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Google Wallet Receives Update With Improvements to UI and Battery Life

new google wallet

Google Wallet received its first update in some time, today on Android. The changelog mentions that it includes “improvements to the user interface, application stability, and battery life,” which I can confirm. Gone is the opening page with shortcuts to sections for payment cards, reward cards, offers, and transactions. In is a new properly themed Holo and panel UI. 

After entering your PIN, you are dropped onto the “My Wallet” page which lists your current funding source, along with bottom shortcuts to your offers, rewards cards and gift cards. With a swipe from the right, you can view all of your recent transactions. Another swipe from the right gets you to featured or nearby offers that can be accessed or saved. If you want to switch funding sources, simply tap on the card showing and you will move to a separate section for adding or switching cards.

And that’s that, on a UI front. It sees much more simplified if you ask me. They also mention battery life improvements, but there isn’t really a way for me to test that.

If you aren’t running a Verizon phone, go grab the new build!

Play Link

  • AeySimp

    Damnit Verizon… give me Google Wallet

  • Jim McClain

    I can read this thread just fine on my tablet, but my gnex wont open it, so i cant get the update, whats up wit that?

  • brad truelove

    Thanks for the .apk… It installed/opened fine on the 3 non-rooted GNex’s in my household. My wife has a ‘Note 2’ and a friend of mine has a ‘S3’ that the app would not install on. Is there a work around without rooting? Thanks again people…

  • Peter Piper

    I tried to access Google Wallet but it says All of my Devices are incompatible. So I can’t add it to a DroidX, Galaxy Nexus, or Galaxy S3. Of course I’m on Verizon so it’s probably being Blocked. I tried ISIS on my S3 but it sucks. I got the new SIM-Card, Installed ISIS. Got my account set up but now I can’t add any cards. I have both an eligible AMEX and Cap-One Visa but it fails. On top of that when Verizon was trying to Fix ISIS on my phone they deleted my original account and created a new one. That removed the free $10.00 I had from ISIS so now if I want to “Test” it I have to load my own money into their default Chase card. Google Wallet on my rooted GNex was so much easier.

    • Stewie

      Geez … if you had a rooted device already, then you know the only way you’ll add it is with the modded one available in the links below. updated my Gnex just fine.

  • brad truelove

    I just replaced my damaged VZ GNex and lost my google wallet. Does anyone have one of the older Wallet .apk files that’s can be installed on non-rooted versions?

  • krcossin

    Sweet, works again! Verizon Galaxy Nexus with Baldwinguy77 Shiny 4.2.1 rom.

  • Ivealwaysgotmail

    Can someone please tell me how to get this working on the Droid RAZR HD ? …. apk just “not installed” …. do i really need to edit my builld.prop? thats it?

  • RW-1

    Awesome, took the one from XDA, just run the apk as an update, (vz Gnex). Ran fine, reloaded all my stuff. I think people are still freaking seeing the note at top about unsupported, you will always have that unless you get a modded wallet if on a VZ gnex, but the apk will update you and the app works fine.

  • Dave Wolff

    I used “MyAppSharer” to email it to myself from my N7 to my rooted Gnex.

  • Just got the “We’re having a problem” message when I installed on my stock VZW GNEX, anyone else seeing this issue?

    • Nope. Everything works fine for me. Try to uninstall and reinstall it.

    • You will need to leave the app and check for permissions, grant access and it will work fine. I just did this on mine.

  • Ryan Powell

    I just used the XDA apk file to update my wallet and it worked perfectly. I’m running an unrooted GNex. I originally installed Wallet using the old browser trick. I use Google Wallet almost daily so I’m pretty excited to have any updates.

    • Did you uninstall the old version before installing the APK? Or go into settings and select Reset Google Wallet before installing the new APK? Do you see that “device unsupported” message at the top? Thanks.

      • Ryan Powell

        Nope. Just downloaded the APK and installed right over what was already there. Didn’t reset or uninstall anything beforehand. “Device Unsupported” message isn’t there either. I should be able to test it out at 7/11 tomorrow to confirm it still works as good as it always has.

      • Jon Picking

        I believe that message refers to being rooted.

  • Radgatt

    I have a Verizon gnex that’s not rooted and I have it and it works fine for me.

  • stephan390

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  • Phil Austin

    I just installed Google Wallet on my SIII using this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2024460

    Worked great and pulled the latest update down from the Play Store.

  • Mason Lammers

    Can anyone guide me how to put this on a non-stock ROM? I am usually on CM10.1 and would love to have Google Wallet, but everything I read says I must be on a stock rooted ROM?

