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Android Wireless Charging Options: Nokia Fatboy Pillow and Others (Updated)

nokia wireless chargers

Wireless charging, while slow to have been adopted by the industry, is a technology that once you have, you really never want to live without. Thanks to devices like the Nexus 4 (neither of these work with the N4 after testing), DROID DNA, and Nokia’s new Lumia 920 it’s becoming more of a standard. But now that it’s a little more mainstream, we figured it was time to talk about some of the charging options out there. Thanks to Nokia doing their part to push the technology forward, we have two new options worth taking a look at – the Fatboy Pillow and the charging plate, both from Nokia (both built to the Qi standard, so yes they work with Android phones). 

Update:  A few readers pointed out in the comments that the charging plate and pillow may not work all that well with the Nexus 4. I have not had a chance to fully test their charging abilities, so stay tuned for that. Will report back in a couple of days with my findings.

Update 2:  I ran my battery down to 75% and then tossed my phone back on the charging pad and came up empty. The device attempted to charge and then just kept the phone awake and actually ran battery. The pillow seems to be doing the same thing. For whatever reason, these are either built to some other Qi standard or the Nexus 4 has issues – I’m going with the latter. Feel free to watch the video and gaze at the fancy chargers, however, if you have a Nexus 4, you may want to stay away. Will test the DNA and report back.

Update 3:  Both chargers seem to wirelessly charge the DROID DNA with no issues. Clearly the Nexus 4 just isn’t a fan of them.

Nokia Fatboy Charging Pillow

nokia fatboy pillow wireless charging

The Fatboy charging pillow is probably going to be the most popular of the wireless chargers released this year, simply because it’s a pillow and carriers a fun-to-say name. It’s exactly as you would picture it – a big fat pillow that your phone lays on. Inside the pillow you have a soft, squishy outer rim that holds your phone ever-so-softly, while the plate in the middle takes care of the charging business. It has an extra long cord so you can drape it all over a room and still have it reach your destination. It comes in a few colors:  yellow, blue, white, red, and black. You can find it at Verizon and AT&T stores for around $60.

As expected, you simply drop your wireless-ready phone in the middle and it begins to charge. There are no beeps or notifications, so you may want to double check to make sure it’s charging before walking away from it.

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate

nokia wireless charging plate

The charging plate from Nokia is the least sexy of the two, however, it may be my choice if I had to make one. It’s small, does the trick, and also comes equipped with the extra long power cable. It also comes in blue, yellow, red, white and black, while retailing for around $50. I favor this over the pillow mostly because of the size. This plate isn’t much bigger than a hockey puck, and it’s also not a giant fluffy pillow, for those who care about the appearance of their desk.

To charge, you simply lay your phone on it, centered over the Nokia logo. It’s that simple. It also has a rear light that notifies you that your phone is charging.



  • neteru1920

    Nokia Wireless Stand up Charger works with my Nexus 4

  • Kerry Davies

    nokia charging plate does not charge my DNA

  • CJ

    The original Nexus 4’s have an issue with the way the wireless charger was implemented. I suggest sticking with the LG WCP-700 which should have no issue charging the Nexus 4.

  • Curtis

    Verizon tried to sell me the Fatboy when I purchased my DNA. I did not want a huge pillow on my nightstand. I purchased the Charging Plate and I am very pleased with it’s performance. It is actually nicer than I imagined wireless charging to be. I can lay in my bed and use the phone and when I am done just set it down right on the plate. I don’t have to manipulate wires or (un)plug anything.

    The only drawback is that the black charging plate uses a white AC adapter that is almost the same size as the plate.

  • socalrailroader

    I have a Nokia Charging Plate, and it works with both my Lumia 920 and Nexus 4. The Nexus 4 does do a few “Charging/Not Charging” fits at first, but then it settles down and charges it without issue.

  • ndirish2001

    I’ve started using the Nokia plate with the HTC Rezound (with the necessary wireless charging battery cover) and it works flawlessly. After enjoying the benefits of wireless charging, I don’t see myself ever getting another phone without this feature.

  • Greg Carter

    can someone be nice and post links to what all i need for my verizon s3 to get it to charge wirelessly? thanks

  • Bob G

    Everyone already knows that Nokia chargers don’t work with the Nexus 4.

    Another case of Droid Life not doing proper research before posting.

  • LionStone

    Just a note about the LG plate, which was $70. at the VZ store, but I paid $50. because it was on sale at the time. I can see in the video how the N4 was a little finicky about connecting to charge depending where you placed it on the plate, but the DNA works ‘anywhere’ you place it on the LG plate. I even pushed it past the edge a bit to see how far it would go and it still charged with it a little past the edge, so it doesn’t have to be perfectly centered. It does have the one beep when you place it on the plate but it’s only once and there’s no beep when you take it off. It works well and phone is fully charged every morning and does not overheat or have any other issues.

  • moelsen8

    Kellex – the charging plate does not work with the N4 and I’ve heard the pillow isn’t much better. I had it and had to return it. Forums all over have people with similar experiences. You should put a warning on here.

    • I just charged my N4 with it. Can you link me to a forum?

      • moelsen8

        sorry, nothing too specific, just remember trying to troubleshoot mine before i sent it back. a quick search turns up a few links i saw back then:



        there was a a sort of list i remember maybe on xda or something that talked about this too. but there’s a lot of people out there saying this. it keeps connecting and disconnecting, and the battery % barely ever goes up. tried with/without a case in every imaginable position on the plate before getting frustrated and packing it back up.

      • How much battery life did you have left? I’ve had a plate for about a month now and have an N4. As long as I am 60% or better before I go to bed AND leave Daydream off, I’ll wake up with battery life. Sometimes it loses charge slowly for the night, sometimes I wake with a fully charged phone. Whenever I’ve put it on with 30% or less, I end up with a dead phone by morning. Caused my wife to stop using hers (same setup as me) – she just plugs it in when she needs a charge.

