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Google+ Overtakes Twitter And YouTube As Second Largest Social Network

Google Plus Logo

We’ve been following Google+ since Google launched it as an invite-only experiment and it always felt like the little brother to the juggernaut Facebook. Google has been doing their best to increase interactivity on the site while pushing it to everyone who has a Google account which might have lead to today’s news. Global Web Index released a report that monitored all the big social sites and reported that G+ has grown itself into the second most used social network in the world.

Facebook is still firmly in the lead with 51% of the share of users, but G+ has moved into the second spot with 25% with Twitter and Youtube falling in behind at third place. The report pins G+ as having almost 343 million users which is quite a number for the much criticized website.

google plus win

We’re fans of the G+ and their hangouts for helping us with the Droid Life Show every week, do you think they will continue to gain on Facebook?

Via: Forbes

  • wallman

    I’m sure this does not reflect the number of actual ‘active users’. Everyone tried G+ and then has not really continued.

  • gooner13

    I want to like G+….but it’s just not catching on with me. I don’t have FB, but i love twitter. What am i missing here?

  • Barlog

    I’ve been on G+ from the beginning but haven’t really used it till recently. I’ve noticed a lot of people have been using it and there are a lot of cool communities for Android and Nexus. I’m really liking where its going and glad its catching on.

  • BluntTrauma

    what the hell is “none of the above”????

  • Trevor

    How do I sign up for None of the Above? Sounds fun

  • lmao myspace

  • This is BS. Who the hell use’s G+??

    • Droidzilla

      The same people who understand that commas create possessive cases.

      • The same people who understand that *apostrophes create possessive cases.
        FTFY /downwithnazis

        • Droidzilla

          I’m self-deporting to a labour camp as I type this.

  • Prime7

    Everyone has Google+!

    …but no one uses it.

  • I ditched FB years ago. G+ is clearly the future. Twitter is ok, but the 140 char limit irks the crap out of me, and meaningful interaction is non-existent.

    • Michael G

      Like I said in a previous comment, Twitter is nothing but attention starved adolescents and “celebrities” wanting…well….attention. I see the dumbest things posted on Twitter.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Google Plus is a wonderful community great place for many things. But I use all three network for various reasons and they all serve a great purpose to me.

    • Agreed. Google+’s new communities feature is my favorite part about it so far.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Yes that’s a great feature.

      • Andy

        what is that?

  • stephan390

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  • br_hermon

    Active users are classified as someone who uses the service in a month’s time span. My question is… what are those “uses.” Google is throwing G+, gmail, Local/Places and so much more under the G+ umbrella. So is a “use” sending an email? Sharing a document in Drive? Writing a review on Google Play? I’d really like to know what classifies as a use. I’m sure that number would be dramatically different if they monitored the number of people who post.

    • Marc Razia

      THe sae can be said for Facebook usage when you consider the count people just for “liking” a website or even those who log in to comment on a site that has nothing to do with Facebook. Then you have to consider all the people playing games with multiple accounts contribute to FB usage but are not posting. If you are going to talk about only those posing in the G+ stream as active users, you’d have to have the same criteria for FB. And you can be sure BOTH network’s numbers would be drastically different.

  • Br_d

    I’m sorry, but only the most delusional Google fanboys think Google+ has more active users than Twitter.

    Many recent news stories have broken on Twitter, how many news stories have you ever seen that were broken on Google+? How many people do you follow on Google+ that don’t have a Twitter account, and how many people do you follow on Twitter that don’t have a Google+ account?

    I can’t tell you why their stats are flawed, but it’s just common sense that they are. If you don’t believe me, here’s a fun game: there’s a hashtag in the corner of basically every tv show nowadays. Next time you see one, do a Google+ search on that hashtag, and a Twitter search, and tell me which one has more results. (Spoiler alert: it will be Twitter, and it won’t even be close)

    • Marc Razia

      This sounds like the same type of nonsense every Android article got in 2010 when it was laughed about and considered dead on arrival. Just because YOU can’t see how much G+ has been steadily growing doesn’t make it so.

      • Br_d

        I’m NOT saying G+ doesn’t have potential, isn’t growing, isn’t a good platform, or that it can’t become more popular. All I’m saying is that it’s blindingly obvious that it’s not as popular as Twitter at this time. Do you disagree?

