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Super Charged Hatka ROM For DROID DNA, Brings Android 4.1.1 and Photo Sphere (Update)


Been craving to try a new ROM on that DROID DNA of yours? Well, we have one that might deserve a look from you. Super Charged Hatka from developer MustafaHadaKing over on XDA brings your DNA up to Android 4.1.1, while also delivering one of Android 4.2’s most popular features, Photo Sphere. On top of that, there is also a working stock “vanilla” theme to make sure you aren’t having to deal with HTC’s Sense software. This, in and of itself, is a #win for some people. 

In addition, the developer has removed the permanent WiFi notification from the notification bar, removed the NFC icon that never goes away, removed all of the bloatware, added in the stock Jelly Bean dialer and contacts app, and whole lot of other great goodies.

I sometimes stress that custom ROMs are not as useful as they once used to be, but for this device and some of the fixes this ROM brings, I am still thankful to the countless developers out there that make these devices better. If you want to give it a try, you can follow the via link down below. And as always, don’t forget to make a backup.

Update: As a friend over on Google+ pointed out, the developer only switched the build.prop to Android 4.2 to get Photo Sphere working. Other than that, it is running Android 4.1.1. Sorry for the confusion.

Via: XDA

Cheers Matt!

  • Samuel Galindo

    Is there a decent video on how to install this coming from stock?

  • MustafaHadaKing

    Hey thanks for posting this 🙂
    From reading the comments, i just wanted to say that no where in this post does say this rom is better than viper nor does it say in my thread. Both Roms are amazing, different people like different things. Both Roms have their fair share of uses, showing that it really comes down to your personal preference. Also it would great if you could give Covxx Credit because he is a Co-Developer in this Project. Thanks 🙂

  • LionStone

    I guess Photosphere is a nice feature but other than that nothing needs to be “fixed” on my stock device. I have no WiFi nag and the NFC icon does go away when you turn it off, just like Bluetooth, or GPS or WiFi.

  • I used to put new ROMs on my Droid X all of the time. Now that I have a Droid DNA, I am scared to death to root and put a new ROM on it. Are there any foolproof sites that show you how to root and ROM your Droid DNA without bricking the damn phone?

    • There is an app now to help you unlock the boatloader and routing is easy if your familiar with it. Go for it …

  • Yiannis

    I run this ROM, cubed kernel, halving the min CPU freq and set the governor to smartassV2 I see massive improvement in battery life, some improvement in data connectivity, sphere application goodness, but lacks direct link to gallery as far as I can see.

    However, I’m having an MHL issue which I’m discussing with the writer below, it does not work properly, it results in a screen that flickers with half filled with white noise



  • cortesjues

    This ROM actually does not bring the phone to the current version. It is actually running android 4.1.1. In his other ROM hatka he mentions that even though it says its running 4.2 it is actually running 4.1.1. I attached the link, its the first post under the big Hatka DNA name.


    PS: I ran this ROM and its amazing but im not sure if better then ViperDNA, im still trying ot decide.

  • Chris

    really? this rom offers nothing new and uses all the mods from existing roms like ukb, codis, and digital dream, and doesnt hold a candle to the best rom on the device viperDNA

    this reporting just shows how big of a joke your site is that you promote just the worst rom as newsworthy #fail

    • Lolz at you, good sir. If you have a ROM we should check out, send it in. Don’t cry that we report on ROM’s that aren’t newsworthy. Good God lol

    • Keith Sumner

      cry baby

    • cortesjues

      Even though i think viperDNA is great, i wouldn’t call supercharged hatka a bad ROM definitely not the worst.

      • If there is a sweet ROM out there, we rely on your guys to send it in so we can write it up for everyone to check out. We can’t go into the forums and check out all the ROM’s for each device. Spread the love!


      • XvierX

        Awesome lol

    • azndan4

      ViperDNA is far superior to this rom. Just look at the thread. Mustafa just takes features from nitsuj17’s work. Look at the history of his hatka rom thread. If you’re going to report on a custom rom, please at least give credit to the people who the work originated from.

      • Viper DNA is sick!! I recommend it to anyone looking for a ROM for their DNA. I just rooted and installed it a day ago and I;m in love with this ROM. It was hell unlocking the bootloader and rooting the DNA (coming from a Droid X), but once I did it, there was no looking back. Definitely worth the time it took and the best ROM I have seen so far.

    • Mack

      Is the something wrong with putting all those features in one place? The devs give credit where credit is due as well.

  • Tim: That’s not correct. I run this ROM. It may say Android 4.2 but it’s not Android 4.2. It’s still Android 4.1.1 He edited the build.prop to say Android 4.2 to get Photosphere to work. It’s been like that for weeks.

  • Christopher Riner

    This gives me faith that I could be happy with almost any phone, despite the ui and dumb stuff like the ongoing study notification

    • JoshGroff

      CM did that for me long ago, and is even sitting on my Rezound right now, albeit at 4.1.2, but still.

    • There’s a mod to remove that notification, no matter what ROM you’re on. I’m on stock and removed it, as well as brought back the real menu button and got rid of the 3-dot menu.