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DROID RAZR M in “Platinum” With Blue Accents Available at Best Buy

razr m platinum

Best Buy appears to be selling a special edition DROID RAZR M in a Platinum colorway that Verizon is not offering. This new look turns one of our favorite mid-range (our review) devices into a grey and blue-accented beauty. The blue comes via the lock switch and volume rocker, though nothing else appears to sport this new color. We don’t have a picture of the back, so we’ll assume it’s the same as the kevlar backing on the white and black versions.

If you want to pick up this special edition colorway, Best Buy is selling it for $50 on contract. 

razr m platinum razr m platinumrazr m platinum razr m platinum  

Via:  Best Buy

Cheers Daniel!

  • Daniel

    Yay I spread the good word of Moto’s sleek phones around! Here’s hoping this combo for the Moto X-Phone!!

  • Larizard

    Ok, I know we all hate this 50 shades of Razr colors, but man, this one is sexy looking.

    • Why would you hate it?
      More colors is always better

  • nightscout13

    Is the kevlar blue? There’s no rear shot

  • Looking at this reminds me of the R2D2 Droid 2!

  • LionStone

    Screws should’ve been blue too,

  • Reminds me of the colors on my old school Razr flip.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Kinda hoping the X Phone has this form factor.. Smaller top/bottom bezels.

  • paul_cus

    I like the color. It’s too bad the options aren’t all released at once, but I understand why they do it this way. It’s not that big of a deal.

  • Cory

    Love my M. However it was the first Gorilla Glass phone I’ve owned that I was able to put a deep scratch in.

  • Rob Watkins

    I think it looks pretty cool.

  • RedPandaAlex

    I’m really curious how sales of the Razr M are going. Seems like a pretty solid mid-range option.

  • Kevin

    I work for Best Buy Mobile and I have never seen this.

    • Laki S.

      You should probably get off Droid-Life and get back to work then…

      • Kevin

        Good thing it’s my day off

  • Danrarbc

    Too bad the blue isn’t slightly brighter to match the hue of the ICS/Jelly Bean status indicators and clock.

    It looks like they might have tried to match it but failed.

    Edit: Actually it seems to match the darker blue in the widgets. Kind of a weird choice considering it’s something a user can remove.

    • Ben

      Now THAT would be awesome.

    • Motorola uses a slightly different shade of blue for their stock font colors. Without seeing it in person, its tough to tell if its the same or not.

      • Danrarbc

        The buttons don’t match the clock in the pictures in this article. Which are presumably the same colors what is on the actual phone.

    • TylerChappell

      Or maybe it’s just blue because that is Best Buy’s color? And maybe since “Platinum” is usually above gold, the slightly darker blue has a more elegant aesthetic to it? It reminds me of the “blue martini” color theme in Winamp.

  • Thomas

    The only news I want to hear about from Motorola is the X Phone.

  • AndrewScardino

    The only problem I have with all of these new colors and cool looking phones, is that I always feel the need to put some ugly case on to protect my investment and end up not seeing the phone lol

  • Okay, this whole color thing is getting a bit ridiculous now. Let’s focus on making good phones and not just changing the color of a previously released model.

    • KatsumeBlisk

      It’s not just that. It screws people over who bought the previous colors but like the new ones better.

      • its really not a big deal. If you like the new color THAT much you can buy the chasis on ebay for like 60 bucks.

        • And void your warranty? No thanks.

          • That should show you how meaningless the color of your phone is.

    • Yet, if they release too many models a year, they are accused of not focusing on device quality. Putting out a new color takes very-near-zero effort for engineering, the people who are actually working on the next round of devices, so let them put out all the colors they want. The net effect on their next device is negligible.

    • Diablo81588

      Why don’t you complain about Samsung releasing endless color variations of their galaxy lines?

      • kixofmyg0t

        Shhhhh! We don’t do that here. You can’t speak negatively about Samsung here.

        A much better approach if you want to avoid the wrath of the hive mind is say something like;

        “Oh yeah can’t wait for the RAZR M MAXX HD+ SUPER PENTILE PLUS lulz”

      • KatsumeBlisk

        I didn’t say it was OK for Samsung. Where did I say that? Dave and I both never mentioned the RAZR M specifically.

        • Diablo81588

          Did you say anything when Samsung released new colors for the s3 or note 2? I never accused you of saying it was okay, only that when Motorola releases a new color everyone freaks. Yet when Samsung releases new colors everyone approves. Bunch of hypocrites.

  • Al

    That looks nice. (Moving on)

  • sc4fpse

    Personally, I think this color scheme looks great on the M.

    • chris125

      I agree

  • I got my wife this phone and she loves it. I hope Moto keeps making regular sized phones instead of only giant phones.

    • michael arazan

      I’m 6’2 their giant phones are regular sized too me

  • ddevito