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Is HTC’s CEO Peter Chou Holding a White M7 In These Photos?


Talk about HTC releasing a phone under the codename M7 has been growing by the day around these parts, so it seems like a release is imminent. Peter Chou, the CEO for HTC, was in attendance at an end-of-the-year event for HTC and it ended up being televised by many stations. At one point, Chou pulled out a device and proceeded to take a few pictures of the crowd. Could this be the M7? 

This is far from conclusive evidence, but the device in Chou’s hands doesn’t look exactly like your standard One X. In a recent rumor, we got the information that there would be two colors of M7 on launch, white and black. Obviously Chou is sporting the white option and unfortunately didn’t let the cameras get a close up on what he was actually using.

Is the M7 appealing to you right now? Or do you think there are better options coming down the road worthy of your upgrade?


Via: Pocketnow

  • Pat Kerby

    When are we going to get Accessories directed for our DNA devices now? We want car docking station and hdmi docking station and a Lapdock! Come on HTC the Samsung Note 2 has it out for there device why can’t we have docking stations for ours? Instead u come out with a smaller phone with better cameras anyone else thinking this is dumb?

  • Larizard

    Proof that HTC is upping their marketing game: CEO taking matters into his own hand.

  • I just think this will be a update to the one X series

  • NyReynolds

    Uh what happened to the one series? Want that supposed to be their high end line or maybe I missed something.

  • Johnson

    Finally, a smart marketing strategy! In his own turf (Chinese New Year Dinner with all of his employees) these usually attracts huge amount of Taiwan media attention despite any news comes out of it. And this is the first ever an executive used this platform for a sneak peak of its upcoming product. Very smart strategy, finally HTC is turning around!

  • NemaCystX

    Chou calling it the M7 when they did their cheer, also raises questions as to whether or not this is the final name since right after, they cheered “HTC! HTC! M7! M7!” They cheered “HTC One”

  • motta2003

    I think it’s the new white Thunderbolt with ICS!

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I’ll wait till some solid information/pics come out. I tend to be a fan of HTC designs, but have grown tired of Sense. Especially since I use a G-nex and N7 on the daily. I just loved the feel of the 8x and the DNA when I went to Verizon for a new SIM the other day

    • Tech Pro

      Interesting. After owning N7 and check out my friend’s N4, I bought HTC ONE S. Because Google native interf is so primit and not as user friendly. Many handy features, lock screen shortcits, dial by name, features rich clock app, are not available. I probably can download these from play store. Why bother, Sense already got these.

  • Watch it come with a 1300 mAh battery non removable… wait for it… it’s htc afterall

  • Unfortunately with HTC’s horrible update history (especially with tmobile usa) there is no way I am buying another one from them. At least not til they prove they can support their handsets and get the flagship on more than 1 carrier. I have been a very long time HTC supporter but just tired of getting burned when it comes to 3rd party development and updates.

    • Tech Pro

      MyTouch is T Mobile product. HTC has little say about them. The only real HTC products are sensation and amaz. Both were upgraded to ICS promptly.

  • If you told me it was a One X+ i would believe you too.

    • It’s M7. Said by Peter Chou.

  • capecodcarl

    These HTC smartphone names are starting to sound like car models.

    • BMW has m3 and m5, not sure if they have m7 model but could probably find out via computer

    • NemaCystX

      actually Star Wars Droids, gasp, I wonder why

  • zwade

    It says” M7″ right on the screen in the first pic lol

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      • mustbepbs

        You don’t like ching chong chicken fingers?

      • Y’all so uptight. Can’t anyone take a culturally insensitive joke anymore? Sowwy

        • It’s 2013! People don’t need to make those types of jokes anymore for a laugh unless it’s in a private setting and your friends are cool with it. This is just not the place. 🙂

          • michael arazan

            Comedians now a days are getting away with tons of racist jokes no matter what race they are, if you listen to the comedy stations on Pandora. Granted the audience is aware it is for comedy and not just being insensitive which you can’t tell in written form here.

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  • crazysamz

    kind of looks like a J butterfly… But I may be wrong