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Contest: Win One of Five Spigen Ultra Thin Air Cases for the Nexus 4 or One of Six for the Galaxy Note 2 (Update: Winners Picked)

Ultra Thin Air

We just got done posting up a quick look at the Spigen Ultra Thin Air case for the Nexus 4 and Galaxy Note 2, so now it’s time for us to give some away. If you have been in need of a case for either your Nexus 4 or Galaxy Note 2, look no further. The Spigen Ultra Thin Air case is a lightweight, sexy, and durable option for anyone looking to protect the shell of their device.

Ready to win one? 


Update:  We have emailed our list of winners. Thanks to all of those that entered!


Five (5) Spigen Nexus 4 Ultra Thin Air cases in black. Six (6) Spigen Galaxy Note 2 Ultra Thin Air cases. Three in white and three in black.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments section, tell us a time when you wish you had a case on your phone.
2.  Enter in which case you want. If you want a Note 2 case, please tell us which color you prefer (white or black).


Winners will be randomly selected from the comments section tomorrow morning (Feb. 5) at 10AM PST. Good luck!

A big thanks to Spigen for the prizes. Be sure to stop by their site to see their entire accessory line.

  • John

    When I threw it at the wall after getting mad at my wife. I really could’ve used it then.

    Black please

  • When I chucked my phone down the basement steps with a handful of dirty clothes, onto the concrete floor 😡

    Note 2 black please and thank you

  • Jason Stewart

    When I dropped it 43 feet while at work
    Nexus 4

  • I’ve been pretty lucky so far, but I do constantly drop my phone. I’d love a Nexus 4 case in case my luck runs out.

  • Angafirith

    Back when I had an iPhone (4 years ago or more), I dropped it. It hit corner first and did cartweels for about 7 feet before flopping over with the screen side down.

    It survived, but the corners were pretty torn up.

    Nexus 4

  • Christian Andrade

    When I pulled my phone from my pocket and fell flat on the glass. Not pretty after that.

    Note 2 in black.

  • Jon

    I was in New Orleans. My Nexus 4 was sitting on a table in the lobby of my hotel. Someone put their jacket down, somehow knocking the phone on to the tile. (Amazingly!) the glass did not break, but I had a slightly-less-than-fatal heart attack when I saw it crash to the floor.

    I’m so thankful that it didn’t break, but having a case would definitely ease my anxiety about my precious Nexus 4.

  • Doug Wing

    When I left it in my lap when I got out of the car.

    Note 2 in black.

  • Aeran Doron

    i’d have wanted the black case for my note 2 before i bought the flygrip

  • boradori

    When I dropped my phone in a public restroom.

    Note 2 in black

  • boradori

    When I dropped my phone in a public restroom floor.

    Note 2 in black

  • Will Wilkerson

    I wish I had a case when my note 2 slipped out of my hands and into guacamole…
    note 2 black

  • When my note 2 bounced off my foot and landed on concrete, scratching the backing.

  • please me please me note 2

  • Zann

    Two years ago, I accidently dropped my droid bionic causing minor
    damage. I was still waiting for a case from ebay. I wished I should have
    bought a case from store.

    I want note 2 case in black color.

  • I wish I had the case when I dropped my Note II, just after paying over $700, on concrete and severely chipped the frame!

    Note 2 in Black, Please!

  • John May

    Walking out the front door holding the new baby and trying to answer a call. The phone slipped and I watched is slide across the front sidewalk. Yep, the back was all scratched up. I could have a used a case then.

    Nexus 4

  • Droidzilla

    I wish I had a case for my wife’s Nexus 4 every time she holds it. The woman was able to scratch Gorilla Glass, and when her OG Droid was finally retired it looked like it had been through a war. (Nexus 4 case, if it wasn’t obvious).

  • All the times that I put my phone in a cup holder in my car and scratched the bottom and sides.

    Note 2 in white please!

  • Dan

    Hmmm, I think the one time I regret not having a case on my phone was when I worked construction for my Uncle and we were repairing a deck. I accidentally put sandpaper in my the same pocket as my phone. Well, needless to say the phone’s surface was ruined. Good thing it was an LG. hehe 🙂

    Note 2, white!

  • John Lambeth

    I wish my phone would have had a case on it when it slid 20 feet down a concrete slope face down. My screen was toast! I would like a Note 2 white case please!

  • im getting a nexus 4, and i need to protect it (slippery hands)

  • Guest

    i’m getting mine, and i need to protect it!

  • Bob G

    When I first got my Nexus 4 because I was so scared of the glass back that I decided not to even open the box until I had the official bumper, which we all know took foreeeeever to come back into stock. Nexus 4 case would be awesome now for even more protection!

  • Reid Yogi

    When I drop it down some stairs.

    Note 2 in black.

  • pouxonu

    I wish I would have had a case on my note 2 a few weeks ago. Had it charging and my foot got caught on the cable and fell to the floor from about 3 and a half feet,landed face down and the screen was shattered. Instead of getting a 20-30 case I had to shell out the 100 dollar insurance claim. A case would have allowed this not to happen.I could really use one since I’ve seen myself become a little more clumsy since getting this phone.

  • When I was at a concert, I put my phone was in my lap. I got up an hour later, forgetting my phone was there. It fell from my lap, hit the concrete, and skidded underneath some other chairs.

    (Note 2 in White)

  • PseudoK

    Left it between my legs in the car. Stepped out of said car.

    Note 2 – Black

  • weeslick

    when i left my nexus s on the windowsill at work. window leaked phone in puddle. Nexus 4 case

  • AK

    When I missed my pocket, and then went sliding down my leg to the concrete floor. (Nexus 4 case)

  • About two year’s ago, I had my motorola atrix on my lap in my car and when I got out it fell and put a big ding in one of the corners. A nice case would have come in handy.

    Note 2 (black)

  • I scratched the area around the camera on my Galaxy Nexus. Too close of a call for something nice like the N4.

  • randy

    Two days after I got my nexus 4 and dropped it. Broken screen, broken life.

    Nexus 4

  • jsngrvn

    Poor Galaxy nexus 90 days after use dropped on tile, cracked screen :(, Was forced to purchase a Note 2! Win for me…

  • Steven Dinsdale

    When my work shirt button scratched the crap out of my phone

    N2, black

  • NPaduch

    When I got out of my car and forgot my phone was in my lap….

    Note 2, Black

  • Yuda Huseno

    Wished I had my spigen case for my nexus 4 when I tried to picked falling pen from the floor and my pocket shirt was unbuttoned. It either cracked my front screen or cracked my back glass of my nexus 4