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Just As We Feared, Google Holding Glass Foundry Attendees to Strict NDA

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Well, this is a bummer, but we sort of planned for it. Recently, Google announced they would be holding a Google Glass Foundry event, where developers could get early access to Google Glass and the development platform that surrounds it. To the public’s disappointment, Google has informed attendees that they will be held under a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement), and asked not to share any information they learn during the two day event. 

According to one translation of the NDA, it sounds like developers will be able to take their Google Glass prototypes home with them though after the event, so maybe we can expect to see some leaks anyways. But remember, companies like Google do not mess around with this type of stuff. If they don’t want information going out, they will stop at nothing to keep it that way. It’s a bad thing for us, but they have to protect their hard work.

Do we have any developers here that will be attending the Foundry?

Via: Phandroid

  • jab416171

    I wonder when Glass Explorers from I/O will get their hands on.

  • Robert Delaney

    I will be there and after reading the NDA they sent over, I am sorry but no leaks from me lol. I am pumped to be taking home my Glass and having people look at me funny.

    • Do you know when other pre-orders will be accepted for folks not at the Foundry?

  • nightscout13

    People will still leak information 😀

  • Dorian Brooks

    I’m sure it’s just a case of Google remembering last years Q…. Remember that pseudo-product?

  • LionStone

    I have a developer friend whom I will be working with… I will be testing the Glasses for use on my guided rock climbs. I have big hopes for this project.

  • ghopp07

    maybe this is a tactic to build hype? forbidden fruit style

  • PhillipCun

    As we feared? Wouldn’t you have done the same to protect your ideas? It already has gotten way too much publicity

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Also serves a great form of birth control for nerds….

    Seriously, the use of this technology is limitless. Sports, the medical field, news reporters in the field, military…… possibilities are endless.

  • Rich Koos

    They’re probably prepping google glass for I/O and don’t want to give away any secret enhancements they have made to google glass over the past year.

  • Nathan Buth

    I will be and yep the terms are pretty darn strict. XD

  • Droidzilla

    There Will be Leaks.
    Basically, it’ll be like “There Will be Blood” only it won’t suck.

    • Woah! That movie kicked major ass.

      • Droidzilla

        I couldn’t find a single redeeming quality about that movie. The plot sucked, the writing was horrid, the music was haphazard; I don’t get the adulation it had. Maybe I’m missing a subtext or something (and yes, I got a bunch of subtext about religious hypocrisy and industrial zeal, but I thought that stunk, too).

        • I think the imagery is what sticks with me the most about it. It wasn’t the story itself that I found great, but it was the overall performance from DDL and just the scenery. It was dark and intense.

          • Droidzilla

            I know I’m in the minority, but it just bored the hell out of me. I’m usually into slow moving, deep movies like that, too. Just couldn’t get into this one.

        • Not a single redeeming quality? Hrm…watch film much? heh. DDL won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his performance – not that film awards mean much, if anything, but they certainly aren’t handing them out for no reason at all.

          It’s somewhat hard to believe that someone couldn’t find a single redeeming quality in a film that received a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and brought in multiple Oscars. Opinions are opinions of course, but I think the majority would definitely agree it is worth a watch for any fan of American film.

          Don’t get me wrong, it’s not my favorite film, not even by a long shot, but it was the first time I’ve heard anyone say it didn’t have a single redeeming quality.

          • Diablo81588

            I agree. It was a great movie that looked awesome on bluray 😛

      • Chris Hollenbeck

        “I drink your milkshake”

  • Crankintopwater69

    Dont worry folks,my inside man(Denzel)will bring back all the juicy details.lol!!!

  • TheCheapGamer

    Should of bought one D:

  • BoredandAnnoyed

    Just as we feared…Google operating their business like a business…What?

    • Abhisshack D

      exactly how dare Google operating their business like a business . shame on you Google , So much for Do Not Evil

  • ChristianJohnson

    I respect what Google is doing. It’s to keep Appl…I mean, other companies from copying them.

    • Droidzilla

      It’s probably to stave off bad press. I bet GGlass isn’t ready for primetime, so if leaks come out of a kind of lacklustre feature set for such a hotly anticipated product, it’ll tank interest. Not a good call, imo, since leaks will get out anyway. Better to control the flow of info than to try and stem the tide completely.

  • Mack

    Can I be a developer for a day and go??

  • Kevin Bojarski

    I’ll become a developer if it means I get to try Google Glass

  • HA! As if that will stop the rumors from spilling through the cracks. I’m sure anything interesting will leak within hours 🙂

    • Antoine Colson

      it’s just provocation. it will work

      • michael arazan

        Considering Apple just filed a patent for their own heads up display unit copying Google’s Glass project, can you blame them? Information that seeps out and is not copyrighted or patented yet you know apple or other companies will file in a heartbeat for proprietary use, if not for themselves but to throw in a wrench to gum up Google’s progress.

        • LionStone

          Hah! I just heard apple also just patented some kind of sensor for your shoes…so you’ll know when they’re worn out…haha! I couldn’t believe it but it was on the news.