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Show Off Your Speedtest Screenshots!


Ready for a speedtest shootout? Normally, when we ask you to post up screenshots from your phone, it’s to show off your beautifully crafted home screen setups. Today, we’re going with something a little different that has more to do with your carrier and location than anything. We want to see speedtests from around the country on your carrier of choice. Since almost all of us have either a 4G LTE or HSPA+ device, we should be able to put together quite the list.

As you can see from the screenshots I posted, I was able to compare AT&T and Verizon’s LTE with T-Mobile’s HSPA+42 from my house. AT&T was the clear winner for me here in Portland, followed by T-Mobile, with Verizon struggling to keep up. That could have more to do with my location than anything, or maybe Big Red’s network just has too many damn connections on it these days.

What about you? Feel to run a speedtest with the Speedtest.net app and then post the screenshot in the comments. Be sure to list your carrier and city/state.

  • Scottyb112

    VZW 4G LTE- almost 54 mbps down, 13 up.. I had 62 mbps down once, but cant find the pic.

  • Alex Williams

    Gnex VRM Arligton, Tx

  • Verizon, Miami Fl.

  • knowing Verizon, I couldn’t trust just one test. Turns out I was right….
    Twin cities, MN.

  • Jonathan Williams

    VZ GNex in Ocala, FL

  • Phonefreedom5

    Verizon Droid Bionic- Los Angeles, CA

    57.50Mps Down 16.57Mps Up

  • Mark F

    Verizon Boro park Brooklyn ny

  • evltwn

    Here in Phoenix. Droid RAZR MAXX HD

  • Radgatt

    What do y’all have your animation settings set at?

    • DanSan

      i think mid way on mine

  • This is what I got in Roslindale, MA (Outside of Boston). I honestly don’t know what this crap means but the numbers are big so it has to be good right? Almost fogot…Verizon, G-NeX

    • duke69111

      Those are some cool icons in your notification. What are you using?

      • Just running Cobalt theme by dustinb you ca find it the play store. Says it is a CM9/CM 10 theme but I am currently running AOKP with nova launcher and it still works.

  • DanSan

    not sure where i took this, but its somewhere in either nassau or western suffolk county, long island.

  • Bewara2009

    Here is Verizon fake 4g lte

  • reyalP

    What does one do on a cell phone that requires this much speed? I can understand for a desktop since you might download multi GB game files but on a phone I don’t understand?

    • Alex Williams

      Uber fast Twitter updates, what else would you need that much speed for…

      • JoshGroff

        And for eBay sniping, can’t forget those last second bidding wars.

  • jorge vigil

    In margate , florida verizon 4g lte. I had32 down/15up in north laudadale once

  • breadable

    VZW in North Reading Ma

  • frank mora

    I notice some huge discrepencies in S. CA. Does having a custom ROM affect the results?

  • BigRed4X15

    I’m on Merritt Island Fl, on verizon, Razr Maxx. 36MBS Down and 17MBS Up

    • Nathan D

      What are the odds!!!

      • BigRed4X15

        I really hope you’re not a stalker, unless you’re Jessica Alba (or some other hot actress) that would be fine. Technically I live in Orlando, I just work on the Island.

        • mplacido9

          How are your speeds in Orlando? I live in south brevard (palm bay) and my speeds seem to be higher at home than in Orlando. Probably because the traffic on the towers in Orlando.

        • Nathan D

          I’m not.
          Was that test at 3:00 during the day or at night?

  • anezarati


  • VZW 4G LTE G Nexus

  • David Gilson

    College Station, TX.

    • I have a friend in Humble, TX. He has the Casio GzOne Commando. I’ve tried to get him to upgrade to a LTE phone. He likes his tough phone too much.

  • sc4fpse

    Megafon, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Am I doing it right? Heh. From Russia with Love for Droid Life.

    • sc4fpse

      I should also add that the network here is comical. Never before have I been able to walk across a bridge and connect to an EDGE-only tower, then an HSPA-only tower, and then an HSPA+ tower, all in a ~5 minute walk. Tempted to pick up a USB modem and try the LTE network here.

  • Verizon – Droid Bionic – Maple Grove/Minneapolis, MN

  • Rob

    My Verizon LTE speeds are so slow compared to what it used to be back in November. It would just be embarrassing for me to post it. 😛

  • Jon Drain

    VZW LTE – PHX, AZ.

  • SuBNoiZe

    VZW GNex in the middle of a field in clayton, DE. just started getting LTE inside the building yesterday

  • sangseong

    Los Angeles, CA Verizon LTE

  • Erie, Michigan. Nice a tower only 500 yards from the house. Verizon with galaxy S3

  • Champlification

    Verizon LTE
    200Mbps Upload 🙂

    • Nadora


      • Champlification

        Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. I was getting 100-200Mbps upload speed on average during the evening for a week or so. Not sure if it was some glitch with my phone(Droid DNA) or if Verizon was running some crazy tests.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Verizon Wireless here in Dubuque, Iowa

  • azholio

    Verizon on Dec 5 in Westport CT. Damn.

