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Google Glass Passes By the FCC, Sporting Bluetooth and WiFi Bands Inside


Google may be slapping nondisclosure agreements on everyone going to their Foundry events, but there’s only so much information that they can keep from us. Today it seems Google Glass took a trip by the FCC for inspection and dropped a few bits of info.

There is a 802.11 b/g WiFi module as well as support for Bluetooth 4.0 packed inside that tiny, wearable piece of technology. Unfortunately for us, not much else is disclosed, but devices passing through the FCC usually mean that a public release is imminent. However, that doesn’t mean these will be hitting Google Play anytime soon. Developers who signed up to be one of Google’s Explorers should be getting excited though.

Via: Engadget

  • Steve

    All this implies its a bluetooth device similar to all those headsets out there but with a camera too. Wonder how dependent its on Android?

  • coolsilver

    Wow they didn’t file paperwork to block public access to documents like Samsung typically has done in the past?

  • David Verba

    I dunno man, having all those frequencies focused right at your temple can’t be good…. I know it’s odd to say on this forum, but I keep my cellphone as far away from my sack as possible and try to use speaker phone whenever I can.

    • kane

      Study after study has proven energy from cellphone is harmless. Some flawed studies were inconclusive. Of course some people don’t like science. Those people also don’t take flu shots and make the rest of us sick.

      • michael arazan

        The WHO (World Health Organization) says to keep your cellphone 4-6 inches away from your body to prevent exposure to microwave radiation emitted by smartphones. That is considered a safe distance, especially away from your brain.

      • David Verba

        LOL, LOL.

  • bucky500

    brayne cansur 🙁

    • subiedude85

      Dane bramage

  • What could the battery life on these possibly be? I just don’t see them being manageable in the near (couple of years) future. There’s no way you could run a HUD on what we have available today, in that tiny frame.
    (I’m no expert – that’s just my 2 billion Turkish lira)

  • Thomas

    Any word on if these will have X ray vision ? Giggity Giggity 😉

    • Ian Winchell

      why not z ray, i hear its 2 better than x

  • redbar0n11

    WHAT NO 802.11N?? C’MON GOOGLE! /ass

    • Justin Winker

      Don’t forget 802.11ac. They should update the components to include both by the release time next year, though.

      • redbar0n11

        Let’s just forward think and throw in 802.11ad! hahaha

    • Cracker Jacker

      802.11 N requires antenna layout configurations that are probably not possible with this device. Also do you really want that much high frequency radiation against your head? 🙂

      • redbar0n11

        No, I was being sarcastic… I don’t think it needs the throughput that N offers anyway. Unless by some magic pixie dust engineering they have put in a humondo amount of flash memory in there for long/short term storage of large… things/files/pornos/etc that you want shoved as close to your cornea as possible, as quickly as possible. But I think they realized the overkill in that design 🙂

    • kane

      Your caps lock button is messed up. you should buy another keyboard. They are inexpensive. No 802.11n is weak