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Nexus 10 Back in Stock at Google Play After Short Absence


After a brief vacation from the Google Play store, the Samsung Nexus 10 is back in stock in both sizes. For whatever reason, it changed to “temporarily out of stock” on the night before the Nexus 4 returned and then failed to return until now. If you were waiting for this moment, go do work.

Play Links:  16GB | 32GB

Cheers @rglong87!

  • Matthew

    I have an N7 and a N10 and I love both. When I got the N7 I thought I was done and I had found the tablet for me. After buying the N10 though, I have to say I fell in love and carry it with me everywhere. It really is an amazing device that I cant live without or see myself replacing anytime soon. We also have an Ipad in our house, but I never touch it.

  • uncle paul

    Do NOT Buy from Google play!.
    If you get a device with a bad screen, etc they keep banging your credit card.

    Also Google play support are savages too.

  • thedonxr

    My daughter accidentally dropped my TF Prime and cracked the screen… I bought the 32 GB Nexus 10 2 days later from Staples 🙂

  • BustNHeadsDaily

    cant wait for my tax return

  • Rodeojones000

    Check Walmart and Staples first to see if they have them in stock before buying through the Play Store. Unfortunately, they are prone to pretty significant light bleed and exchanging through Google can be a pain.

  • arthuruscg

    Why is there $100 difference between the 16gb and the 32gb??? Why even make the 2 sizes.

    • I never understood that. Usually the +16gb jump is $50 on a lot of other devices, and even that is hard to stomach.

  • John B

    I’m thinking about getting a tablet and want to decide between this, whatever replaces the nexus 7 and an ipad. What do you have, and what do you like / dislike about your tablet?


    • It really comes down to Android vs iOS, and then what size you want + what you want to use it for. If you’re looking for portable, I’d say the Nexus 7, but the step up to 10″ makes a big difference on web browsing, reading PDFs, and document editing. A lot of people seem to prefer the Nexus 7 for gaming, and the form factor is good for reading e-books.

      • John B

        Thanks. I’ve got a GNex and most of my stuff in the Google ecosystem, but I’ve been disappointed with occasional laggy performance on the phone. In the limited amount of time I’ve played with Ipads, I haven’t noticed that problem.

        I want to make sure that the android tablets don’t suffer from the same laggy performance as my phone.

        • I have a GSIII (more or less a generation newer than the GN you have) and can’t say I’ve really noticed any lag unless something’s running in the background (as expected). The GN isn’t a slouch, but it’s at least a year old now? Not sure what version you’re on, but Jelly Bean should offer better UI speed too, so I wouldn’t worry too much about any new top end device, outside of random issues (some people complain about lag on the 4.2 update on the Nexus 7, etc).

        • Mike

          You’ll only occasionally notice lag with the Ipad. They have monster GPU’s and their OS changes screens/does animations so slowly that it will never tax the processor. Not to mention it’s native vs a Virtual Machine. I have the N10, and there is occasional lag (no more than the Ipad 4). The difference seems to be that the kernel on the N10 is a bit lazier and the OS’s acceleration is much more rapid, hence the perceived lag. The Screen on the N10 is actually better than the Ipad’s, but the form factor is set up for landscape/widescreen whereas the ipad is set up for portrait. It all boils down to preference. I prefer the N10

  • SecurityNick

    That’s cool…now where are the freakin’ accessories?!

  • TheWenger

    Got mine right when they went up for sale. No complaints at all.

  • steveliv

    xoom!!!! why must you continue to work so well?

    • lol. it would be a shame if something were to happen to your xoom there….

  • Jwhap

    If I didn’t already have a Xoom and nexus 7, I would look at this tablet. No need for 2, 10 inch tablets.

    • That’s where I’m at too, but with a Touchpad — that I already don’t use a lot. In any case, I keep looking at the Note 10.1 too for the s-pen, mainly. I’m excited to see the next Note tablet 10″ or bigger.

  • Shane Smith

    Also Sams Club has them and a display unit you can play with

    • Jeff “Big Red”

      Thanks for the up and up!!!!

  • i saw a nexus 7 and a nexus 10 at walmart the other day… check your local stores.. noone knows they have it

    • Really? Do they have a test unit out or are they just behind the glass?

      • my walmart has them hiding under the nook/kindle section… no displays at all

      • LionStone

        I’d check Staples stores as well, they usually have displays too.

        • michael arazan

          My local Office Depot carries the Nexus 7, haven’t seen them sell Nexus 10 yet

    • My local Wal-Mart has them fully stocked. Guess nobody knows that they sell them.

  • Mike

    So happy I got mine before the shortage