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Samsung Invests Big in Stylus-Maker Wacom, S-Pen’s Future Looking Pretty Bright

samsung galaxy note 2

Samsung’s Galaxy Note line has become known for having the S-Pen everywhere it goes. Samsung and developers alike have made apps specifically for the S-Pen, but Samsung wants to make the writing experience a little bit better. Today, the popular pen tablet maker, Wacom, has announced that Samsung has laid out $58.9 million for a 5% share in the company.

Wacom owns an enormous 85% of the pen tablet market worldwide, so if anyone knows styli, it’s Wacom. This money will go towards a better relationship between Wacom and Samsung and “product development to be supplied to Samsung Electronics.” Samsung’s S-Pen is already pretty useful, so it looks like they’re going to make it even better with this new deal.

Via: Engadget

  • Cornstarch

    Windows 8 is a full fledge multi onscreen touch interface OS! You can use both your hands and multiple fingers to select and drag multiple objects on the screen once! almost like having ten cursor pointer instead of one. In the future you will see more full fledge Apps that were once reserve for a mouse move into the multitouch arena but still retain the mouse support. Apple’s OSX is way behind in this because it’s os doesn’t support onscreen multitouch

  • Richard Yarrell

    All i can say is after the Galaxy Note 2 I will never be owning anything other than Galaxy Note family devices. So yes I look forward to the Galaxy Note 3 and the future of this business.

  • OnlyNexus

    I am surprised apple didn’t buy into Wacom, patent the stylus, then release capability with the iphone 9… well maybe 10, don’t want to rush things.

  • Looks like my next tablet when this one kicks the bucket will be a Samsung. I’ve been wanting a digital sketchbook for ages. Current tech just isn’t there yet. I’ve used Wacom products since the original Intuos. Samsung did a smart thing investing in them.

  • Kind of wish Google would make a phablet with a stylus. I only want the Note 2 because of the stylus functionality, but I realllllllly don’t like touchwiz and the whole nature UI thing.

    • Big_EZ

      I’m running Jelly Bean’s Build 6, it has stock theme and he keeps all the good features of touchwiz (s-pen, multi Window, pop up browser, etc.). If you’re into roms you can have your cake and eat it too.

  • greeknasty

    whats a stylus?

  • mustbepbs

    I want a stylus that looks like the S-Pen (fine tipped), but works on all screens.

    Is that so much to ask? 🙁

    • Logan Jinks

      any wacom pen will work on wacom based digitizer screens. That way you can use a better shaped pen along with whatever nib you want.

  • J Davis

    I have used my stylus on my Note 2 more than I ever thought I would… Its kinda one of those things that you don’t realize you will use until you have one to use.

  • gart_farfunkle

    i own 2 wacom tablets. these things are great with adobe creative products. my fantasy phone always had a wacom stylus. i would black market my left teste for full adobe illustrator / wacom stylus on an android tablet.

    • That’s what got me excited about the Surface Pro…but considering the train wreck that Win8 is, I’m not so sure now :/

      • S2556

        what’s bad with win8? I haven’t used it yet

        • It feels really dis-jointed…the whole “metro” ui and the desktop feel like two separate OS’s. If you open Chrome in metro, it’s a completely separate app/program from the one in the desktop mode and so it’s like running two OS’s at once. I guess you could argue that could be a good thing depending on what you’re looking for, but I think most people would like to run one OS at a time and not have to remember “which OS they opened that tab in”.

          It’s also just not ready for touch. The desktop is clunky in touch mode (things [like the minimize/close buttons] aren’t finger sized so you have to be really careful to touch it with the very tip of your finger).

          Also, I tried running a few things in the desktop mode, but ran into all sorts of problems…just as an example, I went full-screen with a website in the desktop IE and got stuck there! I didn’t have the keyboard attached, so there was no way to exit full screen because the menu was gone and I had no keys! Sure, I could go back to the metro interface and do things there, but then any time I came back into the desktop mode, I was stuck with a full screen browser and no way out. THAT to me is broken.

