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Sprint Brings 4G LTE to Boston, Austin, Fort Wayne, and Western Puerto Rico

Sprint 4G LTE

Sprint announced this morning that we can add four new cities to their list of 4G LTE supported areas, bringing the total to a full 58 markets. In terms of the competition, that’s only 400+ less than Verizon, about 80 less than AT&T, and 57 more than T-Mobile once they finally light up Las Vegas. We got big things going on over here. 

For folks living in areas of Boston, MA; Austin, TX; Fort Wayne, IN; and western Puerto Rico, you should be able to bask in 4G LTE goodness as of today and going forward. Enjoy it.

Sprint also released the below video, which offers their overall vision for 4G LTE.


Via: Sprint

  • S_wallace

    I can’t believe it myself but 4g lte in Michigan. Happened last night around 6

  • Mikesphoneandtab

    It’s frustrating that Sprint said they were suppose to bring LTE to St. Louis this month and they are already quick to announce more places they want to bring it without actually doing what it is they said they were going to do.

  • Ilya

    I have Sprint and it sucks in Albany, NY. I defended their service for a long long time and now I just don’t anymore. When my contract is up in 1.5 years, I’m probably going to AT&T (I have heard great things about them lately) unless Sprint can really improve their service in that time. It’s been piss poor for the last year though, so I doubt it.

  • Puerto Rico? Are they serious? And no Los Angeles yet?

    • Bryan

      Puerto rico actualy is almost 3g everywhere they need to develop 4g LTE or at least 4g to not make his customer from here go to T-mobile or at&t

  • cantcurecancer

    They still haven’t come to Michigan yet. They never brought WiMax here, and they are deploying LTE everywhere but here. They are such a joke it’s not even funny.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Western Puerto Rico? LTE rolled out already to all places in the U.S.? Must be or else this would be a waste of resources.

    • michael arazan

      Their HQ is in KC MO and they have not brought 4G lte to St.Louis yet, but the Ozarks and Branson MO have 4G and important enough for the hillbillies.

  • My verizon contract ends in 25 days. Contemplating Sprint and TMobile at this point. They have 3 days to impress me lol.

    • Jonbo298

      *high five* Mine ends on the 17th. Haven’t been contract free since 2006. Alas, the loss of unlimited data is too much to renew and just ride it out kicking and screaming.

  • I think Sprint needs a hot chick like T-mobile then maybe…

    • imns

      She’s got a face for radio.

  • Diablo81588

    “Our 3g is already performing well..” Lol is that a joke?

  • Tony Byatt

    Did we do something to offend you Sprint…Where’s the NOLA LTE?

  • db.

    so close to my home town, but right on by