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Nexus 4 8GB Now Shipping in 3-4 Weeks

nexus 4 8gb

After returning to the Google Play store this week following a lengthy absence, the Nexus 4 remains “in stock.” We were wondering how inventory levels would hold up after being away for so long, especially after seeing Google sell through what little amounts they had each of the last two times the device became available. So far, they appear to have been able to meet demand this time around, with the 16GB version still showing as shipping in “1 – 2 weeks.”

The 8GB version, on the other hand, changed this morning to shipping in “3 -4 weeks.” Clearly that $299 price is appealing to many of you, and I can’t fault you for that. The Nexus 4 has been my device of choice since it came out – it still impresses me on the daily (our review). Plus, there is something to be said about freedom from a carrier, a status that unlocked phones like the N4 can bring you.

Via:  Google Play

  • Mal

    Wow the 16gb now ships in less than a week

  • tanko

    I ordered my 16gb on the 28th and got it on the 1st of Feb. Glad I got it when I did haha

  • Jim McClain

    Looks nice, but I wouldnt give up LTE for it

    • Droidzilla

      If you live in an area with good HSPA+, you’re giving up nothing. Even on AT&T’s HSPA+21 I get a comparable experience to what I had on Verizon’s LTE. If you get strong T-Mo HSPA+42, you’re as good as the best Verizon will offer. Some of your speeds may be measurably slower, but you’ll never notice it for anything other than downloading large files (even then, won’t be a big difference).

      Everyone’s jumping on the LTE bandwagon because it won the buzzword wars; like VHS over betamax (though LTE is truly as good or better than HSPA+; it just doesn’t matter for things like web surfing, HD video streaming, etc.).

  • Chris

    I still don’t get why this phone only comes with 8 GB. I am running out of space on my 32 GB Galaxy Nexus and storage needs in the past have always grown and did not shrink.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    8gb and no SD slot, that’s just insulting.

  • Mavrick987

    Have an N4 and it just seems like the right thing to do!

  • Mavrick987

    Currently in a contract with AT&T looking to move to a prepaid carrier! What is the best out there right now? Looking to switch within the week! 🙂

  • Shilamar

    I don’t have the money to buy it on Google Play but I’m going to get it on TMobile Wednesday. Bad be vision?

    • Droidzilla

      Dude, find the extra $100-150 somewhere. You’ll save a ton of money going prepaid, and if you ever decide to leave T-Mobile and go to AT&T, Straight Talk, Solevei, etc. you can without issue. Very worth it to go unlocked.

  • Guest


    • Trevor

      My thoughts exactly.

  • andjoy

    I order my 8GB on the 30th of jan. Still havent received any confirmation yet. The immediate mail i got said it would take 1 to 2 weeks.

  • enigmaco

    I love my 16 gb nexus 4 best phone I have ever own

  • sphen

    ordered my 16 gig thurs, will be getting it monday

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Still won’t leave Verizon for this. It amuses me people will choose a phone first, a carrier second. Verizon may be expensive but they’ve got rock solid coverage. Sure I’d love a real nexus, but my Galaxy s3 is more than enough to hang on to. Still in hopes for the rumored X Phone.

    • La2da

      Expensive? No. It’s mostly about the way they tell a gargantuan lie about once a month and generally treat people (customers and employees) like piles of moronic sh*t.

    • Anon

      Wouldn’t you like someone to introduce a phone that would allow you to tell any US carrier to shove it, so you could stay off contract, and go where you wanted? I sure would.
      The Nexus 4 doesn’t do that for me, but that’s the reason I hope the X-Phone will.

    • arturo_bandini

      I left Verizon in July. So far I’ve had no service maybe twice. Once in the mountains and once out in the country somewhere. Didn’t affect my life, and definitely not worth paying hundreds of extra dollars every year to make sure I have service the one or two times I wander out of other carrier’s service areas.

    • Droidzilla

      Not everyone has the same coverage as you. I have a friend who lives in a populace part of town who gets zero Verizon coverage at their house. They’re in a bit of a gully and Verizon didn’t do a good job with their towers there. They get AT&T just fine, though. So, should he get Verizon since they’re obviously the best, or go Straight Talk AT&T and get far better coverage where he lives for far less money?

  • scotty

    ordered my 16gb version on the 1st of Feb. Got notice on the 2nd that it shipped!

    • Ray

      I ordered my on the 30th received noticed it shipped on the 1st and the tracking info still doesnt pull anything up on UPS.com. Hopefully is updated tomorrow

      • Yusuf Bahadur

        I ordered mine on friday as well. Stil haven’t got it!

  • Trevor

    Ordered mine on the 30th, it’s supposed to ship tomorrow! Only issue: have a contract with Verizon until December of this year. Gotta find a prepaid plan with someone I suppose.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Straight Talk $45 (AT&T unlimited talk/text and limited data [some say 2GB, others have gotten away with more]) or go with the T-Mobile $30 plan for 100 minutes, unlimited text and 5gb of HSPA+ data.