          I’ve been looking forward to this tablet since it was announced early last year, but the whole time I played with it [about 3 hours or so] I felt more frustration than anything. I’m a computer engineer and so I’m by no means a newb and need a perfect interface (I do a lot of my work in a terminal actually). But Win8 just made me cringe every other moment and just HOPE they spend more time on Win9 (which actually goes along with MSFT’s history of doing a great job on and OS every OTHER revision…
          Win95 great.
          Win98 sucked.
          Win98 SE great.
          Win ME sucked.
          WinXP great!
          Win Vista sucked.
          Win7, great!
          Win8 sucks so far (imho)
          Win9, winning? I sure hope so. :))

          Sure, the pro should be a bit better than the RT, but I doubt there will be any improvements on the interface and other issues that I was so frustrated with.

          • Justin Winker

            How do you open Chrome in Metro? When I open it, it pops me into Desktop mode. I have it installed but couldn’t figure that out. I honestly wouldn’t use it much, but once in a while I like using the full Metro UI.

          • DRaY

            there is an option to relaunch in Win8 mode, click on those 3 lines at the upper right . I fdont know what that button is called. …..lol

      • Danrarbc

        How is it a train wreck? It’s perfect for what you want. Tablet interface, then you hop out into your full Adobe suite and get that done.

      • wows

        I laughed at your comment, “That’s what got me excited,” after reading about gart’s willingness to black market his left teste but then i realized you had written more. My mind is fuc’t.

    • DRaY

      cHECK OUT THE sAMSUNG aTIV sMART pc … PRETTY BAD Ass!!!! I have one and love it.

  • Prime7

    I’m not a big fan of the stylus, but Wacom makes the sweetest tablets and styluses.

  • bigillz

    Huge deal. We have the latest Cintiqs all over the office and I’ve had various Wacom tablets for 10+ years. 1024+ levels of pressure sensitivity, amazing tech.

  • PyroHoltz

    The stylus should have died with Palm.

    • I kind of wish more tablets, at least, came with wacom-style digitizers and stylus input.

      • Logan Jinks

        same here. if they included the digitizer, you could then go and by the pen if needed.

    • Logan Jinks

      I disagree. there are too many things that can be done with a stylus to enhance the digital input process. I understand that the stylus was a crutch that Windows couldn’t get passed until Apple showed everyone how to correctly take the finger as an input device. As a digital artist, the stylus has made making digital art much easier and fluid on top of keeping the nuances associated with traditional art media. Additional, Samsung has made some great note taking software that can only really be use with the S-pen. I only wish I had a Galaxy Note 10.1 while I was in college.

  • Thomas

    I have admit as a Note 2 owner I have yet to use the S Pen. Just could care less.

    • That’s pretty crazy because the s-pen is what makes me keep thinking about selling my gs3 for a note 2. I do keep wondering if I’d stop using it after the first week though. I’m really looking forward to the next Note tablet though.

      • JetBlue

        When I got the Note 2 I was curious if I would use the s-pen and I don’t I only use it to show off to people or to click a direct area that’s hard with my finger other than that I barely use it along with the Multi Window. I’d keep the S3 and just wait for the 2013 phones to come out.

        • thanks — yeah i’ve pretty much settled on that (except in my weak hours when i just want a new toy!), or actually more looking to replacing the ol’ touchpad with a Note 2 10.1 (that’s a mouthful).

          • JetBlue

            That’s how I feel already with my Note 2 and I just got it for Christmas. The X phone is making me want to ditch the Note 2 for it if it’s supposed to be as good as it’s rumored to be.

        • Big_EZ

          I don’t really use the s-Pen, but I use multi Window and lot, it makes many tasks a lot easier. Just today I did some build prop edits and it was quicker because I didn’t have to write down the changes to be made, I just read them from one Window as I typed them in the other. Sharing multiple links in email or text message is so much easier and faster with multi Window as well.

      • michael arazan

        I’d love them to do an S pen with bluetooth to answer calls with like the Asus padfone.

    • Dr_Buttballs