  • Verizon is a douchy company!

  • Geo

    wow it looks so pretty, hope the music player gets updated like this too

    • Dain Laguna

      woo totally agreed. i can’t wait for a holo themed gmusic interface

      • BrianLipp

        Google Music is already Holo themed

  • steveliv

    whenever i use google wallet via NFC for payment at the register, 35% don’t notice, 50% think it is awesome, and then the rest think it is magic…

    • Where are you? I didn’t know Payment by NFC was already a thing.

      • steveliv

        South Carolina

        • ltredbeard

          Go Gamecocks!

      • NFC has been implemented for years now. I bet you have an NFC capable credit card already. Im pretty sure that every McDonald, Jack In The Box, and 7-eleven accept nfc.

  • steveliv

    unrooted nexus, installed perfectly. was running version that i installed from the market using the browser hack. will test at mcdonalds shortly.

  • coolsilver

    No mention of the Wallet Card or anything?

  • Tim Buchanan

    Nothing to see here, Verizon users. Just more stuff you can’t have.

    • I still havent found any places that actually take NFC payments. Some have the machines, but they’re not set up.

    • steveliv

      VZW users just have to get the APK from XDA and then they are good to go!

      • Tim Buchanan

        Do you have to be rooted?

        • steveliv

          no. i am not rooted or unlocked and it installed fine.

      • 2 questions.

        1) If you already have a previous version, do you have to go into settings and “Reset Google Wallet” before installing the APK?
        2) Do you need to uninstall a previous version before installing THIS APK?


        • steveliv

          i did neither and it installed and works fine

          • Do you see the “Unsupported Device” message at the top?

          • steveliv

            Only rooted and possibly unlocked devices will see that message. it doesn’t have any bearing on google wallet working. It is merely stating that rooted devices are unsupported, if it doesn’t work, you have no recourse.

          • Thanks for the info. Time to pull the trigger, here goes nothing!

    • dylan84

      Cant use it on AT&T either. At least not on the One X. Even rooted and running AOKP.

  • DC_Guy

    Still doesn’t work on any Note 2 variants without a root/hack. Not even the Sprint variant. That blows.

  • Derek Gelinas

    This requires build.prop edits on VZ, right? The sort that change your phone from a d2vzw to a maguro?

    • Mordecaidrake

      Upvotes for TARDIS icon.

    • Depends on the device your using, GNEX is okay without an edit, but other devices (the SIII in your case) require an edit

  • Crazydog

    Still not working on Cyanogenmod Nightlies…still works if you flash to stock images, do a backup, and then restore it on the same device.. 🙁

  • epyon0

    ha loved the last line “If you aren’t running a Verizon phone, go grab the new build!”

  • Charles Eger
    • CARPDM

      Thanks! Update is working on my VZW Gnex… F Verizon

  • spickle

    now i just have to wait for someone to make a new version so i can side load it.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I really friggen hate this “if you’re not running a Verizon phone”. I wish I could leave Verizon for Sprint of T-Mobile so bad….

    • Crazydog

      Why can’t you? I did!

      • Mordecaidrake

        Because 90% of the time the phone would be a paper weight. Sprint and T-Mobile have HORRIBLE coverage. The only place I’d have service is Boston. I didn’t even have service in my house.

  • PSU_DI

    If your on VZW you can get the apk using the Chrome Extension for the play store. http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/

    I just pulled it and installed it on my VZW gNex

    • Phil Austin

      I get the infamous ‘Google Wallet is not yet available for your device or mobile network’ when I installed it on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. How’d you get it to work?

  • Daniel Aceves

    anyone got the link for us rooted verizon people 🙂

    • PSU_DI

      you can pull it down yourself.

      • David Hussey

        That’s great unless you’re doing this from a phone… Can someone be a little extra more helpful and post the APK itself?

        • PSU_DI

          there are already a few links in the thread. I just wanted people to be aware how to pull the file themselves in case they don’t want to rely on others. Some people are wary when it comes to getting apks 3rd party especially wallet since it hosts all your credit card info.

    • Not sure how many d’loads you’ll get out of it, but here ya go: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-bTyp8eGyCUX1ZYQ1gzNkZ3R2s/edit

        • brad truelove

          Many Thanks….

          • michael arazan

            1000 ty’s

      • avinyc

        Thanks Guys, installed and looks great on my verizon gnex. You’d think now that they stopped selling it they’d stop blocking too. Oh well…

      • droidify

        thank you sir

      • brad truelove

        Many thanks.

      • Charles Thompson


  • yup cool still can’t use it on my HOX