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Spec Chart: Blackberry Z10 vs. Nexus 4 vs. DROID DNA vs. Note 2 vs. RAZR MAXX HD

blackberry z10

In case you weren’t paying attention, we thought we should point out that Blackberry tried to reinvent itself this morning in more ways than one. First, they are actually called Blackberry now, rather than RIM. That’s right, it’s a global name change that goes into effect immediately. Second, they announced Blackberry 10 (their newest OS) and two devices – the Blackberry Z10 and some random QWERTY thing that no one will want (it may be called the Q10).

The Z10, however, is their flagship and one that is aiming directly at Android and iOS. And since this device has a full touchscreen, is nothing like the failure that was the Storm, and might make some of you peek out the corner of your eye to see what it can do, we thought a spec battle was in store. If that seems weird, it’s not – we do this with all the big competitors.



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blackberry z10 specs

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  • TylerChappell

    OMG HAY GUISE. Did you hear that!?!!? It has an “eye-popping 355-MEGAPIXEL DISPLAY!!”
    Somebody at Blackberry needs to get fired…

  • SllekGN

    Do want that KEYBOARD!!!

  • [email protected]

    And Blackberry doesn’t do it again… Watch out, Blackberry, Apple will sue you! Looks too much like a iphone.

  • Jeffrey Garcia

    Great, now we have two fruity companies: Apple and Blackberry 😀

  • NexusMan

    Biased much? lol

  • Chris

    The way the OS looks and seems to operate, kind of reminds me of a mix of Android and Windows Phone 7-8

  • meh

  • Meh

  • Knlegend1

    Now I could be making the mistake of comparing it to android but that processor has to go. Itmay not use resources like android though. That battery oh my why? Again this is based on android the blackberry may perform better.

  • Barlog

    This is just what I was looking for! I’m trying to decide what phone to update to from my G Nexus. My first abvious choice is N4 but I have to stay with Verizon. So I’m debating on the DNA, Razor MAXX HD, and Galaxy S3. Any help deciding would be welcomed Thanks

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Hmmm…it’s the same size as a Razr HD Maxx with a 0.6 inch smaller screen and half the battery.

  • etg9

    overlooking the battery like that is amazing. That’s the one thing (it’s built like a tank and the amazing keyboard) that I still really like about my blackberry. Early reviews say this thing doesn’t get through the day, bad deal for business people who are on the go and talk a lot on the phone.

  • Tony Byatt

    Nice looking device but the specs are at least six months late if the release month is April…

  • Core

    i miss blackberry i wish they were actually relevant.

  • mike

    maxx hd has 4.1

  • Looks good… only about 2 years too late

  • to be honest though, its the device RIM needed, now i think they needed it sooner but im happy they joined the game, like windows 8, they need to play some catch up, the fanbase and app share between iOS and AOSP is crazy high, i like competition though, plus im a designer so im interested in seeing whats to come from it

  • TimXer

    facial reminds me a little of my DX

  • Maxx HD is running 4.1 now guys…

  • Aaron

    Anyone else hear that this thing will be compatible with most Android apps? If that is the plan for BB’s future then why didn’t they just make a custom fork of Android like Amazon and launch something a year ago? Now they are even further behind. And what’s with the weak battery?

  • schoat333

    RAZR HD Maxx has 4.1 not 4.0

  • skinja

    I wish this was a true competitor and would therefore push Android, but this looks terrible. Sure the phone is thin. But no one is going to buy something with a giant bezel like that. Look how much non-screen area there is on the top and bottom. Maybe if it had a revolutionary screen or was flexible, or OLED, this would work. Or if it came out 10 months ago.

    I am sure some businesses will buy these and push them on their employees. But I was hoping for a real innovator to compete with Android.

  • jahsoul

    I like it. Before I got my G1 (yeah, I’m an OG), I was all about Blackberry and the reason i left was because google sync sucked. I will probably let the new platform mature a little before I mull over a switch.

    • You left too early, they fixed it on BBOS5

      IMO, this device has actually made the BB experience worse. The old menu/shortcut/notification system was far superior. All they needed to do was make native support for android apps, add a decent browser, and up the screen/processor specs.

      • jahsoul

        They fixed google sync??? Crap..lol.

        One things that I didn’t like about Blackberry was no true advancements in the OS, the screen, and they always left it underpowered. I think they are moving in the right direction with BB10. I only have productivity apps on my phone, so their app selection won’t be a major part of my decision. I just wonder how they will do with the devices with hardware keys.

  • Dave

    I can’t speak for Sprint, but our local “large market” Verizon and ATT stores don’t even devote a single retail space for BB in the showroom. They said if you want to check one out, they would be willing to unbox one and power it up and let you play with it. That’s an OUCH.

    • Mikey Styles

      In my local area: AT&T Sprint & VZW don’t have it on shelves either. I’ve seen 1 perhaps 2 T-Mobile stores have’em up but that was months ago.

  • Mikey Styles

    Are they serious!? Don’t get me wrong the 2GB of RAM & 356ppi display is pretty sweet but everything thing else screams last yrs tech with an OS still falling behind. Don’t get me wrong as BB10 looks fluid & pretty nice but a day late dollar short IMHO

  • scoobynysery69

    Do bb still give off the most radiation?

  • Jason Smith

    “It has an eye-popping, 355 megapixel display” HELLO!!!!?!?!?!??!
    What a clown.

  • Chris King

    actually looks good, not for me but it looks good