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Take Yourself Into the Weekend With the Droid Life Show Episode 13


An epicly long Droid Life Show went down on Wednesday night. For those that missed it, you missed over an hour and a half of pure Android goodness. Our topics included the Motorola X Phone, unlocking phones becoming illegal, the Vine app and its #porn problem, Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus suffering through a painful death, why I’m not a fan of carrier-tied Nexus Phones, our favorite apps, the optimal phone display size, and even some Super Bowl chatter.

Again, it was a long episode, but as always, we had a blast doing it. Thanks to all that joined in live. For those that catch the show after hours, be sure to subscribe via all of the links below.

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  • dezignstuff

    I’ve tried to watch a couple of these, but I just can’t do it. 4 callow guys giggling about anything. Its sad that Kellex turns out to be the mature one in this group. Ay.

  • Green

    Another great show! I see nothing wrong with a big phone (bigger is better).
    Ravens CANNOT win. Please. I live in MD (Broncos fan). I am SO tired of purple, Lewis and Flacco.
    Go Niners!!

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    Thanks Guys, finally got around to watching one completely…

  • I guess I’m in a minority in not really caring if the Carrier updates the phone…I don’t want my updates from the carrier anyway…they should be nothing but dumb pipes and have no business releasing updates to my phone. To me a Nexus means unlocked bootloader with Google & a strong community to update it

  • Tanuj Chokshi

    Considering the Galaxy Nexus was released on Verizon and Sprint and the GSM model supported AT&T and T-Mobile, I really would not doubt that the Motorola X Phone could be released on all 4 carrier. Samsung’s had enormous success with dropping phones on all carriers and I think Motorola wants in on that too now that we know Samsung is looking to distance themselves from Google by either forking Android on their phones or adopting Tizen OS. I don’t know. Everything seems to be true to me other than the phone being sold on Google Play. I wouldn’t doubt Verizon would charge for unlocking the bootloader because Verizon always tries to empty your wallet. Can’t wait til May!

  • Apple ear buds? -_- Trolls…take him.

  • Raven

    I don’t suppose anyone transcribes these things? That would be a great Google/Hangout/Youtube service. I rarely have the time or patience to sit through a how like this, but I can read quite fast.
    Ooh, shiny thing!

  • Thomas

    Worth a watch folks. Kellen plays w/ his pussy(cat) quite a bit. Tim started a Note 2 cult. Ron was Ron, you know he’s like the drunk chick at a party blah blah blah. Eric was just Eric, a big sexy teddy bear :). Love you guys & have a great weekend !!! You too Ron, just bustin’ balls bro 😉