  • Yeah I don’t know anyone that use’s G+

  • duke69111

    I still think twitter is the best…short, sweet and to the point. I don’t have to read that my friends kid took a poop today.

    • Geoff Johnson

      And the auto-updating timeline that are handled by widgets and third party apps without needing to use a fullscreen browser.

    • Hunter

      That’s all I saw on Twitter, hence the reason I left

  • Geoff Johnson

    I’m a die hard Android/Google fan, but I just can’t get myself to use Google+. All my “normal” friends from school/family/etc. are all on facebook, I follow news sites such as DroidLife on Twitter, and I watch videos on YouTube. I just don’t see the need or reason to use yet another social media site when so few people outside of the tech community actually use it on a regular basis.

    • Droidzilla

      Try circling a bunch of people/entities you find interesting, seeing who they follow, and joining a few Communities. It all starts to make more sense when you do that. I used to only have friends and family in my Google+ Circles and it was a ghost town. Now, I go there to be engaged, entertained, and informed. Very different than Facebook (which I still use).

  • chanstar

    Wheres Christian Mingle?

    • LiterofCola

      I lol’d

    • TylerChappell

      Let’s not forget blackpeoplemeet.com.
      Yes, I am serious. It’s a thing too. I died laughing when I saw the commercial.

      • chanstar

        Hahahahaha I saw the commercial too as was like what dafuq!!?

  • t3chi3

    Lol, MySpace…

    • Hunter

      It’ll all be different now that JT is in charge…lol couldn’t type with straight face.

  • Michael Weachock

    If you actually bother to click the source you can see what defines an active user:

    “Used or contributed to in the past month”

    How they got that info, I don’t know. But I doubt checking your gmail would count.

    • Checking GMail probably not, but they renamed and moved Google Places/Local to now be “Google + Local”. So all you have to do is Google Search for local services/products and the map and local results are technically pulling from Google +, so that could easily be considered “used”. Google Local gets a good amount of traffic and use, so it was a smart move to roll it into G+ to get people on it, even if many don’t know they’re using it lol.


    If they could get the word out on its Instant Upload feature I would bet more people would use it. Besides being and RSS feed that’s the only benefit I see from it.

  • Chris King

    it will be tough to over come facebook,but then again the same thing was said about apple and android. I myself use google plus

  • jpfrasier

    I’m a fan of Google+ but these stats are very disingenuous and not reflective of actual usage at all. I’m eager for Google+ to become more popular with the general public in real terms. Not by accounting tricks like this.

    • Michael Weachock

      Disingenuous how? Back that statement up.

      • jpfrasier

        I thought the article made it pretty clear that the integration of all Google products made it difficult to ascertain what is exactly meant by “active user”. “The reality is that it is hard to determine the “true” active users of Google+ because the numbers are so distorted because of all the “cross-reference”.

        I’m a Google fan and I want them to succeed more than anyone, I just think their is a difference in going to the Google+ website looking around, getting bored and not coming back until a month later. Compared to people who frequent and post to Twitter on a daily basis.

        • Droidzilla

          A question as to how the aggregation was accomplished does not equate to the aggregation being false or misleading.

    • Eric

      I have zero interest in G+ becoming more popular with the general public. I’ll have to add almost everyone I know to a Circle where all of the content goes into a black hole. The last thing I want is for my Google+ stream to look like a Facebook timeline, with endless snarky/passive aggressive/political/inspirational/religious image macros.

      I swear, people turn into complete retards as soon as they log into Facebook to post.

      • Michael G

        Who’s scruffy looking?!

    • Someone posts something to G+ they are counted as an active user. They don’t post, they aren’t counted. How is that disingenuous or not reflective of actual usage? Pretty sure that’s the exact definition of actual usage, actually.

      • jpfrasier

        maybe, maybe not. The article does speculate on how those active users are counted. How do you know they aren’t counted?

        “Every action that you take logged in as a social network’s user can make you an “active user.” Facebook has made its accounts a virtual single sign-in for a a big chunk of the web, and Google is catching up, particularly when it changed its account system last year to merge all of its products, YouTube and Docs included, into singular accounts.”

        • The article speculates, the source does not. Global Web Index conducts surveys to determine active use.

