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Google Play Music Updated, Brings New Default Album Art and More

Google Music

If you are a Google Play Music user, which we think you should be, go grab the newest update that was just released to Google Play. It brings a few new features such as instant mixes (which we love) going beyond 25 songs when you reach the end, new default album art (yes!), and fixes for the freezing issues on the Galaxy S3.Ā 

Funny story time. I was literally going to write a quick rant post today about how the widget didn’t have a previous track button. Instead, it had a thumbs up button. Seriously, who needs to thumb up a song on a widget? Give me some actual usage out of that space. Thanks for reading my mind, Google! I knew this day would come.


  • Instant mixes continue playing beyond 25 songs.
  • Added ability to shuffle an album, artist or playlist.
  • New default album art.
  • Previous button added to widget.
  • Pinning progress now shown on album and playlist pages.
  • Fix for the Galaxy S3 freezing issue.

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Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Reggie Nelson

    I see that keak da sneak too!

  • Tim Buchanan

    Wish they’d make songs available to be used for alarms, etc.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    keak da sneak!…good taste in music

  • William Shockley

    I’m waiting for the update that allows me to delete all those the stupid instant mixes that I never use… oh, and for them to fix the option to add my own album art via the website. It’s been broken for way too long and I’m tired of looking at their blurry images.

    • I can edit my album art just fine on the website, what’s the problem?

      • William Shockley

        The problem was I could not change any album art are via the website, using any browser or machine that I own. It started working again a few weeks ago.

  • master94

    MP3 downloads, pirating again I see šŸ˜›

  • Possibly a stupid question, but what does “new default album art” mean? Just got a Nexus 7 and I love it, but I’ve been none too pleased with Google Music (the app and the service).

    • ramifications

      It means that the default picture for your songs that don’t have album art included was updated to a new design. (It looks WAY better than the old default pic).

    • Larizard

      That square with a blown-up, cut-off grey Google Music icon, on a cool grey background. That’s new with this update, and it will be used for your songs that do not have album art.

    • Ah I see, thanks. It does look much better.

  • KB Smoka

    This would be my go to music app if there was an option to keep the screen on when charging or just in general……Haven’t used it in awhile, is that available yet?

    • Developer options, stay awake, check

      • KB Smoka

        Yea I know that but it doesn’t solve my problem

  • Finally!!!! They redid the widget!

  • Mike

    Where is the music match feature for the US google?

  • ddpacino

    Look your music taste my man, lol.

  • Tony Byatt

    “Popped a molly, I’m sweating, woo, Popped a molly, I’m sweating, woo”

  • Dustin Wen

    Does anyone else have problems on the Google Play web app changing album art? This just happend to me this week

  • Datboijon

    All rolls everything. >>>>> all good everything

  • Carlos

    Now if only they can quit censoring my music šŸ™

  • Finally, that default art was U.G.L.Y.

    • ddpacino

      You aint got no alibi!

  • pierce

    Popped a molly I’m sweatin!

  • Marshall P.

    Gold all in my rangs

  • Been a long time since I’ve seen Sevendust’s name

  • Shane Redman

    NOOOOOOOOO HAHAHAHA NOT TRINIDAD! Man…what happened to my Hip-Hop!

  • DanWazz

    Hopefully the next app brings better in app navigation, and stop going to the top of the lists when I switch panels!

  • Why take up space with the widget when controls are in the status bar pulldown?

    • ddpacino

      Some people want that — Android is all about options, options, options.

  • Malcolm James II

    While we’re on gMusic updates, this app needs an overhaul. With the other app updates rolling out this one kinda seems like an afterthought. I realize this interface isn’t that old, but the comparable apps are starting to look and function so much better. I’m hoping Google puts all that muscle to use and gives us a Music revamp at Google I/O…

    • Larizard

      Google Music is actually the only app that retains the actual ‘Holo’ aesthetic, while everything else moved on to the ‘Google Now’ design theme. Can’t wait what they will do to this app..

  • chris

    what does default album art mean? What was it using before?

    • ramifications

      Copied from what I wrote above:

      It means that the default picture for your songs that don’t have album
      art included was updated to a new design. (It looks WAY better than the
      old default pic).


    yo dawg…

  • Malcolm James II

    Love how Trinidad James – All Gold Everything is featured in the screenshot…..LOL!!

  • Detonation

    They need to add swipe gestures so you can slide left and right to change tracks. Much easier to do (especially in the car) because you can do it blindly versus having to look for the button to press. Weren’t they trying to make the android OS more consistent throughout with swipes? They’ve added it to a lot of their apps, do it for Music!

    • ddpacino

      They added swiping where there are columns to swipe arcoss.. not just blindly.

  • LOL @ Tim bumping Trinidad James… Dont believe me just watch!

  • gold all in my rang, gold all in my chain.

    Oh james lol

  • Mr ilheis

    LMAO Tim-O-Tato didn’t think you’d be bumpin’ that All Gold Everythang!!

  • JamesU513

    I love lamp

  • Mordecaidrake

    I really want to use Play Music, but it’s equalizers are awful and the fact that it scans the whole internal/SD card is kinda infuriating. I have podcasts downloaded from DogCatcher and it’s quite annoying when working out suddenly I hear “Hi Everyone, welcome to the Nerdist podcast”. So PowerAmp for me! Unless someone knows a fix for this, because .nomedia doesn’t work.

    • Ahh, this is actually a good point. I download ringtones to my SD card and sometimes they’ll play when I’m on shuffle. I go to look at my phone for the notification/phone call and all of a sudden, I’m getting Samsung’d! Good point!

    • I really don’t like the Play Music app interface (looks so Honeycombish), so I’ve been pinning tracks to listen to offline, then using doubleTwist. While doubleTwist isn’t perfect, it’s better than the Play Music app IMHO.

      Just hope a UI change and/or rewrite is coming at I/O with the expected next release of Android. It badly needs it.

    • Kidcuda

      It’s the only reason why I don’t use DogCatcher šŸ˜›

      • Mordecaidrake

        It’s the best podcast app though! Haha

        • ddpacino

          I rocks with PocketCasts.

      • Hoot

        You guys do realize that DoggCatcher has a setting for this right?

        Preferences->Misc->Share Media

    • Raven

      +1 for PowerAmp. Play Music has a long way to go to catch up to that as a player.

    • CrewF24

      You can add a blank document with a file name of .nomedia in the folder where your podcasts are stored and google music will not scan that folder.

  • wow yes finally back button on the widget

  • AK

    Don’t believe me just watch…

    • usmitcboy

      N*gga, n*gga, n*gga,n*gga, n*gga! LOL. Dont worry. Im black, so Im good.

      • Comment of the week right here.

        • AK

          In all seriousness though… Google, Y U No hi-res artwork šŸ™

        • truth_cutz

          how is this the comment of the week?? Contrary to popular belief..not all black people call each other Nigga. Calling another black person a Nigga in a lot of cases leads to someone getting their ass beat.

          • guest

            Fosho my nigga

          • Comment of the week because it made me laugh. The end.

          • Bear

            Calm down nigga.

          • truth_cutz

            Eat a dick

      • Mr ilheis

        LMAO I wanted to post!