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Verizon’s Galaxy Note 2 in Grey Drops to $149 for New Customers, $189 for Upgrades at Amazon

amazon note 2 deal

Amazon appears to have dropped the price of the grey version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from Verizon to $149 for new lines and $189 for upgrades. Still priced at $299 on-contract from Big Red directly, this may be the best deal you will find on the internet.

The white version can be had for $199 for both new lines and upgrades.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our review of the Galaxy Note 2.

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Cheers Jeremy!

  • JB

    So if I bought this phone would I be able to adjust the amount of data if need be? I’d be coming from unlimited data and I’m not sure if I’d need 1 or 2 GB’s.

  • I have my mother-in-laws’ dumb-phone up for upgrade on the 18th at verizon. I want to use this upgrade to get the note two on my line. I know i can do this in store at verizon, but anyone know if i can do this at BBY or Amazon without having to upgrade the dumb-phone to a 30$ a month share plan fee?

  • OMG! I just bought the galaxy 1. If only I had known about this deal I would have upgraded to the galaxy 2. This sucks big time. I will keep it in mind for when it is time for my update in a few months if it is still available.


  • timmy13

    I have a brand new never even been opened Note 2 in grey for sale. I’m asking $550 for it.

  • fanboy1974

    If your in the market for a smartphone this is the best deal if size is not an issue. This baby has a unlockable bootloader and support for cyanogen mod. And having sd card support and removable battery is a bonus. I don’t even feel bad about paying $300 because the phone is still worth it at that price.

  • David Verba

    So if I upgrade one of my dumb phone lines and when I get it, activate it on my unlimited line (ESN swap) – I will keep my unlimited and my dumb phone line will go back to being $10/mo, Correct?

    • Futbolrunner

      Correcto mundo. A Verizon customer rep on the phone even suggested it for me since I have 2 other lines for my family. I’m going to wait and see what Samsung and Motorola have to offer this year.

      • Automatically everything will switch or do you need to call and have them switch i. Do you also get that 30$ for 1 month since uupgrading?

        • Futbolrunner

          You have to call them or do it online to switch your plan. Are you talking about the $30 internet plan? After you buy the new subsidized smartphone immediately switch it with your unlimited line. You will just have a pro-rated rate of a dollar for each day its on the new line.

  • Why is Amazon trying to make me change my data plan to 2gb the screen before says it is not going to change any details about your plan? Also does anyone know if this ships directly from Amazon (not a 3rd party)? If so Best Buy will price match. #impatient

    • Orlando Ayala

      Not sure about Best Buy but Target recently announced online store price matching and they have a mobile department.

    • Jonbo298

      Without seeing it myself, my guess is that Amazon is saying THEY (Amazon) are not changing the plan. Verizon is the one requiring the change.

  • J Davis

    I bought the Note 2 off contract and paid the earth shattering $699. I will say it was the best $699 I have ever spent… and will do it again when the Note 3 drops. Of course I will sell the Note 2 to take the sting out of it a bit..

    • Jonbo298

      Same here. I had plunked down full retail for the GS3 and then the Note 2 had to entice me so I did it again and offset it somewhat with the GS3. Worth it for me to keep unlimited data and been a great device in general.

      Note 3 will be so hard to not get.

  • Bewara2009

    whoever gets this will be in loved with this phone! can’t stop looking at it lol

  • G

    Man this is the deal !! Now the hard part… getting Verizon to swap my eligible upgrades. 3 lines, 2 smart, 1 dumb. 1 smart 1 dumb up for upgrade. Have to upgrade the wifes (smart phone) line. Of course my main line is not due till August. HOW DO I DO THIS?!?!

    • G

      ** Upgrading the wifes line to SG III. I want to apply the 2nd upgrade to my line to replace my Gnex with the G Note II.

      • pd240

        You won’t regret it. I also came from a gnex and it is quite the difference. Battery is amazing, screen is amazing. Plus now that it had been unlocked you have your choice of some great custom roms.

    • g

      EDIT: I am upgrading the wife’s line to an SG III. I need to find out how to use the other upgrade for my main line so I can upgrade from my Gnex to the G Note II

  • grimmsie

    I just got mine today .. I ordered when they dropped it to $199 … i am pretty much in LOVE … light years better than the crappy rezound it is replacing 😀

    • Thomas

      Congrats !!!

  • T4rd

    If you’re on the fence about this phone, you dive off of that fence right meow and right into the side with Note 2s. =p

    • Capt. Crunch

      Haha seriously this is the best phone on the market, the only phones that come close are the DNA with its beautiful 1080p display and the Nexus 4 because well it’s a freaking Nexus for as low as $299.

  • Thomas

    Best Phone Ever !!!

    • Wow 2 positive comments in a row about a story….is this still Droid Life?