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Verizon Announces New Unlimited Prepaid Plans, No 4G LTE in Sight

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Verizon officially introduced new prepaid plans this morning, the same plans that were leaked earlier in the week. The plans are as follows – $60 for unlimited talk, text and 500MB of data or $70 for unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data. Oh, we should also point out that these plans can only use Verizon’s insanely slow 3G CDMA network and not their ultra-fast 4G LTE network.

So why would you switch to one of these, you ask? I have no idea. If you want to go the prepaid route, we already talked about options for T-Mobile and AT&T a couple of days ago that run $45-50 and include unlimited HSPA+ data, which at times is faster than LTE.

But, if you love Verizon to no end and need something cheaper than their Share Everything plans, here are your new options.

  • Jon

    Insanely slow? Huh? I never thought Verizon 3G was slow. I love 4G, but I was never hurting on Verizon 3G either. I used to tether to laptop with a friend doing the same, simultaneously.

  • TylerChappell

    I suppose the only reason people would go this route is if they wanted a Verizon-specific phone.

  • AmendFIRSTment

    I have unlimited data on your network Verizon!! I use 25g+ a month Verizon! you give my company 15% off verizon! My company reimburses the rest of my phone bill verizon! I am unlocked and rooted verizon! I share my data with everyone around me verizon…AND I AM NEVER GIVING IT UP! MWAHAHAhahahah!

  • iamme

    this is not going to appeal to the techies that look at this site so of course the comments will be negative….but the older generations and the people who dont use their phones for everything will like these plans

  • VZWIndirect

    Hmmm….Page Plus (Verizon MVNO running the exact same network as VZW Prepaid) has Unlimited T&T w/ 2gb data for $55 or 5gb for $70, and that includes the taxes. Whats even better, is Page Plus will allow a smart phone on any plan. So you can also run any phone you want on their $40 unlimited T&T, or $30 1200 minute plan.

    With Wi-Fi nearly everywhere I am (home, work, most restaurants, the mall…..), having access to data on the go isn’t really that big a deal for a lot of people.

    Also, many LTE phones can be provisioned to “work” on Page Plus. By work, I mean Talk and Text are fine, you just end up with data somewhere between 1X and 3G….no really practical if you want mobile data, but its great if you can rely on Wi-Fi. And a few LTE phones have been “full flashed” to Page Plus, meaning you have 3G data.

    I can’t see ANY reason for anyone to go to these plans…..less data, more money, limited phones…..typical VZW.

  • ReXeR

    Soon as I’m off contract, I’m dropping Verizon without thinking twice. I feel like I got shafted having the Gnex and getting tried of their ridiculous pricing. Straight-Talk here I come.

  • xXAaronSXx

    Note to Verizon: You gotta do better than that. Be more competitive! We will be going prepaid as soon as my last phone is outta contract (Jan 2014, and three of my lines are out now). If you aren’t competitive, with say Straight Talk, you’re fired! I’m already buying phones outright to keep my unlimited date (3 so far), I have no problem buying phones outright to leave.

  • Jeromeonchrome

    Verizon is just as greedy as apple, and to be honest the only reason im with verizon is because they have exclusive phones like Droid razor, Htc rezoned, htc dna. If it had not been for those phones i would have never sign on to verizon high ass monthly bills. I pay over 110 bucks every month and the only thiing i get unlimited is txt msg. My T.mobile account i get everything unlimited for 70 bucks a month. SMH

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    People still need unlimited voice?

  • Bryan Sparks

    Data Speeds vary from area to area. if you are blessed with living in the Boston area you are fine. the Prepaid plans are great but I work for verizon and i can tell you this… Prepaid plans do not get the extended network. So if you are out of a direct verizon area which is rare but does happen you will not have service. Verizon post pay service is where you get all the full features of the network.

  • Michael Quinlan

    Or, if Verizon offers the only reasonable coverage in your area, and you’re willing to stick with 3G, buy a used Verizon 3G phone and go to Page Plus, for the same minutes, text and data, for only $55 per month.

  • Diablo81588

    Verizon’s insanely slow 3g is still 10 times faster than sprint, a million times faster than TMobile’s edge network (which is all there is in many places), and faster than att’s garbage overloaded HSPA+ network in my area. In comparison to LTE it’s obviously slower, but to call it insanely slow is not true.

  • MrGy

    Verizon, stahp

  • Winston31

    Kellex are you going to make a post about prepaid plan comparisons like you discussed on dl show?

  • Captain_Doug

    Maybe if this included their LTE and was $10 cheaper… $60 for 2GB of LTE and unlimited talk/text actually sounds perfect.

  • itsgonnalast

    Unlimited… but don’t go over 2GB.

    Nice try Verizon.

    • Thomas

      I love how they fell like they are throwing folks a solid w/ the whole unlimited talk & text part. F that.

      • itsgonnalast

        Eagerly awaiting Google Wireless (or whatever their LTE network is called).