          If a user would not answer ‘yes I used or posted to Google+ in the last month’ (and I suspect someone like your wide would now) they aren’t counted. Admittedly, it is possible that the way the question is phrased or framed could influence a user’s response, but it seems pretty clear.

          • jpfrasier

            The statistics classes I took in college while getting my Political Science degree have left me jaded towards any/all polling data I read. From methods to the reliability of the subjects being polled; it can all be called into question.

          • It can, so it’s best to use as many polls as possible and notice common trends and guess what, they’re all telling us the same things. G+ has a lot of active losers and is the fastest growing social network in terms of active users in history.

          • mx

            A lot of active losers indeed.

          • ha! thanks for spotting that one.

        • Also, the author makes clear in the comments – though Google is unifying accounts across services they made Youtube a separate question/category because they (IMO correctly) believe that users view the two as distinct services. The same could be said for Drive, Gmail, etc. so I don’t think those unified account uses are going to count in this poll either.

      • jpfrasier

        One more thing. I bet they count folks who use “Instant Upload” on their Android(and iOS) phones as “Active users” because they are interacting with Google+ and it counts as a “post”. I talked my wife into doing this from her phone recently as a good way to back up all of her photos. Other than that she has never been to Google+ or posted in any other way.

        • Droidzilla

          My wife does the same (though she’s starting to use G+ more and more, now that I showed her how to stop treating it like Facebook). Are they not actively using one of the feature sets of Google+? If someone only dos Hangouts, isn’t that part of Google+’s functionality? Sounds like you’re looking for a subset of how many people are actively using G+ primarily for social interaction, which is a different metric.

        • Marc Razia

          And you don’t think Facebook does the sane thing? I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve been forced to sign into Facebook to post a comment even though I don’t use FB. Yet they count me as an active user.

          • jpfrasier

            Of course they absolutely do. The article points out this very fact.

  • nightscout13

    Twitter is stupid anyway… I have no idea how it lasted as long as it did

    • Gotta admit though, Twitter functions as an excellent platform for sweepstakes, company announcements, customer service, and generally the announcement of emergencies and the like.

      I would not compare Facebook or Google+ to Twitter. Twitters uses are completely different, though similar in format.

      • Michael G

        I have Twitter for news alerts. From what I can tell Twitter users are all ego-centric, attention starved women and adolescent boys that like to post about the most mundane of daily activity. NO ONE CARES WHAT COLOR YOUR SHOES ARE!

    • Andy

      twitter is huge man. Every tv show, news broadcast, sporting event etc.. uses the hash tags for interaction. i could see it being around longer than facebook.

  • bakdroid

    Fly it high…

  • Nexus_FrEak

    You did say second most “used” social network! Not bad at all!! Still adapting myself!

  • ChristianJohnson

    Whaaattt? I would have never predicted this this early into it’s existence. Sure, its a couple years old, but I never hear of many people using Google+ honestly.

  • Akeem McAllister

    Don’t Google kind of force you to sign up for it with every gmail account? I use the service but the fact that they have reached these unbelievable numbers is ridiculous.

    • Michael Weachock

      Yes, you are forced to sign up to come degree, but this data is only counting users who “Used or contributed to in the past month.” Signing up for a gmail should not affect anything.

      • Akeem McAllister

        Oh ok well I am in that number and in that case these numbers are quite interesting!

    • Marc Razia

      Complaining that signing up for Google services forces you to sign up for G+ is like complaining that buying a smart phone forces you to own a camera.

  • turbo

    youtube was forcing people to almost activate their google+ accounts if you didnt read….i have 6 youtube accounts…

    • Marc Razia

      Yeah, and how many Gamers have 6 Facebook accounts to water their crops on Farmville?

  • Browsing G+…..sure doesn’t feel like G+ is more popular than twitter and YouTube.

    • Dain Laguna

      well, technically that’s your fault, not Google+’s

      • How is it my fault that Google’s marketing has yet to win over the mass users of Facebook. The people that read tech sites will of course be willing to use alternative services eg G+ but that is a small market. I have a Facebook and use it over other services because everyone uses it, keeping me somewhat connected to those I care little or not at all about it. Until Facebook users migrate to G+, and perception is reality, its gonna feel like a bearing wasteland. And why the hell would i follow the same people on twitter and G+ that’s a little redundant.

        • Droidzilla

          I’m never starved for content on Google+. Your experience does not automatically equate to the experience of the hundreds of millions of others also using it.