        • PS – all I have is the bumper on the phone, so the back actually sits flat on the plate.

      • zepfloyd

        Kellex – I personally own both Nokia chargers. The plate sits in my office on my desk and the pillow at home. I use both everyday with the DNA and have no issues at all. Works every time with both. Now a coworker of mine has the Nexus 4, when he drops his on my plate it’s 50/50 at best, drives him nuts. There’s nothing wrong with the chargers, I’d be willing to bet the design and materials used on the back of the Nexus 4 just aren’t the most conducive for energy transfer.

    • Wes Thomson

      The pillow is just a charging plate inside a mini bean bag thing so I can see them having the same problems. I tried a pillow with my N4, and it wouldn’t work right for me either. Would constantly start charging and stop charging, which in turn makes the display come on. It appears they are hit an miss if some people get one that works but I would not recommend it.

      I couldn’t find an LG in stock. Ended up buying a no name off ebay for 40ish bucks and it has worked perfectly. Little finicky about where it wants the phone but I hear they are all like that. Also on obnoxiously bright light, but easily fixed.

      • no they are not, the lumia 920 is especially designed to be “not picky” about the place on the charger.

  • I use the Nokia plate every day at work and it’s awesome. The only thing i’ve noticed is for some reason going from 99-100% takes longer on the pad than it does if it’s plugged in. My only guess is the phone is overestimating how fast the thing is charging and it’s not even at 99% yet.

    Either way i’m happy with what I spent on it 🙂

  • How long does it take to charge a battery on one of these? Just curious…

    • Spider210

      about 3-4 hours

  • What thinking about getting the charging plate, (because who the hell knows, when the nexus 4 orb will be back in stock) does anyone know it’s worth the money?

    • moelsen8

      The charging plate does not work with N4 for whatever reason. I had to return mine and there’s many others with same experience in forums.

  • Matthew Merrick

    because it’s a pillow and carriers a fun-to-say name.

    Someone’s spellchecker is being funny 😛

  • brkshr

    I’ll wait for the Orb or the Tylt Vu

    • LionStone

      Yep, one of those will be good too…I do have the LG plate and it works fine. I’m leaning towards the Tylt for the new one, it seems a little more secure…and then I will outfit the LG one in the truck.

  • Ben Stolz

    I too had charging issues with my Nexus 4 – approx 2% per 30 mins, compared to 20% with the N4 wall charger.

  • Here’s my beef with wireless charging: I like to use my phone while it charges. Fix that, and then we’ll talk.

    • brkshr

      They are working on wireless power. It will power anything, anywhere, through the air. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_power

      • Yeah, but they have been working for decades (or way longer, if you look at the dates at the bottom of that article). Plus, the chargers we have now fit the definition of wireless power.

        Either way, there was a rumor of Samsung being ready to launch a phone/charger combo that works wirelessly over several feet, but nothing came of that rumor.

        • brkshr

          I know, Just thought I would inform you if you didn’t already know. There has been a ton more research recently & I view these Qi chargers as just the first step/generation. I think we are very close to getting wireless power, like you want.

    • I know right. If only there was a way to plug something in to the phone to charge it when you don’t want to use wireless charging.

    • Pedro

      Tesla was all over it before he died.

      Wireless charging isn’t magic, it’s physics. If you want to use a phone while it charges wirelessly, then the energy to charge the phone is also around/in you. You may need an additional air conditioner.

      Personally, I like dropping my N4 on the Energizer charger and walking away. No finding an unused USB cable. No plugging in. No wear and tear on the USB port.

  • will the palm wieless charger work???

    • From my understanding no, because it’s not Qi supported

    • moelsen8


  • steve sutton

    What is the point of these charging units if they can only charge 1 device at a time?

    Also, I know there are voltage and current limitations, but wouldn’t these be much more effective if they would plug into a standard usb charger instead of their own power supply? It is ironic that the purpose of the wireless chargers is to streamline charging equipment, and yet each wireless charger has it’s own unique power supply.

    • bravsfn1

      Try the energizer dual charging plate. Two at a time.

  • Have both the Nokia Pillow and LG charge pad. Both work great.

  • j

    I use the charging plate from Nokia for DNA works great also I charges through any case I have otter box , and the vz holster combo ..I have no complaints

  • mgamerz

    Irony. Irony everywhere

  • Best part of the video is at 1:26 mark

  • MJZ

    I have the Nokia plate for my DNA and it works fine. Love the thing.

  • A lot of people have had problems with the Nokia charges not charging right. They are constantly connecting and disconnecting. The LG charging pad is one of the best options right now.

  • bravsfn1

    One note on the fatboy pillow…you can pull the charging plate out of the pillow and just use the plate.

  • Matthew Gissentanna

    The nokia charger would not work for me. it only maintained a charge it didnt provide enough current to increase the battery. This was on my nexus 4 btw.

  • [email protected]

    FYI video is set to private 🙂

  • 4n1m4L

    And the unicorn orb?

    • It’s been recently added to the Google Play store but listed as “Out Of Stock”. Step towards progress?

      • moelsen8


        • Sorry, I should of deleted my comment when I realized I was wrong. It’s not in the Google Play store, misread the tweet. It’s just some online retailer that has it up for pre-order with availability in 2-4 weeks. My bad. https://www.puremobile.com/lg-mobile-wcp400-wireless-charging-orb-nexus-4

          • moelsen8

            ah yeah, i just saw that at AP. was just about to buy when I saw it was preorder only. snap.

  • Also the LG wireless charging pad and those from energizer work as well.

  • Private video is private.

    • azndan4

      Lame overused trendy comment is lame.