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CyanogenMod Gets Cease & Desist Over Chronus Clock Name, Wants Your Help to Pick a New One

cm10 chronus

Cyanogenmod’s new Chronus clock widget is no more. Shortly after publicly announcing this new CM feature, the team received a Cease & Desist from a company who had previously trademarked the name “Cronus.” The CM team wanted to make it clear that their clock is in no way similar to this other entity’s software, nor is it infringing on the trademark, however, they are not about to spend the money it would cost to fight this.

So now it’s time to rename the widget! They aren’t necessarily holding a contest, as the team gets to decide on the final name, but they are asking for your help over at their Facebook page.

Via:  Facebook

Cheers tjhrulz!

  • UnixPimp

    How about KRONUS, or is that already taken 🙂

  • Triggur Clock.

    (Chrono Trigger)

  • Kr-oh-noes

  • slicingtaco


  • DanSan

    how do u keep this widget expanded on the screen so i dont have to pull it down to view weather?

  • roastb33f

    Seems to me like the other company is just looking for free publicity. I think more people have heard of “Chronus” than “Cronus”. But then again that could just be because this article and its targeted demographic. 😀

  • Kevin Rees
  • enob

    Chronus2 or NotChronus

  • rcpa

    Cronus and Chronos (aka Chronus) are two figures from Greek mythology. They can’t trademark that. Cronus and Chronos/Chronus are not the same entity. Cronus was the leader of the first generation of the Titans and has nothing to do with time while Chronos/Chronus was the personification of Time.

    • Droidzilla

      I’m sure that CM would win in court, but this is the world we live in. Companies push out little guys because the little guy can’t even afford to fight it. That’s where CM is right now.

  • New_Guy


  • Jimneezy


  • ClockMod (CM)… bleh too close to ClockworkMod. Be nice if it had a CM acronym to it. Clock…Machine. Yeah I got nothing. Anyone wanna take a crack at it?

  • Has anyone extracted this as a .apk?

  • Zippy


  • Javelin_Jack


  • Simon Belmont

    How about Chr0nus. That’s too 1337 to throw a C&D at.

    Nevermind. Some companies just like to throw their W31GHT 4R0UND.

    • Mark Mann

      what about chr0nu5?

  • Who was the business who filed the C&D? First guess, Trek Bicycle?


    • alexkirkp

      I knew I had seen that name, just couldn’t place it. The CM post does say that the Cronus in question is software though.

      • Hmmm, maybe it’s the CronusDevice for game controllers… or the athletic software. I’m just curious, because honestly, I get so worked up about trademarks, especially when it’s attacking someone who is releasing something for free, like CM.

    • Droidzilla

      We need to find out who they are so the community can boycott them and spam all of their social networks.

  • Bryan

    Saturn. He was the Roman god of time which seems fitting for a clock.

    • Danrarbc

      Bad luck there.

  • Christopher Grame


  • FAL_Fan

    Cyanoclock is catchy…and it would make sense considering…

  • kane

    They where totally clockblocked. How about Cyanoclock or pretty much anything

  • carlisimo

    Did Mt. Olympus send them a cease & desist?

  • Soooo that wallpaper…anyone have a link?

  • Buckoman

    Chronus isn’t even spelled like Cronus.

    How would that even be a legitimate claim…?

    • Bob G

      US Patent & Trademark Law strikes again!

      • Buckoman

        I’m pretty sure that if Cyanogen didn’t do anything, they couldn’t sue. If the trademark was wrongly represented, the C&D doesn’t mean anything.

        • Droidzilla

          They can always send a C&D and, if it’s not adhered to, take it to court (and they probably would). CM ought to win a court case, but they haven’t the time and money to waste on something like that. Just another case of patent bullying.

  • Ohno

    Count Clockula seems to roll right off the tongue

    • K. Nelson

      Actually, simply “Clockula” isn’t a bad choice.

