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NVIDIA Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at Creation of Project SHIELD

Project SHIELD

If you watched our coverage of CES from this year, you undoubtedly saw and heard our thoughts on NVIDIA’s upcoming gaming device, Project SHIELD. The device, which basically looks like an Xbox 360 controller with an HD display attached, is NVIDIA’s vision of the future of gaming. Imagine being able to take your PC quality games with you wherever you go, while having full access to Android’s ecosystem, including Google Play and other Google services. For Android fans and gamers alike, it might be a dream come true.


For the first time since its announcement, NVIDIA has posted a somewhat lengthy, but in-depth look into the creation of Project SHIELD. The story covers a few months of what engineers and gamers went through to create a device that their company and CEO could be proud of. Everything from late night KFC runs to the final prototype build that took the stage just 10 days later with Mr.ย Jen-Hsun.


If you want to check out the full story, follow the via down below. As a note, don’t expect to find any hints as to how much or when we can expect to get this thing on the market. I already checked.


  • Needs a slide out QWERTY keyboard

  • Theoretically, Project Shield has immeasurable potential, but its down fall will mostly likely come from the fact that it is running the Android OS. If this were some how an iOS device, then I could really see it taking off. Another piece of the problem will come from the people who won’t want to purchase a gaming device that runs the same games as their phones. Nvidia will have to find a way to convince developers to make near Project Shield specific games to really make it appealing for consumers. Otherwise this is an extremely niche market product…and if I had the money, I would by it.

    • Someone failed to read the article. The Killer App here is the ability to stream PC games from Steam to your Shield device. Also, Epic released a Citadel demo for Android so Unreal Engine is coming soon to Android devices – enabling a number of iOS “exclusives” to be brought over to Android with minimal additional coding.

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    • You’re on an Android blog. lol

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        I hate feeding trolls but when some dead beat starts talking trash, I take offense. Gaming isn’t for everyone, sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s pointless. It’s a hobby to most, a passion to some, a past time, etc. It’s no more pointless than say…building plane models. Just doesn’t make sense that some fool has to chime in just because he sucks at life and wants to bring everyone else down with him.

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      • Sorry, I forgot that the only posts allowed on this site are the ones that gush uncontrollably over every single incremental development, regardless of the idiocy of said development. You may proceed…