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Score Mobile Rebrands to “theScore” – Receives UI Overhaul in Latest Update

score mobile android

One of the most popular sports apps on mobile, Score Mobile, received a major update this evening which included an entirely new UI and a new name. The new app is called theScore, however, the same great features you have always enjoyed, along with the logo, remain the same. On an app front, this new version has definitely been built with some of the newest Android theme guidelines, making the user experience a joy as long as you understand that it takes swiping from page to page or panel to panel in order to get to different sections. 

You’ll also find a new “MyScore” area that gives you all of your teams’ scores and players in one spot. There are player card profiles with in-depth research, photos, stats, and fantasy news. But again, the big thing here is the new UI, which I suggest you take a few minutes to navigate around until you are used to it.

Here is the full changelog:

  • A completely re-designed and updated experience is here
  • MyScore Area: to follow all of your scores, teams and players.
  • Player Card Profiles: In-depth research with player photos, stats and fantasy news
  • New name: theScore was formerly ScoreMobile, even the logo is the same. Same scores, news, and stats.
  • Social sharing screenshots

Update:  TheScore reached out to us because they are hearing concerns over the new widget. They wanted to point out that they are working on a widget that is similar to the previous version:

One of the biggest concerns for our users has been the change to the widget. We wanted to let you know that we are currently working on an update to add an additional widget with similar functionality to the previous version with more scores from your favorite leagues in addition to the current widget which has scores only for your favorited teams’ scores in the widget.

I should probably point out that the app is having issues on some phones. For example, it simply force closes on my Nexus 4.

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Cheers Shane!

  • erwin wells

    Wow! glad I have read this update! with this application, I can watch NBA anywhere, anytime!
    I can always be updated in NBA!

  • migz

    So I guess I’m the only one that has concerns with the updated app permissions? Like the fact it can read and access every single calendar event across any of my accounts on my device?

    Or the fact that it needs access to review, read, and discover any account on the device?

    Why the hell does this app need to do this and mine all of my data? This is a giant red flag and I will not be installing this app again.

    • kennynorton

      @ab065f22b9d74becbe17b543656bb224:disqus – Hi there, Kenny from theScore app team here. We added the ability to sync a team’s schedule straight to your calendar with the most recent update for Android 4.0 and up. In order to do this, Google requires us to ask for these permissions. This is a feature that we’ve had a bunch of requests for, and this was the only we could add it in to the app.

  • Legobricke

    Like the new look…. would love to see the following items added: Resizable widget (Nexus 7) / Widget that not only includes all scores for sports chosen (My Teams) but also for the 5 or 4 sports I have listed first in the overall settings./ also the ability to chose an alert tone for notifications (either by team or overall). I have been a user of ScoreMobile back to the Blackberry days and love the app. Thanks for the much needed update!

    • kennynorton

      Hey there @Legobricke. Thanks for the feedback! A new widget is coming with the ability to see multiple leagues scores. Alert tone customization is coming in a future release as well. Glad to hear you have been a user for a while, we appreciate the support and the feedback.

  • akazerotime
  • Sofia Samme

    The updated app is that the nice, however the new device blows. It solely helps you to toggle through your favorite groups and does not allow you to switch leagues. they must bring back the recent device or allow you to make a choice from them. http://tiny.cc/5baerw

    • kennynorton

      Hi Sofia, not really sure what you mean by “device”. Do you mean widget? If so, we are currently developing an additional widget that has similar functionality to the previous ScoreMobile one which allows you to add multiple leagues’ scores to the widget.

  • S2556

    Cool thanks for using my tip, Glad to see you guys liked it as much as I did!

  • I am really glad after seeing this updates. It’s awesome and must says that, this updated app include more benefits than previous ones. really, great work.

  • Wow! A rare Kings win in the screenshot. 😉

  • Yahoo Sportacular makes everything else look like a joke.

    • Ryan Frankenstein

      Sportacular is great…but it is 2nd place behind CBS SportCaster

      • Those are both great, but they’re 2nd and 3rd behind Thuuz.