    • Ryan Lestage

      You’re doing it wrong then.

    • Michael G

      You could say the same with one or two Twitter follows. Start getting into it where you have more people in your Circle(s) and you’ll see the difference. Guy Kawasaki did.

  • breadable

    It’s great news for the Google platform but I’m a little suspicious of these numbers, though I do use G+ to keep all my photos backed up and occasionally check the feed. How likely is it that these numbers are skewed in some way?

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    maybe they will but it doesn’t matter. While Google+ is a social network it seems so much different than Facebook. I like to think of it as a combination of Facebook and Twitter. I feel like people go to Facebook to socialize and get all up in the drama and most people go to Google+ to keep up with current events and share things.

    • Droidzilla

      This. What’s funny is, the only real social interaction I do with friends and family on Google+ is so much more organic and so much less narcissistic than on Facebook. I go to G+ for news, Android and other communities, new photos, etc. When I want to ask something of a friend/family member or share something with them, I generally share it with just them and not public or all circles; you know, just like how, if I wanted to see what a friend was doing for dinner, I would call them up and not host an all-people-I-know Hangout with them tagged.

      • michael arazan

        What’s Great right now on Google plus is that all the intellectuals are on it along with being the popular place to connect with those in the tech industry and android industry. Google + is nice because it doesn’t have they cheap drama and what people had for lunch today crap. Plus unlike FaceCrook it doesn’t claim intellectual ownership over every pic, video or thought you post to it.

  • I don’t know how they’re getting their stats, but this may just be because Google has integrated G+ into many of their services now. You cannot convince me more people use G+ over twitter for social sharing.

    • Abhisshack D

      You cannot convince me more people use MySpace over Friendster for social sharing.
      You cannot convince me more people use Facebook over MySpace for social sharing.

      hmm… Deja Vu

      • New_Guy

        Truth is, Google+ is really nice on a Tablet, and I actually prefer it to the Facebook app. It’s more functional and Google integration is king.

        • Facebook for Android is a disaster. Every new version is worse. I can’t even express how much better G+ is on Android and how I prefer G+ over FB, too bad all my family seems to be stuck in FB.

    • Michael Weachock

      I know how you can find how they got their stats. Click the source they so nicely cited.

      An active user is defined as having “Used or contributed to in the past month”

      Sharing a document over Google+ would count, while simply viewing a document or your email would not.

      • Google has so tightly integrated G+ into so many things that sharing is very quick and simple, so people may be sharing tiny little things, but nothing really all that meaningful.

        • Michael G

          I agree that it’s not that popular but I’ll tell you what helped spur the numbers. Communities. Ever since the Communities feature launched my activity on G+ has surged. I no longer scour Android and Cyanogen forums. I have Communities for that. From what I can tell, other users are having the same engagement.

          • Caleb Martin

            This. Communities have increased my G+ usage by quite a bit. They’re a great feature, and have been especially useful for Ingress. 😉

          • Art Carter

            Me too.

    • You’re probably right. I’m obligated to post since the profile picture.

  • Sam’s Son

    I use it for hangouts.

  • Holy moly, those Chinese are social!

    • duke69111

      If you add all the Chinese formats together, it appears they are almost as much as facebook, twitter, google+ and youtube combined. I would guess roughly they are behind 20% or so.

  • KingSpeedy

    Definitely #1 in compulsory signups.

  • Speedyrulz

    I’m sure they probably do have that many users, but only because when you set up a new Android phone it asks you to sign up by hitting 1 button. I guarantee the majority don’t actually use it.

    • Ekknr


    • Michael Weachock

      Read the source. It says they only counted people who “Used or contributed to [the network] in the past month”

      • Speedyrulz

        That may be so but I wonder how it’s actually defined. I don’t see any possibly way it has more active users than Twitter.

        • Droidzilla

          As someone who’s active on G+, I can see how they do. By contrast, my Twitter homepage is a ghost town since I only use Twitter to enter sweepstakes.

    • I have noticed that usage has really picked up. The number of posts I see has probably doubled in the last two to three months. It used to be where my feed never moved now it is a fairly steady stream of posts.

      • New_Guy

        I know a lot of people that have started talking about G+ and making a switch. It’s no questions that it’s way more functional than FB and it’s tablet app is really nice.