  • doo

    ‘Cronus sucks a big fat one’ sounds like a great, non-confusing name for a non-related widget.

  • schoat333

    Tell em to f off. What can they even do to an open source free software?

  • Clockapotamus

  • orion11


  • azndan4

    Bolded hour is so ugly

    • dhirensavalia

      I like it. It’s different, but sometimes that’s a good thing. Just my opinion.

  • trololol


    For obvious reasons.

  • BIpolar clock widget

  • infogulch

    Chron-we, vs Chron-us

    • I’m more partial to Chroni.

      But apparently they’ve chosen cLock.

  • CModTic

  • Yagermeister


  • MikeCiggy


  • vonbane


  • Kraken?

  • Guest

    iClock. So revolutionary, only apple could do it

    • Simon Belmont

      Nah. The iClock is the clock Apple heisted from the Swiss railway.

      They already had to pay them. Haha.

  • ChristianJohnson


    • ChristianJohnson

      Or Cool Clock Widget Thingy

  • meetloaf13


  • JerryDog-Bear

    looks like the clock on the next iphone

    • Sloan Marion

      False, the clock on the next iPhone looks like Chronus. Apple copies others, not the other way around.

      • infogulch

        Dude your sarcasm radar is broken. You should get on that.

        • Masterminded

          Look who’s talking!

      • JerryDog-Bear

        i am an apple genius and I am currently testing the next iphone. It has a 4.2 in retina display and no bezel. this clock look eerily similar to “Siri Agenda”

        • Jon

          Pics or GTFO

          • JerryDog-Bear

            that would get me fired. Just remember when Cook announces the new Siri lock screen later this year, you know I was right. This shizz really is a “game changer.” Apple ftw

          • Liderc

            Let me guess, you say Siri unlock! lol. GAMECHANGER

          • JerryDog-Bear

            no. Siri simply brings the content you want to your lock screen. there is no more asking for the information (that is, unless you want to). you get your news, sports scores, agenda, and other things in your face when you turn the device on. NOW RUN ALONG AND JERK OFF TO THAT YOU DROID FAN BOY!!!

          • calculatorwatch

            So it’s basically Google Now except on the lock screen? GAME CHANGER!

          • Big_EZ

            That’s really cool that Apple is going to try and give you guys a version of Google Now, now you can enjoy it as much as we have been.

          • Geoff

            It does entertain me that you troll as site that clearly has in the title ‘Droid-life’ in the domain name and on a thread that is referencing a widget found on a custom aftermarket firmware distribution. Perhaps you need closure?

          • Nathan Buth

            Sounds like all things that are stock on my S3… and a lot like what is stock in 4.2… and what is provided WidgetLocker…

            I am good with Apple products and all but can you please tell me what is revolutionary about having that on the lockscreen? It seems that it is true. Things that are revolutionary for iOS die-hards are things that have been available on Android for a while(notification bar and multitasking to name a few, both of which I still don’t really care for how they are implemented on iOS).

            iOS is fine and all and I am glad to hear that Apple is granting you guys some basic functionality that I’ve had for oh at least 3 years now through 3rd party apps and one year through OEM software, but please don’t try to brag about it. You sound like a moron when you say you are getting it first but truly are stating that you can almost do that too. XD

            Run along now and continue to mindlessly worship your statues of Tim Cook and Steve Jobs, I am sure they need more of your ignorance right about now.

        • shecalledmejay

          No bezel my ass lol

        • Oh, you’re an Apple Genius? That’s great. I have a few friends that share that title!

          What’s the name of the customer comment system that Apple uses for retail?

          • JerryDog-Bear

            Hey mister Po-Tato, Not really sure what you are referring to in your question. Maybe fearless feedback? And yes, my father is a software engineer for Apple. So, I get all of the buggy new products before they are brought to market.

          • michael arazan

            “Apple Genius” there’s an oxymoron if I ever heard of one

        • The difference between Apple and Google is: Google doesn’t release a new phone just to add a clock widget..