      • Trevor

        I think I’m going to try Straight Talk, except I’ll try their T-Mobile service first for the faster data speeds. If the coverage sucks, then I’ll switch over to ATT. And if it all sucks, then my Nexus 4 might be going on ebay and it’s back to my VZW plan!

    • Droidzilla

      Do you have unlimited with Verizon? If so, you can sell it and make money instead of getting hit with the ETF. Even if it’s not unlimited, you can probably sell it or at least give it away with no ETF if it’s not a Share Everything plan.

      • Trevor

        I’ve thought about that. But it’s a really good plan/price. I have unlimited data, plus got on a $20 discount promotion (every month) they were offering a couple years ago. My monthly bill is very close to the prepaid plans everyone is getting nowadays, so I’m going to hold onto the plan and ride out the rest of my contract in case Verizon ends up releasing a phone I really want. Honestly, I don’t think anyone can compete with their network. I just like the added freedom of GSM/HSPA.

  • yummy

    Thats the sound of vzw
    losing another customer,
    soon as they end my unltd.

  • zepfloyd

    Buying this phone with 8GB of non-removable storage is like driving a Hummer with a 5 gallon tank.

    • Justin Winker

      Not quite… I have my music library, several apps (a couple larger games included), and a couple of videos on my 16GB and I’ve barely gotten up to about 6GB of data. If you stream your content, I would get the 8GB model, but I prefer to have my data with my phone, so I opted for the 16GB model.

      • zepfloyd

        Oh please, people RAILED against phones like the DNA having only 16GB. 8GB is a JOKE, it’s 5.x GB usable. Make a ROM backup or 2 (this is a Nexus here) stick a solid game on it with some apps, and you’ll be out space in a week or less if you take an HD video…and that’s assuming ALL your music is in the cloud.

        • LionStone

          Yes 16 is doing fine for me on the dna…About 66 apps = 1.1GB, Photos/Video 1.72GB, Available 7.98GB. But they STOLE 5.19 GB! Bastards!

          • michael arazan

            Let’s hope with the Motorola X phone running pure android that they don’t make it the first phone by Moto w/out an sd slot, if they want to save maney with an 8/ 16 gb memory, just keep an SD slot and I’ll buy the SD card myself.

          • Butters619

            I have 16GB on my One X and I am constantly out of space. Unfortunately in my gym and work I don’t receive good enough coverage to stream music.

      • I have a thunderbolt with a 32g sd card, and with apps and music i have my internal storage filled and 3/4 the SD card….. 16 is not enough, especially with everyone trying to put caps on data!

    • David Harris

      Not really the Nexus 4 would still be better than one of those POS’s!

    • Not a great analogy. Your phone doesn’t stop working when/if you fill the storage. Keeps doing everything it did before. Not everyone needs more than 8 gb. I have 16 on my GNex and still have 10+ gb free.

      • Justin Winker

        Agreed – I’m the same way. I could probably have gone with the 8GB model, but I wanted to make sure I had enough space if I needed it.

    • snowblind64

      Bad analogy.

      More like buying a Ferrari. Sure it’s really fast and handles great but there isn’t much storage space. I guess you could get a trailer (USB OTG cable and flash drive). 😉

    • arturo_bandini

      8GB is sufficient for people like me who use their phone primarily as a communication machine, which is why I ordered the 8GB and saved myself fifty bucks. I want a fast email, phone, and web surfing machine.

      If I listened to lots of stored music or played games beyond Temple Run I would probably want something with a little more storage, however.

    • Droidzilla

      I used to always want an SD slot and a removable battery, but I found that I never used them on the phones I had. I have yet to see any negative effect of having a 16GB N4. For some, they need the functionality of a 32GB phone with an SD slot and a removable battery. For them, this would be the wrong phone.

  • UnderstreeT

    [French] J’espere qu’il reviendra vite en France 🙁

  • Brent Cooper

    Hopefully if all the x-phone rumors are true, Google will be very well stocked for its release date and be ready on the Play Store too. I really hope they learned after launching the Nexus 4. It’s a great phone, but awful supply 🙁

  • bitpimpin

    the nexus 4 really impressive me too…

  • sagisarius

    Or it just means they made way less of the 8gb.

  • Anton Martin

    Oh, you’re lucky people.

    Here in Spain the stock only lasted 12 minutes. I don’t know if it will worth the wait for the x-phone

  • This is probably good news. If Google continues making high quality, inexpensive, unlocked phones, and the they remain popular, the big 4 carriers will have to notice. They are already starting to push their prepaid plans (although half heartedly and at terrible prices). In the past month I’ve already convinced many of my extended family members to leave Verizon and switch to prepaid. I am proud to report that because of that I’ve cost Verizon about $1,200 a month at least or $28,800 over the course of a two year contract. I know it’s chump-change to Big Red, but if more and more people start doing that, it will add up quick.

    • capecodcarl

      I’m just biding my time for the inevitable day Verizon cancels my unlimited data plan and I’ll be right behind you. I did some calculating and my 700 minute family plan with unlimited data on two lines is still cheaper at around $140/month with corporate discounts than two separate “unlimited” prepaid plans would be. I only talk to my wife so the unlimited voice minutes doesn’t really matter if I have unlimited mobile-to-mobile.