      • VoiceofSky

        i just uninstalled CBS sportcaster cuz it sucks some big ones, don’t know what you be talking about lol.. TheScore is first for UI and smoothness ,widget sucks i agree..love the Yahoo one but its just a little too laggy-ish for mua :)-

    • Cowboydroid

      Sportacular IS the joke. It’s unusable.

  • Bionic

    They totally copied the ESPN look and feel. ESPN alerts are the fastest. I used to have score but ESPN I best now.

    • Danrarbc

      More like they are both Holo style. They also both have their own look too.

      • Cowboydroid

        More like they are both iphone style. Don’t fool yourself…both companies made their apps for the iOS first, and they look almost identical. ESPN even has remnant garbage come up while loading a particular game, just before the actual stats show up.

        It’s sad that neither company gets it yet. They still just want to port their iOS apps to Android, with a few minor tweaks.

        • Danrarbc

          This looks nothing like the iOS version…

          Even ScoreCenter gets rid of the bottom icon navigation and replaces it with top-mounted Holo tabs. You’re off your rocker.

  • elemeno

    SportCaster FTW

  • tharealoc

    Just doesn’t have the feature set. sure it’s pretty and smooth,but doesn’t offer much options. for now I will stick with yahoo’s sportstacular. I like having custom alerts for my teams and being able view trending sports as well as my favorite teams. also the update intervals are lacking, the times given worry me a bit. it seems that it may use a lot of battery to pulled updates, even at its max interval, of 5 minutes. Push notifications would be welcomed (if possible)

    • kennynorton

      Hey tharealoc Custom alerts are available. Just click on your team. Then once in team view, click the star in the top right hand corner, then click Alerts and you can set: Game Start, Game End, Close Game, Score Each Period / Quarter, Power Plays, Red Zone, Turnovers etc.

      To follow your favorite teams: You can click “follow team” in the same menu after you click on the star and follow your favorite teams. Scores for your favorite team will always be in the “MyScore” area.

      Trending sports is something we’re looking into.

      Let us know if you have any other feedback, we appreciate it.

      -Kenny @ theScore

      • LionStone

        Why you need: NEW: Read all calendar events plus confidential information…send email to guests without owners’ knowledge, …regardless of confidentiality or sensitivity??

        • kennynorton

          @LionStone Hey there, The new permissions are so that users can add whole team schedules to their devices if they wish. In order to add that feature to the app it is required to have this permission.

          • LionStone

            gotcha…..the MMA blog has helped me a bunch follow the fights when I’m out of town… thanks!

      • tharealoc

        Nice to see the dev responding to the community. I’ll give it a second look. it just seemed that some of the settings are hidden and a little odd to use. (for lack of a better term) I do like the new ui, it’s extremely smooth. nice work, and because your responding to us, I have no choice but to support you guys.

  • Guest

    mine keeps FC on JB

    • kennynorton

      Hey there, if you flip us an email at mobilesupport (at) thescore (dot) com we’ll help support!

  • termiNader

    Please tell me it’s better than the redesigned Scorecenter which is utterly terrible and unusable.

  • Chuck Freyer

    The updated app is the great, but the new widget blows. It only lets you toggle through your favorite teams and doesn’t let you switch leagues. They should bring back the old widget or let you choose between them.

    • kennynorton

      @google-4ecc2186dc6700cec82f9fd3b8b47576:disqus Hey Chuck – Kenny from theScore app team here. Appreciate the feedback, we’re currently working on an additional widget with the same functionality as the previous app. Should be out very soon! Any other feedback on the new redesigned app?

      • Chuck Freyer

        Love the new app UI. It’s much improved and better than ESPN. Easy to navigate and the new calendar layout for changing dates is great. More widget choices would be awesome, I look forward to that. Keep up the good work!

      • I have 1 feature request. Please, please, please add the day of the week for games on the widget. I have not been and to find a single sports widget that has this and it would really add a lot to the usefulness. Thanks.

        • kennynorton

          @facebook-38502377:disqus appreciate the feedback Andrew. We’ll forward that to our product team, and see if we can incoporate that into a future release.

          • Brian

            The one thing to make me come back to you would be on the widget…listing the previous score of your favorite team or if its showing the score, show the next game (kinda like one of the other score apps, yah…know)

        • How about sliding left to right to access the menu? I hate having to reach the top of the bar to access my teams.