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Groupon Selling a Refurbished Nexus 7 16GB for $189 – I Guess That’s a Deal

groupon nexus 7

Care to save $10 on your Nexus 7 purchase? Groupon is currently running a deal for a “manufacturer refurbished” 16GB version of the popular Android tablet, though we’re still trying to figure out if the $10 you would save over a brand new one is worth it. Remember that you can pick this tablet up from Google for $199, and no, it hasn’t been refurbished. That $199 is for a brand spankin’ new N7. There are times that refurbished models of products aren’t a bad thing, though. In fact, some believe that they tend to be better, as the manufacturer has had time to fine-tune any issues in refurbished models that were once plaguing new builds.

Via:  Groupon

Cheers NCSUgolfer01 and Tim!

  • Shawn Hirman

    Maybe that is California MSRP, like on TPIR

  • Dave

    Fyi, for those who have Discover card, you can get 15% cashback (purchasing anything off Groupon) by clicking on their referral link through their website when you log in to your account.

  • nightscout13

    Yes kinda stupid pricing

  • digitalicecream

    I’m so glad I read everyone’s comments. I cancelled my order and found a 32GB mint condition with MOGA controller, two cases, and a bluetooth keyboard on Ebay. for $250.

  • monkey082506

    Where do all these “deals sites” get their original pricing? First the Nexus 4 retails at $500 (dailysteals I think…) and now the 16GB N7 is $260? Makes me question my previous purchases…

    • I think they use magic. Even Amazon does this (well, their sellers do). The Internet is a buyer-beware world. Just because it says “$14.95 on sale from $249” doesn’t mean that anyone has ever actually PAID $249 for it.

  • NCSUgolfer01

    A 16GB Nexus 7 from Google Play is around $225-230 shipped. So, this is actually saving you around $35-40 since the shipping is included on the refurbished 16GB Nexus 7 from Groupon.

    • Go to gamestop and buy one for 199….with tax its 214…and its brand new.

      • NCSUgolfer01

        Still saving $25.

        • ON A REFURB! Meaning some other person had their greasy little hands all up on it and who knows what they did to it. 25 bucks is dinner at Applebees. Not enough of a savings for me to get hooked up with Groupon and getting countless spam from them and letting some pissed off postal worker on a 13 hour day transport my electronics from the plane to my house.

          • NCSUgolfer01

            No Applebees for you!

          • NO NO NO NO!!!! I love their spinach artichoke dip! lol

          • NCSUgolfer01

            I’ll probably end up getting more grease on my N7 from eating there. haha

      • NexusPhan69

        Only if you live in a state with sales tax.

  • sport

    Cancelled Groupon because of their anti-2nd Amendment stance.

    • Hoosegow Flask

      Can we leave the non-phone related politics for elsewhere, please?

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Guys…..guys listen……why don’t we….guys seriously….why don’t we be completely irrelevant.

    • rohicks

      Thumbs up. Me too.

  • Detonation

    + Free Shipping and No Tax for most, which saves you around another $20. But I would pass on this still, wait for when the 32GB ones (new) go on sale for around $230. Happens every couple weeks.

    • michael arazan

      Just happened last week and they thru in other free goodies like a case and something else, DL posted it.

  • Jose Lopez

    This is not the deal that I am looking for……

  • mikeGsays

    Love the typical inflated list price – where does Groupon get their pricing from, price gougers?

    • Raven

      Yeah, even considering the old original price of $249, it has never been $260.
      I don’t think they get it from anywhere. I think they just make up something to make their “deal” sound better.

      • NexusPhan69

        Just canceled Groupon because of this.