      • LionStone

        Yep, biding my time too…I have 2 Unlimited and one dumb line, all 3 will be out of contract by the middle of March! I love when they say, “And by the way , all your lines are eligible for upgrades.” And I just chuckle to myself… Will be FREE soon 🙂

      • Under

        In French, for 25 dollars per month, we have unlimited calling and 3go internet 😛

        • Antoine Colson

          here in Québec (Ca) it’s 35

        • arturo_bandini

          France is 6% of the size of the USA. The infrastructure requirements are a little different.

        • Joe

          Where is French? Is that in European?

      • Raven

        That must be some discount. I have the exact same setup with an 8% discount:
        Nationwide 700: 80 – 7.20 = 72.80
        Line 1: 39.98 – 2.40 = 37.58
        Taxes & Fees = 9.45
        Line 2: 39.98 – 0 = 39.98
        Taxes & Fees = 10.26
        Total: $170.07

        Do you just have that much more discount, or am I getting screwed out of $30/month somewhere else?

        • capecodcarl

          Well, I wasn’t counting the taxes or insurance on the phones in the cost. 🙂 If I include taxes and the Asurion insurance it breaks down like:

          Nationwide Talk Share 700: $50 – $9 (15% discount) = $41.00
          Line 1: $39.98 – $3.60 (12% feature discount) + $10 (texts) + $5.18 (insurance) = $51.56
          Line 2: $39.98 + $10 (texts) + $6.99 (insurance) = $56.97
          Total $149.53 + $11.99 (taxes) = $161.52

          Do you have the Nationwide Talk and Text 700 plan? I only have the Nationwide Talk 700 plan and then have the $10 text messaging plans on each line.

          • Raven

            Hmm, interesting. Yes, I do have unlimited texts on all my lines so that must account for the $30 dollar difference there, but then you are adding back in $20 for the 2 lines and $12 for insurance, but then minusing a bigger discount and lower taxes and coming out $10 less.

            I am glad that cell phone bills are so simple.

          • capecodcarl

            I guess if you want a simple cell phone bill you have to go prepaid. 🙂

      • Droidzilla

        Got my wife and I off of the same Verizon plan (sold my plan; no ETF and I pocketed money). We’re both on Straight Talk for $45/month each for unlimited everything (I hear they throttle after a certain amount, but we haven’t hit it, yet). $90/month no contract for 2 lines with unlimited minutes, texting, and data.

        Before taxes and fees (which I found to be much higher on Verizon than ST), you’re saving $50 a month this way. If you don’t need minutes, you can go T-Mobile prepaid with 100 minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data (throttled over 5GB) for $30/month, which would be $80/month less for two lines. You’re looking at saving something like $1200-1920 over a two year contract (not to mention you can simply purchase devices from Google Play).

        • I did a spreadsheet and realized that even though I am forking out $700 up front on phones, I break even with Verizon between month 2 & 3 by switching to ST. Everything after that is gravy.

          • Droidzilla

            Did you account for selling your current phones, plan, and accessories? Break even could be even sooner.

          • I figured them as sunk cost (unrecoverable). Plan for the worst. Plus I doubt anyone would actually want a Droid2Global running on 3g. Especially mine (pretty badly beat up)

          • Droidzilla

            Looks like you might be able to get something like $50 for it; maybe less depending on the condition.

          • I would feel guilty charging people for the phone. It’s really beat up. Having a toddler in the house will do that. Got a case for my Nexus 4 this time.

    • maynardwelsh4mx

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      • Justin Winker


        • LionStone

          Flagged that mofo….

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Good! Our switch day is coming up in March (the last day of my contract, my wife’s ill just be paying out). Prepaid is the way to go, and with the N4 being back in stock I am very pleased. Ordered mine yesterday actually, hope it ships sooner than the 13th!

  • Kellex, what carrier do you use?

    • Trevor

      I think it’s time for their prepaid write-up that Kellen mentioned in the last DL Show.

  • Thomas

    Who cares…bring on the X phone 😉

  • trav

    So if I ordered yesterday morning I’m still good right?

    • asdfasdf

      just go by whatever is in your confirmation email

      • lucky

        I was surprised when my phones arrived this morning at 7am, (so early in the day & only 5 days after I placed my order). At 8am I got an email from the play store saying my phones had shipped. Before that the only communication I had from Google was the confirmation email.
        TL;DR-Phones arrived before Google notified me they had shipped probably due to the eagerness of the delivery Co.
        Am in the UK, TNT made the delivery.

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    I wonder how many of these devices have been sold in total.

    • Rox


      • Fred

        You think big 🙂

      • Jarred Sutherland

        You must have missed the post on XDA where they got a decent count based on serial numbers.

        • Dragonetti Surprise

          Count mine in. It is arriving today around noon.

        • Droidzilla

          The XDA thread is pure conjecture (not bad conjecture, but conjecture nonetheless). There has been no verification of their hypothesis.

    • enigmaco

      a lot lol