  • 3G is “insanely slow” now? Sure its nothing compared to theoretical LTE speeds but a couple megabits per second is plenty for the majority of users.

    • Glen E Ston

      try under 1mbps, it really is slow. Sprint has faster 3d speeds.

      • Captain_Doug

        I’ve peaked at 2.5mbps and average 1.5mbps. I still think that’s incredibly slow but it isn’t that slow…

      • Diablo81588

        Lol! Sprint 3g is slower than dial up 99 percent of the time…

    • J

      Yeaaaaaa ummm.. couple mbps? On the best day. usually couple hundred kbps

  • Thomas

    500MB’s..lol. That would last me like 5 minutes.

    • Sakina Solomon

      Or less

      • Captain_Doug

        Very possible. A straight 300 seconds download at 20mbps+ would do it.

        • Butters619

          200 seconds at 20mbps would do it.

          • SexciiP

            No one likes you butters -___-

          • Butters619

            No kidding. But 20mbps/8 bits per byte = 2.5MBps * 200 seconds = 500MB

          • demiserv

            i only stream music while at work. uses my tablets data in around 2 hrs or so (nexus is unlimited but xoom is 2GB data limit)
            thank you but no verizon. if i wasnt broke id pay ETF and go go no contract!!

    • reyalP

      What do you do on your phone that requires that much data?

      • Thomas

        Let’s see. Porn, lots of porn. Droid Life Show, NFL Red Zone on Sundays, etc. etc. Oh…did I mention porn. 😉

        • michael arazan

          i use 2 gb/ month just listening to tune in radio for 2 hours everyday, 500 would barely cover your emails for an entire month. And what happens to that data when vzw goes to voice over data and voice and text is on data? They said they would change over sometime this year.

          • capecodcarl

            They won’t count the voice and text message traffic that goes over the data link against your cap.

      • Tim242

        All I do is browse the web, check email, listen to a few podcasts per week, and light YouTube watching. I use 10-12 GB per month. I have no idea how it is that much.

        • chris125

          You’re doing a lot more than that to use that much data. You must stream a lot/tether to rack up that much usage.

          • Tim242

            I do not tether. I don’t even use a computer outside of work. The only streaming I do is light YouTube, and podcasts. Maybe Slacker a few times per month. I think Verizon’s data counter may be off on unlimited ACCTS.

      • Ytram

        Tethering? Netflix? Listen to music? Cloud storage? 500MB is easy to use for a power user.

      • joejoe5709

        I’m on Wifi 95% of my day, everyday but I still manage to use at least 3-4GB every month mostly with Pandora and the occasional YouTube if I’m out of Wifi range.

    • NotTheTodd

      If you could get 500mb over their 3g network in 5 minutes, congratulations sir!

    • feztheforeigner

      Not on a 3G connection lol

  • chris125

    Why get stuck with this and be stuck with their phones when you can go with tmo/straight talk for cheaper and be able to get any phone?

    • Captain_Doug

      … and get 4G. There is no reason to pay more for less.

    • Tim242

      Tmo is spotty, straight talk is severely limited on data use. No streaming, 700 mb limit per day, 2 GB per month. No thanks.

      • chris125

        So you save $25 a month while getting the same amount of data without being charged an overage. Plus I’ve heard many use a lot more than what you claim to know and nothing happens on straight talk.

        • Tim242

          There are a lot of people still on unlimited, including myself. As far as straight talk, a visit to read their TOS will enlighten you. They prohibit streaming of any kind, including YouTube. What good is data, if all you can do is use the browser, and email? They do harass people that don’t obey their TOS. They also will cancel you if you continue. Should someone really have to deal with bullying, just to save a little?

  • Zoloft_User

    Verizon would be considered be one of the greatest carriers of all time if they pulled their head out of their ass and offered an Unlimited EVERYTHING PLAN and only charged $50 a month…but I don’t see this happening for sometime…or ever…

    • TomStieger

      Even unlimited everything with LTE for $70/month would be great!

    • Thomas

      Love your username 🙂

  • joejoe5709

    Hmmm. Might as well keep my current plan, really. I know TMobile can be crappy at times, but I’m really considering jumping ship for the first time ever. If the next Nexus isn’t compatible with Verizon, I’ll keep my Gnex for a few more months until the new Nexus (or the Nexus4) comes down in price to warrant moving over to T-Mobile. Verizon is just too darn expensive these days. Verizon – if you’re listening or if you care – you’ll be losing a loyal customer of over 10 years. And I guarantee, I’ll be taking a lot of my family and friends with me. Please consider reducing your pricing.

    • 4n1m4L


  • Verizon you so crazy.

  • While technically correct, Verizon continuing to market their unlimited plans as such in regards to talk and text is disingenuous. The only unlimited users care about now is data.

    • MrGy

      Seriously. This seems like complete false advertising: these plans are not unlimited!

      • iamme

        they didn’t say completely unlimited they said unlimited talk and text.