  • Little better one here in McMinnville, TN (75 Miles from Nashville,TN RURAL LTE PROJECT from VZW) [IMG]http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd260/xmguy/Screenshot_2013-01-31-13-50-38.png[/IMG]

  • Michael Herdeen

    Verizon – Red Bank, NJ

  • Apparently Denver is terrible…

    • Droidzilla

      Denver used to be awesome until the network started clogging up. I used to hit 35+Mbps in Denver and Colorado Springs on VZW LTE. When I left Verizon, I was lucky to hit 10.

  • Vzw 4G LTE

  • Guest

    Verizon Wireless in Dubuque, Iowa

  • A.J.

    This was the fastest I have ever gotten on Verizon here in St. Louis. The Chicago servers are the fastest I’ve found. It was on my Galaxy Nexus last February and I think they were upgrading towers in the area.

    • Diablo81588


      • A.J.

        Prior to that speed test I was getting 50Mbps in the same area, that’s why I said I think they were updating towers in that particular area at the time. I haven’t done a test there in a while. I’ll have to do one again.

  • Plantation Fl. Vzw Gnex on Shiny

  • Mark

    LMAO!!!! This reeks of biased anti Verizon undertones. After seeing the DL posts over the last few days I’m less than surprised to see more of this type of content….. I live on the Central Coast of California with L.A being 3 hours south and San Francisco being 4 hours north. This entire area is blanketed with 2 speeds. Slow non Verizon speeds, and Verizon LTE speeds. There’s many areas just here in town where I pull 35-38 down with 18-24 up. My friends with AT&T and T-Mobile have pretty much conceded that me and my friend on Metro PCS will do all the searching and navigating when it’s needed. And those results are consistent across that entire 500 miles of California coastline.

    • MikeKorby

      Results vary by location. For Kellex, this just happened to be his results. Look at his signal strength in the corner. Granted, if he wanted this to be completely objective, he should have used the exact same device model/generation across all three networks, such as using the comparable models of SIII on each network. As far as bias goes though, one may be able to argue that with regards to the Verizon one being seemingly on a Nexus, which has comparatively weaker radios based on my experiences (I haven’t fully decided if the Sprint one is also Nexus based on some rendering discrepancies..)

      • JoshGroff

        There is no sprint result, and the T-Mobile one I’d be willing to bet is the N4.

        • MikeKorby

          My mistake, I had forgotten that he was testing T-Mobile, and had just assumed Sprint. I will admit to my shame regarding that lack of verification. However, this makes the results more questionable in terms of radios, as you are now looking at most likely three different vendors, on three different devices, on three distinct networks..

          • JoshGroff


  • David Moylan

    Detroit,MI Verizon

    • David Moylan

      Outside this time

  • usmitcboy

    Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon Wireless, Southaven, MS. Fastest I ever got

    • Tyler Cameron

      Southaven, MS!
      Do you ever go out to Walls? Verizon’s coverage map says that there’s a good 4G signal near the train tracks in Walls, but when I was there last summer, soon as we came into walls, 3G :/
      But my friend’s house was less than a mile from these 2 huge tower masts which had Verizon 3G antennas on them (the towers are in the cornfield, somewhere) and I got like 2mbps down most of the time, was faster than his DSL :p

  • 4G LTE in (RURAL) McMinnville, TN (original) [IMG]http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd260/xmguy/Screenshot_2013-01-31-13-36-30-11_zpsbfc277da.png[/IMG]

  • Dragonetti Surprise

    Usually get around 22-25 Mbps but this isn’t bad…

  • Verizon 4G LTE Rezound Indianapolis, IN

    • Whats your average? I seem to not get much more than 20 unless im by a tower

      • I honestly do not know I don’t test the speed on my phone very often. I am close to the airport though and I would think there would be a tower close.

  • Msturner79

    HTC DNA, lakeland fl.

  • mindshattering

    Tempe, AZ with my Droid Bionic stuck on 3G

  • Joe

    Beat this! OK, this is showing how bad I have it here in Albuquerque on Sprint with my Galaxy S3. No 4G in this largest city in the state. The 3G is slow also. Verizon used to get me up to 12mbps.

    • Richard Balentine

      When I was on Sprint, I would get at max 54kbps. When I switched over to Verizon, I ran a speed test for them on my Sprint phone. He said “go ahead and run it”. I said, “I already did!”. The needle hardly moved.

    • Dutch

      Im in ABQ too, got 20mpbs with Tmo 🙂

    • Nadora

      I feel for you! *comfort*

  • VZW LTE in Fontana, CA

    Even in the middle of LA i’ve never hit more than 25-28 Mbps down

  • Jeremy Martin

    Verizon Wireless in Dubuque Iowa

  • Lawrence,KS