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Sony Looks to Bring the OG DROID Back From the Dead, Dubbed Xperia E

Xperia E

Making a quick stop off at the FCC is Sony’s new entry-level Xperia E, and immediately we have visions of the OG DROID resurrecting and doing the “Thriller” dance. Crazy enough, the Xperia E almost has the same specs as the original DROID with 512MB of RAM, a smaller 3.5″ display (OG had a 3.7″), 4GB of storage, and a single core Qualcomm processor.


We know no one will be upgrading to this device anytime soon, but it’s nice to see that Sony has a knack for taking us back to the good ol’ days.

Via: Wireless Goodness

  • I seriously miss my OG Droid. I remember grabbing it when it was brand new and thinking to myself “wow, thank god there is an alternative to the iPhone”. I rocked it until the next OG DROID (to my thoughts) emerged, which was the Galaxy Nexus. I miss it though…I wish it was still the best of the best just the same as I wish the Razr was still the best of the best. That thing was so easy to use…

  • I would buy it just with specs of today’s phones… I miss my OG Droid 🙁

  • I can hardly wait for Apple to sue Sony for a violation of Motorola’s patent on the design…

  • spunker88

    Can’t believe the specs on this. Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to just keep making an older device which was once higher end and market it as lower end.

  • Quad core or hexacore or octacore, CPU, 2-4GB or more of RAM, 64GB or more of Storage space /w SD card support, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, 1080p 5″ screen, Tegra 4 GPU, and 3500-4000 mah battery……dream phone…..but that will probably be announced in a year or two because of technology moving so fast :-).

  • Raven

    I seen this teeny bopper girl texting on an OG Droid the other day. I am assuming it was a cheap phone or hand-me-down by the look of her. But, it was nice to see a good old OG Droid still getting some love, even if it was probably still completely stock and she had no idea of the potential of what she was using.

  • MrGy

    Why not be special and make an OG Droid 2.0? It makes no sense to make an old new phone. OG Droid 2.0: high-tech screen, slider, dual-core, 2GB RAM, metal case. I and plenty of others would be all over that. What Sony made however is a pointless exercise.

    • hkklife

      It’s (almost) already been done on the Photon Q on Sprint. It’s got a 4.3″ qHD screen and a Droid 4-style slide out keyboard.
      Bump the screen up to 4.5″ or 4.6″ and make it 720p with softkeys, give it S4 Pro power, a Maxx-size battery (or at least 2500mAh). 2Gb RAM, 32Gb storage, and bring back WebTop mode (Googleified this time). You’d have the best business phone on the planet!

  • Still got my OG Droid, use it as a test phone, running 4.1.1. Soon it will be used more than any other phone (except my main) acting as a remote for the PocketTV.

  • Andrew Merewitz

    Man, I loved that phone. Still miss the solid metal that phone was built with.

    • … and the pure genius of the curved back with the LOUD ASS speaker.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Does it have a cassette player?

    • Chris Hollenbeck

      8 Track Bluetooth accessory. 😉

      • My 8-track player still works. Sounds just as good as any digital format we use today. ;o

  • brando56894

    It just won’t die! lol

  • Dave

    processors and memory storage are at a near all time low price. What a piece of garbage.

  • Bob O’Daniel

    I just had sudden pangs of nostalgia. I miss my old Droid, and would still have it if the screen hadn’t gone insane (would move and select things without anyone even touching it). It was my very first smartphone, and I miss it. 🙁

  • ddevito

    you never forget your first time…

    but that doesn’t mean you should go back and bang her again

    • Futbolrunner

      I would lol

      • michael arazan

        I’d definitely would go back, my OG droid just crapped out on me in Dec 2012, guess the Myans prediction was true after all for my OG droid. This looked like an april fools day joke though, or at the least a groundhog day piece.

  • Jose Lopez

    Its so retro, it even has the old menu button instead of the multi task.

  • schnitter

    No that we’re at it, does someone have that OG Droid wallpaper in a resolution that fits newer devices like the Gnex?

  • UnixPimp

    For the love of god, no!!!!!
    If Sony does this, will their OG Droid rip-off, ehm “retro”, phone have a solid metal case, or will it be a plastic toy? The one good thing about the OG Droid is that it was a solid tank of a phone.

  • ddh819

    does it have a sliding keyboard?

  • dodger55fan

    Why not beast it up and make it what the Droid 5 SHOULD be

    Give us Tegra 4, 2-4 gigs Ram, HD display, an awesome camera, great speakers, an excellent keyboard, etc etc

    …would totally be buying in that case

    • Butters619

      You don’t need 4GB of RAM on a phone and you won’t for several years. I know you’ll probably see 4GB phones in 18 months or so, but even then it will be overkill.

      • Captain_Doug

        Well put. Not saying it won’t happen, but isn’t needed for awhile. Such a hard line to walk.

      • T4rd

        Insert “640k is enough for anyone” quote/pic. =p

        • Butters619

          Lol. I’m not saying we won’t get to the point where 4GB of RAM is needed. Surely we will, but it won’t be within the next 3 years (even though we will see phones with 4GB in that time)

      • MrGy

        The rest of his statement holds still. I think 4GB was just an allegory for “latest and greatest specs.”

  • Please launch with android 2.0.1