter, and a case for both. I tested the adapter, and yeah, it works.

    I put the thing into my Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 (not a smartphone; rather, a iPod alternative) and it works like a charm. Speeds are great and it scans fast. Haven’t had a problem!

    Amazing cards by an awesome brand: go get it while it is cheap! (However, it has been on sale at least twice now on amazon, and I have no doubt that it will be on sale again)

  • It still makes me SMH when I see that you can get 64GB (packaged in plastic with an on board controller built in no less) for $50 (and just under $100 FULL price)…and yet manufacturers think it’s ok to charge $50-$100 more for an additional 8GB built in :/

    • Aaron

      Yeah, somebody is going to have to explain that one day.

      • hkklife

        Why should someone have to explain it? As long as Google is trying to act “cool” and mirror Apple, customers will keep bending over and merrily accepting feeble onboard storage (Nexus 4 8 & 16Gb) in a world of tiered & throttled data alongside exhorbitantly priced Apple “$100 to double your storage” schemes.

        But in all fairness, the eMMC NAND found internally in most devices is leaps & bounds faster than any microSD card (or controller) will ever be.

        • T4rd

          The internal storage on my Note 2 tests out at about 15-16MB/s write and 31MB/s read. I see this Class 10 card getting to about 10MB/s write and 20MB/s read (though some tests are varying wildly). So the internal storage may be 1/3 faster at most. Not sure if that qualifies as “leaps and bounds faster.”

        • Aaron

          I don’t think your comparison of Google to Apple quite works. I’ve never heard of an iPhone selling for $300 or $350 off-contract, no matter how much storage it comes with. I’ll take a 16GB Nexus 4 for $350 over $650 for a 16GB iPhone 5. I think it is clear whom is bending over their customers, and I’ll give you a hint; it’s not Google.

    • michael arazan

      That’s how they make some money on the devices they sell, the N7 only made a meager profit from the price of the storage. the rest is a wash.

  • Thanks for the heads up Kellen. I bought a Canon Rebel t4i recently and needed a card. You saved me +$100! Once again, thanks! DL FTW…!

  • Ben Leonard

    perfect for my Cr48!11111 running windows

  • EricM

    Just to second others’ thoughts/concerns, putting a class 10 32gb card in my galaxy s3 worked fine for 2-3 months, then it gave me an error stating “sd card unexpectedly removed”, card is basically dead, reformatting doesn’t work, etc.

    S3 Owners: stay away from class 10, specifically > 32gb, not sure about smaller versions.

    • ohshaith55

      Everyone please disregard this. S3 or others. This was almost definitely a fluke or was purchased from a sketchy manufacturer. These are made by sandisk which is a very trusted brand

    • i also had this exact issue i had a kingston 16gb but it was class 4

    • SubMatrix

      The S3 has some sort of problem frying sd cards. It is not a fluke like the below commenter said. If you google around a lot of people have had the same problem, myself and my friend included. Luckily, SanDisk has a great warranty policy and I was able to get a replacement within 10 days, no questions asked. FWIW, my card was a 32 GB, so its not isolated to 64 GB. My friend also had a 32 GB, both SanDisk.

      • jzwerlz43

        and its not isolated just to class 10’s fyi to everyone. I had to class 4 sandisk sd cards one 16GB one 32GB. both of them got fried within a month of so of use. I now have a 32gb class ten i got from radioshack with a 1 year warranty. i formatted it on my phone as soon as i got it which is one thing i didnt do last time so hopefully thatl help. no issues thus far with it

  • benhodges

    I’ve had the 64GB version of that card in my Razr Maxx for over 6 months with no issues.

  • Dave

    64gb at best buy for $16 open box special. Yeah!

  • jnt

    Anything over 16gb has a decent chance of being buggy on the newest Razr lineup (M / HD / Maxx HD) and the S3 – but moreso on the Razr’s. I’m sure someone will comment saying theirs works perfectly, but I’ve seen enough to know that it’s somewhat of an issue.

  • Sam_K

    You might want to rethink that “must have” recommendation for class 10 memory cards after you read the following thread from xda-developers. If the link gets removed by the comment system, just go to the xda-developers forum and search for the thread on “32gb microsd cards”.


  • Butters619

    I own a One X 🙁

  • Sadly, the GS3 has a lovely habit of destroying Class 10 cards.

    • Speak for yourself

      • There’s been plenty of documented cases. Not like I really want it to be an issue for folks, but it is. The worst part is, Samsung really can’t/won’t do anything about it but tell you to try a different brand or speed class.

        • I’ve been using one for about 8 months now, before that it was a 32 class 10 on my Fascinate. *knock on wood* hasn’t died yet

        • Mike

          I’ve had two 32gb Sandisk micro SD cards screwed up on my GS3. Thought I was alone.

      • PeaceOfPi

        Second that – Running one for the last year almost and still going strong. Granted I haven’t run TouchWiz since I can remember either…..

    • jnt

      mainly the 32 and 64gb cards, the 16s work great…

  • Silver Veloz

    If I remember correctly the Motorola Droid Bionic supports 64G. But do a google search, just to make sure. 32G was more than sufficient for me.

    • evltwn

      I have a 64gb card in my RAZR MAXX HD. No problems

    • King

      I’ve got one in my Bionic. Works great, last long time. It’s one of the main reasons I still have my Bionic and won’t consider a phone without a microSD slot. It’s the first time I’ve been able to carry my entire music collection with me (that I don’t have to stream).

  • The 64GB will work on the D4 if you reformat it from exFAT to FAT32.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    Great deals!…to bad my phone no can accept external memory! 🙁

  • I have the 64 GB card and love it. It’s the sole reason why I’m not even going to bother with a phone that doesn’t have an SD slot.

  • teevirus

    Perfect for my Galaxy Nexus.

    • JetBlue

      Not sure if troll.

    • T4rd

      That slot is for your SIM card only =p.

    • Booyah

      Upvote because it’s funny.