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Nexus 4 Orders Already Shipping From Yesterday, Get Your Confirmation Email Yet?

lg nexus 4 review

Yesterday morning, after what seemed like months (oh wait, it almost was) the Nexus 4 finally returned to Google Play. Who knows how many people flocked to their online storefront to get their hands on the device, but what we do know is that folks are already receiving their shipping confirmations just one day after. Could it be that Google has finally figured this whole “selling things online” situation out? 

Did you happen to order one yesterday? If so, have you received your shipping email from Google yet?

And can you believe it, the Nexus 4 is still in stock. Go grab it while you can.

Play Links:  16GB | 8GB | Bumper Case

Cheers Gabriel!

  • Kevin Olson

    One of the two 16gb with bumper arrived this morning. The other still hasn’t shipped. No rhyme or reason it seems. The one I received was ordered hours after the one that hasn’t..

  • Luke Barbuto

    Hmmm… I ordered it at 9:07am PST, about 5 min after it became available. No email yet and the shipping estimate is still February 13.

    • sagisarius

      got yours yet? mine just came a hour or so ago. I ordered about 2 or 3 minutes before you I think.

      • Luke Barbuto

        Congrats 🙂
        Still no updates on mine…

        • sagisarius

          I should clarify that I mean I got the email about it shipping, it took a while for any details beyond that to show up on UPS. i’ bet you’ll wind up getting the phone by like Tuesday or something.

          • Nexwhere

            I ordered at 9:30am pst on Tuesday and haven’t received any updates besides temp and full charge on my cc. It’s frustrating… maybe I should have ordered in the evening or the day after!

          • Nexwhere

            Finally got the shipping confirmation email this morning at 6 am. Apparently it shipped at 2pm yesterday from Lexington KY. I wonder if my call yesterday at 12pm to ask “what the heck was going on with my order since everybody who ordered hours and days after me were getting theirs” had anything to do with it. My order was expedited too, originally scheduled for Tuesday evening delivery, now Monday morning. At least it saves me the trouble from calling Google again. But I’m still annoyed that I have to wait the entire weekend when people who ordered after me received theirs 2-3 days ago.

          • Luke Barbuto

            The ‘order has shipped’ email came through last night at about 3:30am. It still isn’t showing up on UPS tracking so I’m not sure when it shipped…

  • meenswift

    Got mine today!!! I got the shipping confirmation this morning saying it will arrive by the end of the day. I am thoroughly surprised and amazed lol.

  • lips4days

    I ordered mine on the Jan 29 and I didn’t get any confirmation email, so u can just imagine how surprised I was when ups came knocking on my door today (Jan 31) I thought I was gonna have to wait for months.. Lol I don’t even have my sim card yet.

  • Was the “link to google account” checked by default when ordering or did you have to do it manually? I cant remember if I did or not.

    • Kevin Olson

      I think it’s checked by default

      • awww dang it… does that mean the phone is already synced to the google account, cause my dad bought the phone using his google account? is it possible to sync it to my gmail account?

        • Kevin Olson

          I think all it does is fills in your gmail address upon first boot. You still need to enter you passowrd though. You have the option to use a different account, yes.

  • marusyar

    I ordered mine on January 29 at 9:40 am and still have not received an email confirmation. I’m confused why I had to pay $13.99 for two day shipping….

  • marirs

    I didn’t order mine with a bumper and I also didn’t check the ‘Link to google account’ thing.

    I ordered 29th around 9:30am PST, and it still hasn’t shipped. But my card has been charged ( I see a pending charge)

    To those who still haven’t received confirmation, do you see a charge on your card yet ?

  • amulya

    ordered it with bumper, maybe thats why mine hasnt shipped yet?

    • Kevin Olson

      I don’t think the bumpers are holding things up. I have a feeling that if you check the “Link this device to my Google account.” box, it delays things a bit.

  • Tim W

    I ordered a bumper with my phone within 5 minutes of it becoming available and still no shipping confirmation. So frustrating! Had I known, I wouldn’t have ordered the bumper.

    • Kevin Olson

      I ordered mine with a bumper yesterday afternoon, no shipping. I ordered my wife’s phone last night and a bumper to go with it separately 30 minutes later. Her phone and bumper shipped. I have 2 packages being delivered tomorrow…

  • Jrc

    Has anyone that ordered a bumper with their phone received shipping confirmation or their phone? No confirmation for me to this point.

  • marirs

    To all those who got confirmation, what was the original shipping estimate ?
    I haven’t received mine, and my shipping estimate is Feb 2013. Not sure if that matters.

    I also see that my card has been charged.

    • Matt

      it says when ordering that your card will only get charged when the item is shipped so yours should be on the way!! 😀

  • Steven

    I got my shipping confirmation this morning and it says it’s being delivered early this afternoon! Awesome!

  • Pya

    My hubby and I ordered one each with each of our accounts. I ordered mine with ‘link my Google account’ option and mine has not shipped yet. He did not link it and has shipped already and arriving EOD today. That couple be a reason….:-(

    • arturo_bandini

      I bet you’re right. I ordered at 12:23PM EST on the 29th and it has not shipped yet. Should have unchecked that box…

      • sagisarius

        I unchecked it, and I still haven’t heard anything… I ordered it a few minutes after it went up even…. though I got a bumper so that could be slowing me down.

        • arturo_bandini

          I also ordered right after it went back up for sale. Seems like a lot of people who ordered right away are still waiting.

    • Kevin Olson

      I’m starting to to think I should have unchecked that box too. I ordered two yesterday at separate times. One for myself and one for my wife ( from my account ) My wife’s which I did’t not check the box has shipped, mine has not…

  • San

    wallpaper link please…

  • Garrett A

    Just got mine today!!

  • Marco Mendoza

    Mine should be here Thursday afternoon